food focus?

From: BEThexton <bethexton_at_RKyP5gLdUMY0lKyKQUDBESj5tcfBzwrUY-urijbrgL7xRtOziudRJN9jqEOunICM5G>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:49:25 -0000

The clan questionnaire suggested that the clan's food focus was primarily grain, with the majority of the tula being used for grain production.

Somehow, to me, this doesn't jive with their preference for land in the sheltering hills. Also, at least for the first stead we've been talking about fairly hilly country with limited tillable land.

May I suggest we arbitrarily over rule the questionnaire results to give the clan more of a focus on herding (and perhaps hunting?). It will shift the population numbers a bit (and hence wealth and wyter too), but I think it would make more internal sense.

We could even justify it as although many in the clan would like to be farmers, and the clan produces many skilled farmers, lack of good land forces them to rely more on herding. Heck, this even gives a nice built-in justification for conflicts and adventures....


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