Re: King Bee (and real comments)

From: jeffkyer <toread_derysi_at_5EhsA4tlXk3okuK5RrfbE7_NQ1vbtbpYjNgfNdCjkDgpBcFDt0bYB_GOdZDEpY>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 02:42:54 -0000

I think a generic stead with 'modules' that could be plugged in s the way to go. At least for all those odd steads we don't want to write upin detail.

This works for clans and the like too.

Good idea.


> me likes this! "Here is a completely generic stead. Here is an
> example of how it could instead be a specialized stead. Here is
> another example of how it could something else again." Modular is
> good, so long as there is a useable baseline for those that only
> that.
> --Bryan

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