RE: Clan and Stead Populations

From: Nick Brooke <nick_at_wSApVVkOghe0qQadeG_7GiVPnZqcScs3_gqjyaAR96UuPgqoPB_wgAifSt_uEixHbfGS6be>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 07:54:04 +0100

Michael wrote:

> I think [figures] need to be tweaked to slightly favor the female
> side when we enter into mature and elder range.

I deliberately omitted any such adjustment because several Gloranthan cultures have signficantly different gender roles than RW ones. After all, in Glorantha there are more likely to be women dying in battle, and even men in childbirth (!).

So: I agree with the sentiment, but wouldn't want to codify it. The figures are meant for ballpark analysis (e.g. "How many Hiording women are of marriagable age?"), not microdetail, in any case.

I *do* like Michael's Pendragonesque age-band breakdowns as an overlay, and agree completely with the way he's using the tool.

Cheers, Nick            

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