Re: PLACES: Number of stead buildings

From: o_leppa <oleppa_at_OiD_GriN2QSbMj5dYu0Ec3Cdx39rN_tzCTtuYUWnpt_jGaa2mRVmi0Ff0yoJd7Z-1bOtA>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:29:40 -0000

> I didn't see these figures before publication, and if I had I would
> jumped up and down and shouted very very loud. Charitably, let's
say they
> represent one extreme. 21 dwellings for around 30 married couples
does not
> equate with anything like the large, communal, extended family
> described in detail in the text. Frankly, its a DnDism, and is more
> of our own kinless sub-nuclear families than the communal Orlanthi,
> the bloodline *is* the family, where your average longhouse is
between 60
> and 100 feet long and "where extended families spanning four or five
> generations share a common hearth".

I gotta agree with this. Longhouses should have at least three generations living in them. 20 persons under a roof sounds good to me.

> My suggestion would be to cut down the number of dwellings to three
or four
> major ones (One for each represented bloodline, varying in size to
suit, one
> for guests such as the hero band) and a few further out for herders,
> charcoal burners, upland herdsfolk etc.

Now the bloodline issue confuses me a bit. Yet four longhouses sounds about right for this stead. Rooms in storage buildings might be converted to living quarters if need arises.


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