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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 08:57:56 -0500

Bryan has thrown a rug on this one.

I like the compromise. It 'smells right' to me. Does that make sense?


Peter Larsen wrote:
> At 9:59 PM +0000 2/21/02, BEThexton wrote:
> >Of course, from the women's point of view the men go in when the fire
> >is barely dying down and it is ridiculously hot, while the women go
> >at the optimum time when it is still hot but not insanely so.
> >
> >Alternatively, they go on different days, and in the women's view
> >they just know how to set fires better to get just the right
> >conditions.
> >
> >It is sort of like cooking chili--"most" women are proud when
> >everyone says how tasty it is and ask for seconds, "most" men are
> >proud when everyone says how hot it is, and nobody but them can
> >finish their bowl.
> That's more what I was thinking -- something to unite our
> stead in familial bickering and friendly grousing.
> Peter Larsen
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