Re: Re: Nature of the clan

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_PWNqEXJBB48zvaLCwu0hb8D2eOPN0Uj9z-gSyIR6Ab_ja9RhBg8co3zA28ulWiGP0v>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 10:25:12 -0500

Michael Schwartz wrote:
> Jeff Kyer wrote:
> >To do a proper clan questionaire a-la KODP and
> >adding detail for the last 300 years would take
> >20 pages. Twenty pages they can't afford.
> Which is why I have advocated upping the page count of the various
> books.
> A 96-page Barbarian Adventures could have included the 19-page current

The cost in printing between 96 and 64 is actually significant. At 96, you can't do some of the cheap stapling and folding tricks and publishers charge more than 1.5x cost.  

> clan questionnaire draft plus added detail on the tribes, rings, etc.
> My
> modified version of Robin's original comes in at fifteen pages,
> including
> a worksheet and form for the the final clan profile. Mind you, my
> margins
> are a bit more generous but both are roughly the same length.

Greg and Steve's notes padded Robin's out as he'd been verys skethcy in past the 1300's  

> Else post the damn thing on the website as a freebie, and be done with
> it. :)

That was my vote when asked. I suspect we'll see an abreviated 7-8 page clan questionare and a full 20+ pager on the website.


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