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My Pavis campaign ( is 12 years in and is not to the freeing of the City yet.

But the way I scraped what I could figure as canon goes as follows:

Pavis Heroes including Argrath of Pavis organize a revolt and agree to cooperate with Argrath White Bull. They open the gates and the White Bull's forces destroy New Pavis and the Lunars. The Pavic population is spared though. However they must move into the Old Rubble as White Bull destroys New Pavis.

One or more Argraths then lead an army against Tatius in Sartar, but Tatius sends a chaos demon who destroys the army though Argrath(s) escape.

[[I just realized I need to redact the paragraph that goes here, because I can't be sure of the source and whether I'm promised to secrecy about it. That paragraph went here.]]

Pavisite fundamentalists (including my heroes) clash with Argrath of Pavis over Green Age Return vs. a New Pavic Imperialism. The Fundamentalists win, and a great magic to return Pavis to the Green Age causes the city to turn inward.

Ultimately, the fundamentalists are successful and Pavis' followers leave the world, taking "everything good" with them, leaving what was Pavis as a pit of Chaos Horror in the Plaines of Prax, a focus of future attempts to resurrect the Devil, or at least His minions.

Fun times are had by all!            

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