Chronology of the Vostang plague?

From: Alison Place <>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 10:12:10 -0700 (PDT)

Hello, everyone,

We're playing the Vostang plague scenario, out of the Sartar Companion. Our heroes have been dumped with the job of bringing the case of the Vostangi vs the Hillhaven Clan to court.

We've all seen way too many crime shows (plus having vowed to the dead clan spirits to seek justice). Our players aren't satisfied with the obvious solution, which is that Mad Ovad of the Hillhavens summoned up the demons, as alleged by the Vostangi spirits. We'll be looking at a range of potential guilty parties. There are (possibly on purpose) no set dates for:

  1. when King Varsmar of the Colymar Tribe judged in favour of the Vostang Clan,
  2. the onset of plague among the Vostang Clan,
  3. when the Hillhavens joined the Lismelder Tribe (I'm betting around 1411/1412),
  4. when the vacant Vostang Clan lands are awarded to the Orlmarthing Clan.

Does anyone have any better chronological information on these events? I'm well aware that OGMV, but it could be handy in winnowing down the suspects if we can fill in those dates. We could certainly rule Varsmar in or out of the list.

The hard dates are:  

1371 Varsmar Barntadusson succeeds Korlmar Jonriksson as King of the Colymar. 1390 Sheng Seleris curses the Lunar Emperor, who dies. 1392 Varsmar dies. He is succeeded by Harnkorl Orstanorson of the Ernaldori Clan.

         The Lunar Emperor is reincarnated, and Yara Aranis is conceived. 1405 Sheng Seleris tries to defeat Yara Aranis, but fails. 1406 Harnkorl dies, and is succeeded by Venharl of the Karandoli Clan.

         A quarter of Sheng Seleris's followers desert. 1410 Mad Ovad is killed by Hodir of the Greydog Clan. 1413 Hodir dies under mysterious circumstances. 1418 Venharl dies in battle, and is succeeded by Robasart Broyansson.

My current list of suspects and motives (in rough order of probability) includes:

  1. Mad Ovad. (His clan lost the good land, and they want it back.)
  2. King Varsmar of the Colymari. (His Orlmarthing Clan benefitted most when the Vostangi die.)
  3. The Orlmarthing Clan. (One of our Kolating. We got their land.)
  4. Broo. ('Cause they're Chaos. Oh, and they may have considered it their land just because they were there first.)
  5. Lunar Sorcerers. (Handy place to test a bioweapon, in the struggle against Sheng Seleris.)
  6. Greydog Clan. (They also wanted the pasture land.)
  7. Any other Colymar clan. (Not likely - same motive as Greydogs.)
  8. Any other Lismelder clan. (Not likely - same motive as Greydogs.)
  9. The Vostang Clan. (Own goal - a backfired attempt to kill/weaken the Orlmarthing, to get their land back after bribing Varsmar with some of the better bits.)

I'd also be happy to hear how others coped with the mess! We have just completed the Lawstaff Quest, so that's certainly a factor in our plans.


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