29 hours to go

From: Jeff <richaje_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 07:16:40 -0000

29 hours to go and counting. I can almost hear the controller in the command center announcing it on the loudspeaker during a Bond film... We've passed $218,000 and we exceeded 1100 backers as well. Outstanding!

If I may steal just a moment of your time, I'd like to thank all of those backers that have messaged me with words of support, and shared a bit of their lives with me. I have been getting a vast array of stories on how our Kickstarter has brought them back into Glorantha after many years away. I can relate to those that have said they started long, long ago on their journey through Glorantha. I have heard how this book brings back cherished memories from bygone decades, moments with friends round the table, critical hits, fumbles, and a few more places they wish they had ventured to. I feel old, and also young again, and for that, I thank you. Glorantha has a long history of being about the people who enjoy it, and share it. Thank you for sharing that history with me. And, as much as I enjoy looking back, we need to look forward. I have also received just as many messages about how excited many of you are about where we go from here. We are building something new on the foundations of what was built before. That is why we are left with one last goal...

$230,000: IT'S A STRETCH - At long last, in the book best positioned to contain it, we will provide an essay on the Secret of the Godlearners. This will not be trite, nor pithy, and it will bump the size of the book up way more than 4 words.

It's a break from the past in the boldest of terms. It completes Glorantha in a way that allows us to approach it with a new depth of understanding from here on out. It feels so elusive, yet we have exceeded all expectations with this Kickstarter. Is $230K really that far away if we want it enough...            

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