Re: Historical population of Genertela

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 12:42:57 +0000

illuminate33 writes:

>I cannot find anything about rapid population growth or the development of military food supply in the Imperial Age.... Any ideas?

Unchecked population growth is scary. Let's say you start with 5,000 people who survived the Dawn, and a growth rate of 2% per year.

By Year 2 there are 5100 people.
By Year 10 there are nearly 6000 people. By Year 50 there are 13,000 people.
By Year 150 there are 96,000 people.
By Year 230 there are 466,025 people.
By Year 375 there are 8.2 million people. By Year 450 there are 36 million people. By Year 650 there are 1,908 million people.

Of course, a 2% growth rate will not be sustainable indefinitely; there will be wars, plagues and famines reducing the rate or even turning it negative for a while. But just after the Dawn, when Glorantha is almost empty and waiting for people to fill it up, an even higher rate might be sustained.


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