Re: Clan and Stead Populations

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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 01:09:11 -0500

John Hughes wrote:

>Mathematical breakdowns are only the first step:
>as when I did the population figures, you need to
>take the results and vary them semi-randomly, so
>you don't get cloned figures with exactly the same

Yes, but most people just want a general sense of how many people of each age bracket there are, not whether there are X people between 30 and 34. They can make up whatever they need, without the numbers getting in the way. Knowing how many newborns, children, "tweenagers", young adults, mature adults, and elders there are is probably enough detail. Extrapolating from Nick's breakdowns (and thank you again for producing such a useful tool, Nick), ratios would be:

                 Male  Female
  Newborns:        7%     7%
  Children:       18%    18%
  Tweens:          4%     4%
  Young adults:  8.8%   8.8%
  Mature adults: 7.4%   7.4%
  Elders:        6.3%   6.3%

Which I think needs to be tweaked to slightly favor the female side when we enter into mature and elder range. Maybe 7.7% mature females versus 7.1% mature males, and 6.6% elderly females versus 6% elderly males?

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