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Greetings and Salutations

"Peter Larsen" wrote
> b) Pottery -- The structure includes a roofed workspace, storage sheds,
> a yard. It is ritually sealed mid-way through each Storm Season and
> reopened in Sea Season (usually on Homoring Day). There is an altar to
> Pella, storage for clay, glazes, and finished pottery, and two kilns.
> the space is sacred to women, men may enter to help with the chores.
> c) Carpentry -- A larger structure, somewhat barn-like in appearance.
> tools, and finished products are stored here. There is a small altar to
> Orstan and Overdruva. The stead has several additional oxen and wagons for
> taking finished goods to the market.

I think that in a wilderness stead a majority of the adults will have two skills or professions. So one of the farmers is initiated to both Orstan and Orlanthcarl, not enough work to keep one carpenter busy all the time. Pottery would probably be made as a one off in a temporary kiln built out of clay (a bit like a charchol kiln). The corn would still be ground by hand in querns, wool would be spun by hand etc.

"BEThexton" wrote:
> -water fowl. That shallow mucky lake at the top of the map probably
> has LOTS of duck/geese nests in it. Maybe the hunters gather an
> excess of feathers that form part of their payments to the clan.
> -they probably have more hunters, proportionately, than the chiefs
> stead, and the hunting of water mammals (muskrat, beaver, whatever
> they have in Sartar) is apt to be good, so they probably also provide
> a certain amount of furs each year too.

I think that hunters are going to be the main group of the four providers. I think if we are doing a single bloodline stead we should have very few speciallists.

Just IMO.

Cheers Darran.

... Aeolia, where the storm-clouds have their home, a place teeming with furious winds from the south. Here Aeolus is king, and in a vast cavern he controls the brawling winds and the roaring storms, keeping them curbed and fettered in their prison. Resentfully they rage from door to door in the mountainside, protesting loudly, while Aeolus sits in his high citadel, sceptre in hand, taming their arrogance and controlling their fury.

                        Virgil.  The Aeneid.


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