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Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 23:48:32 -0500

Tim Ellis wrote:

>The problem is that that would give him
>70% time commitment to cultic activities,
>which doesn't leave him much time to be

Yeah, I really hope Greg and company get those damn time commitment "rules" ironed out. They are really screwed up. I made my suggested adjustments (communal to 5%, initiate to 20%, and devotee to 40%... a one-third reduction, except in the case of communal) so we would be able to distinguish between purely magical obligations and purely occupational obligations. There are probably twelve to sixteen hours in the average Heortling's workday, and this way we can say "Torvath spends between 4.8 and 6.4 hours of his waking hours on religious duties, and a like amount on chiefly duties. His remaining waking hours are spent on family duties."

This is not *really* how it works, of course: Torvath's religious obligations would actually be met primarily on holy days (require a full day's commitment of him) with variable degrees of commitment necessary on his 40 days (80 half-days) of mundane temple service. His mundane service would include preparing for upcoming heroquests and/or holy day rituals, conducting divinations and blessings for individual clan or tribe members, etc. Torvath's chiefly duties would require a similar amount of commitment but on moot days, etc.

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