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Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 11:30:31 -0600

At 6:01 PM +0000 3/7/02, BEThexton wrote:
>> I need a clarification here. My understanding of how
>> bloodlines work is: The average clan is divided into approximately
>> bloodlines of roughly 200 people (adults) each.
>Erk, it is the dreaded conflicting sources again. I thought most
>clans were around 1000 total people, so around 500 adults?

        Um, yes. TR p.29 says 1200 people (600) adults, divided into 6 bloodlines. Each bloodline occupies ~3 steads. That's ~70 people per stead. Unfortunately, the "average stead description" on p.18 says 70 adults. So more people or fewer steads, I say. Conflicting sources, indeed....

[Many good ideas ruthlessly cut]

>I know we don't want to get too odd, but in my view perfectly average
>is odd too. Everyone on this list could probably tell you something
>special about their home town, why should heortling steads be any
>less idiosyncratic?

        Right, but the point is to make a stead that matches the details of TR and ST, right? So the stead should fit neatly into the 1200 people, 6 bloodlines, model. As I see it, Swensline is set to break off from BLOODLINE sometime in the next generation or so, but at the moment they are still part of it.

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