Re: Re: Fw: Subgroup Progress & Web Page Updates

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_vw3ZQZOAy_zD_wENigd8GhEKvalfSmrqenyADKvfRxFvYyPR4NnHjnK8F5ZpwUKH2xhI>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:29:16 +1100


> I think most of the sub-groups (at least, all of the ones that I'm
> in, and that is a bunch of them) are stalled. Hopefully the
> completed clan questionnaire will help get things moving again.

> A lot of them were struggling with related basic issues of how many
> people should be in the stead, how many buildings did the stead need,
> how many blood lines should live there. Perhaps we could do some
> quick work on the main list on these topics--at least how many people
> are in the stead, and how closely related we want them to be? The
> groups can take that and probably get moving then.

Yes, if we can have a working figure for the number of people at the stead, we can certainly progress. We have detailed the possible range of buildings - there's a list on the web page, and I would leave the detailing to the stead details subgroup.

I will endeavour to catch up on postings tonight, but offhand are there any other BASIC facts we need before proceeding? SPEAK UP!

Remember at this stage we are more interested in broad structures and outlines than finally polished detail. There is an expectation that the final editors for Swenstead will have to do a little tweaking. Also, once we have the structures in place (i.e Hearth B: 17 adults, rich, mainly herders) we can invite the broader HW community to contribute in detailing characters etc.

Tim Ellis and I are completing the Ring. (There's a further update just up this lunchtime). We had a fairly straightforward task and have been able to progress smoothly.

On a broader level, at the moment I am doing the web pages up as we progress, and will continue doing this at least for Swenstead. How do people feel about me taking on a more active role *for Swenstead only*, in allocating tasks and chasing up subgroups? I would be the facilitator and web scribe, and Bryan, as the originator of Swenstead, would be the final arbiter for details and conflicts. As we progress to other steads (which will be a lot easier as we get the details and procedures sorted) we will elect or appoint other facilitators and scribes.

If subgroups haven't already done so, could you appoint a coordinator for your group please? Use the polls feature if it helps.

I'm sorry to come on all bureaucratic, but I suspect doing this might help our progress. Alternative suggestions are also welcomed!


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