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From: Bo RosÚn <brosen_at_BSUSu6c38kSV7bfM7gxo7jQZLQGNfNQy5BoJdznDO0XIug1j6chsH3Iey8U3NH5ae_s3V>
Date: 21 Feb 2002 10:34:56 +0100

tor 2002-02-21 klockan 09.36 skrev Michael Schwartz:  

> Overdruva seems more likely to me, for wild honey. For domesticated bees,

I'm probably a bit pedantic here but isn't she more into plants than animals?
Anyway, a local hero cult would work well with a single feat of Find Wild Honey or Calm Bees. As a subcult of Overdruva or someone else an affinity: Wild Honey (Find Wild Honey, Calm Bees, Only Take What You Need)  

> we know from Storm Tribe that Minlister worshippers have beekeeping among
> their armory of abilities. He is said to be the son of Esrola and Elmal

For domesticated bees Minlister is the obvious choice, perhaps with an extra feat or two for clans with a sweet tooth.

> (in the form of a king bee!), but his subcult is shared by Ernalda and
> Orlanth.

Elmal the King Bee! That's a weird one :-) I wonder what the story is, but that would be going very off-topic.



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