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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 00:52:56 -0800

Some great stuff from Ian on drinks - I'll incorporate this into the flora fauna essay if that is ok by you.

My wife does a *deadly* summer brew of ginger beer in just a few jars and bottles, so I agree that most steads won't need anything so sophisticated as a brewery.


>Cider and ale sound like the province of Ernalda the Steadwife (maybe
>Durev, too) and are likely produced at every stead.

I'm sure many farmers have Minlister as a subcult. Something so basic as brewing ale (a primary foodstuff), won't necessarily need a cult at all, just as all Orlanthi and not just Barnatari can plough. Of course, there will be prayers and libations to the Brewer God or to the Goddess.

>Distilling is apparently also done

Imported from the Empire perhaps?

> So our average stead is probably not powerful enough to have
>a brewer; they mostly drink ale and cider. Does that sound right?

Sounds right to me.

>* Sartar has hops; I'm sure of it.

This has surfaced several times on the Digest, so much so that I humorously lampooned hops as part of 'technology creep' in the 'trickster' essay:

I personally regard hops as an unnecessary anachronism. YGMV. :)

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