Torvath Many-Cows

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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 00:04:40 +0100

I've revisited the Clan Ring in light of the Bloodline and Stead information John has posted at

replacing all the bits left blank, and assigning each of the ring members to a Bloodline. I'll post them all individually in a desperate attempt to make the list look busy!

Male Age 45, Initiate of Dar the Chieftain.

Feats: Allfather (Orlanth) 7w2, Making (Orlanth) 19w, Lead Clan (Dar) 5w.

Key Skills: Responsible 17, Hard Working 5w, Manage Stead 12w, Lead Clan 3w, Wealth 19w.

Torvath is Our Chief, he was a successful farmer before being elected chief, and he now worships Dar the Chieftain and runs the clan just like he ran his stead. While he has no love of the Lunars, he has no wish to get into a fight that can't be won.

Tovarth is tall and wiry, with blonde hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He has three sons, the two oldest (Torvan and Vastyr) are farmers, as he was, and are helping to manage his land and herds while he concentrates on clan business. His youngest son (Tormakt) worships Vingkot Victorious and has left home to join a rebel band fighting the invaders. He also has two daughters, the eldest (Tovalda) is married to a member of The Hail Hawk Clan, while the youngest (Chala) is due to be initiated this year. He is a member of the Rain Cattle Bloodline and resides at Thunder Rock, but visits all of the steads at least once a year.


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