Re: Poohsticks

From: Michael Schwartz <mschwartz_at_dsw4-Jecp_uM9l1gCvZAVQgNXU2QS6dXoEWESNN6iEJNNJ9bZkLbQUWRPu5W2-8C-Q>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 05:07:37 -0500

John Hughes wrote:

>Tigger is (young) Vinga! Cause whatever her weight
>in pounds, shillings and ounces, she always looks
>bigger because of the bounces!

Oh my. Now I know why the illos of Cradledaughter reminded me of Lara Croft...

>Go back to my corner? The blue pills? Three of them?
>Yes, alright...

Save some for the rest of us!

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