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From: jeffkyer <toread_derysi_at_sMxWU0VhBjMdgbY8s9PmpEBeILMgsUdnIb8AwQz80LjeX_rsq9-KNqp-VeY0Cw>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 02:41:02 -0000

Great! I am keeping an eye on this thread for my own purposes. =)

I'm told that there's choclit in Calderaland - its slash and burn agriculture and just the right climate. Dare I hope for coffee?


Very useful.

> > perhaps birch bark and pine pitch?

Its possible that there could be things like bronzebones or other wierd things on a stead's odal property but its liketly that these things would be clan property - due to their significance.

There's always nut groves and orchards as well.


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