Re: Re: Favourite places

From: Mike Gibb <migibb_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 14:22:41 +0000

Sounds very similar to mine - been running about a year or so now...

Greydogs (Lismelder) in Sartar
Starbrow's rebellion
Exile to Heortland, then Prax, Corflu, Pavis Now working for some Lunar guy called Raus on "The Borderlands"

>From: "alain.roques" <alain.roques_at_...>
>I'm very classic, chronologicaly:
>- Sartar for beginning
>- Exile to Pavis, Sartarite resistance plots
>- Travel all along the Zola Fel & others aquatic adventures (Great Gorp
>Killing, Baran...)
>- Rabbit Hat Farm in Sun Dome County
>- Great Chaos Hunt in Dorastor
>- Argath comes back
>I planned a campaign in an "Argath is King" or "Argath was King
>Setting" setting

Hmm, Chaos Hunt in Dorastor...



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