Re: Clan and Stead Populations

From: Robert Darvall <madamx_at_GeaWG-SMSSF-MwTk0z7lFWdR-Z632ybHv4U3T8lpe98TJJkDTZCgrzmlDae5i_Ro7R3-X>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 09:38:19 +1000

I don't know where we are at with this but here's a long overdue reply in the hope that something kicks off again.

>> Now, if Swenstead has particularly good fishing (which it should), it might
>> be that all the bloodlines send fishers to the stead for the "summer"
>> seasons. So, perhaps Swenstead is 70 people in the winter and more like 85 in
>> the summer, with the extra 20% or so made up of young men from the various
>> bloodlines (and perhaps a visitor or two from other clans).

> I like this. There's going to be a lot of seasonal movement round the clan -
> the shearing might be done a stead at a time for instance,

YES. Although this may be my W Qld experience showing. Even now shearing's a bugger of a job. If you can make it an excuse to get folk together, particularly of an evening, it all seems to go much quicker. Good excuse to let the young ones get together too.

A local response to fish migration may also address the problem of worshipper numbers. If all the fishers are gathering for the Whitebait run why not combine it with a bit of worship, perhaps some wooing, definately some drinking (our own Glorantha Con being a fine model), & reams of nostalgic reminisence fishing style.            

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