Re: RQ question

From: Paolo Guccione <p.guccione_at_...>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 15:17:50 -0000

> > These questions, as rule-unrelated questions, can be
> > posted on the
> > WorldOfGlorantha group, where you have a much higher
> > chance to get a reply.
> Or, even better, on the main Glorantha list, since
> that has about 3 times the readership.

Yes, but it had about 0,1% times the postings in the last three weeks ;) And the figure would be 0% if you had not made a post about elk antler chandeliers :b. People who post questions on WorldOfGlorantha usually get at least a response from Greg Stafford or Peter Metcalfe, which no longer happens on the historical list.

Like it or not, the classic Glorantha Digest is dead. At least until someone performs the LBQ to bring it back.            

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