Re: Dragonewt peculiarities

From: Pomeroi [WorldofGlorantha] <>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 17:57:41 +0100

On 01.12.2014 14:52, wrote:
> I'm sure I have mentioned this idea before but I don't recall which
> list/forum...

Thanks Tim,
really good ideas for cameos or to create first ties. I like especially "walking through a dragon's mind". But what I am really looking for is something like what it is like to "talk to" (if that is right wording anyway) a boss type, how would you come to meet one, if not in Dragon's Eye? How strange must be the feeling "bargaining" with such an inscrutable creature? What could a benefit look like? Perhaps like using DN roads (or is this beyond scope?), thus my direct questions exampling this. But still, any more ideas welcome!!

And a BIG thanks to ALL people who still copy this list and contribute!

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