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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 18:15:43 +0100

hmm, I could be easily persuaded by this view, I was beginning to come round to it myself. Such seasonal isolated stead buildings could be communal with other clans who share it help keep it in good repair if they are in the area.

Newlyweds could move in over summer to get some privacy, illicit lovers from different (even hostile) clans could "hide" away together in them, uninitiated young "adults" could get into plenty of trouble away from prying older eyes whilst "just up at the old high meadows croft looking afer the sheep"..(plus all of Peters great ideas)... :)


> >>Is there not room for small one family
> >>plus all the cows in the same building
> >>steads?
> >
> >Upon reflection, there *is* room for this kind of arrangement, but it
> >would not be a family-oriented dwelling. Hero bands and groups of
> >unmarried men (with kayling bonds formed during initiation) sowing their
> >wild oats might create "bachelor lodges" on the fringes of a stead. We
> >can create those
> >trapped-in-a-remote-cabin-in-the-woods-when-nasty-stuff-begins-to-happen
> >sort of thrillers... the films "Ravenous" and "Evil Dead" come to mind as
> >samples of wintery and chaotic horrors. :)
> There's also more than enough room for small "single-family"
> dwellings that are used in Sea, Earth, and Fire seasons. I could
> easily imagine a shepherd, his wife, a couple of kids, and a spare
> young adult or two living in a small building fairly far from the
> stead proper to better watch over their share of the clan's sheep.
> There is probably a fair amount of communication between this sort of
> place and the main stead -- after all, it's unlikely to be more than
> a mile or two away and the "cottage" will hardly be self-sufficient.
> Other possibilities would be "hunting lodges" -- really shelter for
> hunters and (possibly) their families during hunting seasons -- the
> hunters (obviously) hunt and the non-hunters gather wood, herbs,
> mushrooms, berries, etc. Again, there would be a fair amount of
> traffic between these outposts and the stead, but it might be
> periodic. "Damn! It's been only 3 days since they brought cheese and
> apples up from the stead -- no one will miss us for another 4-5
> days.... Friends, we're going to have to kill this chaos by
> ourselves."
> The bachelor lodges are also good ideas -- after all, Orlanth
> wandered and lived away from his kin several times -- young men
> should probably do the same thing. There are also no doubt ritual
> buildings -- each clan would have a place that could serve as the
> "last stead" in the initiation rites, the house where Vinga stayed
> for three nights while hunting the Giant, the lonely home where
> Hedkoranth met his bride, etc. If you are travelling and seek refuge
> from the elements, wolves, bandits, etc in one of these places, you
> could have a far more -- otherworldly -- experience than you expected.
> Peter Larsen

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