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From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_AXDMr02ThFY1MpLWUjLwbYAD3icY893ehMpoGZSWa6fBM1ZbF8XQmadhGktE8jOUXr6K>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:15:16 -0600

Bo RosÚn:
>tor 2002-02-21 klockan 19.58 skrev Michael Schwartz:
>> Balanced clans ran away to preserve their lives, and gain the wyter
>> blessing Skate Marvels.
>Horrible visions of Holiday Glorantha on Ice and a travelling Skovari
>band performing on the frozen mountain lochs spring to mind, re-enacting
>Orlanth's triumphs over the Evil Emperor.
>Colourful costumes and impressive sets for the Emperor's Palace and
>Orlanth's camp.
>But skates seem less likely to me for heortlings than skis. What would
>they skate on, no large lakes that I'm aware of between Skyfall and
>Coralinthor Bay, and I don't think the Engizi freezes over. Am I missing
>You get alot of snow though and with skis we can have a nod to Swedish
>King Gustav Vasa (remembered every year in the large Cross Country Race
>"Vasaloppet") escaping the forces of the Evil Danes in the early 1500s.
>Elected King by patriotic Swedes he had to escape on skis, hid in a
>barn, wore a rough cloak above his gold-stiched shirt etc etc.
>Heroic stuff suitable for an Argrath.

        I thought this was another "Snarl Darkness" problem -- did you skate over the marvels, or did you gingerly sneak around them? I imagine that there are plenty of little lakes, creeks, etc that can freeze, though. Skiing does seem more likely, though. Do skates require metal runners? That would be kind of excessive, wouldn't it?

        And how does a clan or wyter skate marvels, anyway? It's not like the tula is mobile, and the clan is even less so....

Peter Larsen            

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