From: Nick Brooke <nick_at_Krl9jMarzCUUD1mCK5EaapBu0vEWsHz75lPoc273oaOvMboWsi9JOIl2WluC8aDwITjRMR0>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:31:07 -0000

Bo wrote:

> John's suggestion of a bear wyter sounds fun, as does Andrew's comment
> about the bee hives being important. But shouldn't the clan (or rather
> bloodline?) prefer wild honey? A special magic of gathering wild honey
> from Odayla the Honey Bear...

I need hardly remind the hon. gentlemen of the mythic association between bears, honey, and little black rainclouds.

"Tut, tut: it looks like rain."

Eminently suitable for a Heortling clan totem!

Cheers, Nick            

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