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From: Michael Schwartz <mschwartz_at_RFnNT6AEdgM_sahIHlFyvWdWG2MNPsGcFEOuIV_2v6JE-wCey1v3u6HN7Ip9uOBZeq>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 13:02:59 -0500

I agree with Bryan and Nick that "tweenagers" is not an ideal term. I chose it because, from a Heortling perspective, that is precisely where these individuals are in life -- 'tween the "ages" of child and adult. I made the distinction out of narrative concerns, in the main, so we could establish the approximate size of an average initiation group. The 1200-person clan of THUNDER REBELS would thus have roughly 48 males and 48 females per initiation rite.

An Infants category for ages 1 to 5 is an *excellent* idea. I chose to include Newborns as a distinct category, as with "tweens", for narrative reasons, and also these apply to Infants. It allows us to sidestep the "except children under five" issue and, at the same time, gives us room to fudge clan sizes by up to 28%! Additionally, be it the disappearance of a single infant or the sudden illness of half the clan's newborns, nothing motivates a hero more than children endangered. The numbers provide both player and narrator with a sense of the scope of the peril, and serve to punctuate its urgency.

Let's do it. :)

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