RE: Re: Nature of the clan

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_A0OejYiaPC21YHoeTrzma4D7Md_aQtiTCFuxDwBv_xWa0x_s6iI9oAwO9kAScp4FeyN8>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:28:35 -0000

> No need to send it out at all....just ask the
> questions to the list, have some discussion, then
> choose an answer that seems reasonable based on the
> discussion (or else set up a poll).

Apart from us poor Narrators desperate to get our hands on it to build our own clans :-)

> Someone else suggested we start bottom up. We could
> actually do the two things in parallel, start working
> on some building blocks at the same time as we hash
> through at least one clan background. Then the
> individual pieces can be offered up as standalone
> plug-and-play components for narrators who need them,
> but we can also assemble them into a whole sample
> clan, with more detailed relationships, names on the
> ring, etc.

 A combination of the two would be fine with me. I imagine the small bits will more or less be done by a single person with the group as a whole setting the overall tone of the place.

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