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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 05:24:21 -0500

Bo RosÚn wrote:

>Isn't she more into plants than animals?

Yes, but plants (flowering, and perhaps flowering elves?) need pollenation. Overdruva covers interaction with all manner of wild plants (including the Aldryami).

>A local hero cult would work well with a
>single feat of Find Wild Honey or Calm Bees.

Again, Minlister or Overdruva would seem most appropriate. A steadwife married to the master brewer would want feats like those! Or perhaps we need a Bee-Esrola.

>A subcult of Overdruva or someone else an
>affinity: Wild Honey (Find Wild Honey, Calm
>Bees, Only Take What You Need)

How about Voria? She is the Spring Maiden, after all.

>Elmal the King Bee! That's a weird one :-)

Indeed it is. Don't you just *love* all the fun little surprises tucked away in Storm Tribe and Thunder Rebels? :)

>I wonder what the story is, but that would
>be going very off-topic.

Someone *must* ask Greg, though.

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