Bloodlines and homes

From: chrislemens <chrislemens_at_puv8iADVtomVMYxdk-QzYiGe_yl-uSMhjbik67KaWWvc-H_OsROWlcp5bfJi2YQT>
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 22:17:01 -0000

It strikes me, after looking over the stuff on the site that John put together (great stuff and great site!), each character description should include:

The bloodline and stead information was very rich -- being able to know how many people at each stead are from each bloodline adds wonderful social texture. However, I found it impossible to match the detailed characters up with the bloodlines and steads. That may be because I've just been a spectator (but so will anyone who wants to use this stuff to start a game).

Chris "Of Course I'll Volunteer Someone ELSE To Do The Work" Lemens            

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