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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:20:20 +0000 (GMT)

 Peter Larsen wrote:
>I was trying to get a sense of what "Airy" men would
see in such a practice. I think the Heorlings ought to have saunas ... So how to get around the "runic issues?"

Agreed, my point too. It is a nice image, but someone else will raise this problem and ask us to justify ourselves if we do not. The airy freedom loving men need a reason to enter the sauna - now it may be that entering the sauna is seen as eidfying becuase it demonstrates the stultifying Golden Age and men try to endure it as long as possible before leaving and re-entering the Storm Age when they leave. YMMV. But we need a justification.

> "Procopius! I asked for a nice steam bath, and they
tried to roast me! There were no scraper-boys! Then they beat me! Call the centurions!"

LoL. 'Stwike him wuffly, centurion'

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"Women as well as men were recruited to restrain combatants, sometimes dampening their weapons by throwing clothing over them. Peacemaking of this sort required srength and courage more than negotiating skills...The clothing was more sign than substance, like the bell signalling the end of a round, and it seems that the sign was not without significant cultual force." - Bloodtaking and Peacemaking by William Ian Miller

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