Re: Plug-ins

From: jeffkyer <toread_derysi_at_AjfsB-nFsBHv9FBn8gy0-HFuOzNsH85dbbGk6wdmJP6JeRXx3CTn-wnlQLnmP7>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:11:33 -0000


> (I suppose Garden-Ernalda is covered by Ernalda the Steadwife), if
> the clan had something special, they might need a specialized god to
> look over it ("We put out custard for Turnip Boy every Earth

> Anyway, all of this suggests that smaller steads are also
> more focused -- you just don't have enough initiates to cover all
> your bases -- and have fewer "special crops."
> Peter Larsen

History suggests that smaller steads are LESS specialized, concentrating on raising enough food for the inhabitants to survive on. This is in keeping with only large steads really having the extra labour to devote to additional luxury or speciality products (or crafts for that matter)

However, I think we're getting too wrapped up in details. I'd prefer to see some writing rather than endless word wrangling.


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