Time for a revival?

From: BEThexton <bethexton_at_I0C9kspcbsPumVM-HVlCaXmro0IWGHFKGDR0AfU3Lr8TP8sxzRUKBPPuA3RhbHwtyb>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:02:59 -0000

I'm not quite sure why we lost momentum before, just as a lot was getting decided, but we did. The latest Issaries newsletter expressed the wish that this project get back under way, and perhaps it is time to attempt a revival.

One of the things that *might* have been a problem before was the attempt to map out the entire stead population in detail before progressing much farther. When that effort got mired, it stopped everything else. Therefore I suggest that, at least for the nonce, we abandon such top-down efforts (or at least leave them for the filthy fire-tribe), and undertake a good old bottom's up approach.

We know that the stead has hunters, fishers (who probably also double as boatmen providing the main links between this stead and the rest of the tribe), herders, and farmers. There is a good mix of age groups, and a roughly even split of genders.

Perhaps we can start coming up with little "bits" about the various groups, and how they interact. What is a hunter's day like in Storm season, do the farmers and herders have clashes over taking care of the bulls, are the younger women listened to in the loom house, and so on. Perhaps once we start telling stories, it will get everyone's creative juices flowing again. Data is important, but without the stories it is dry stuff indeed, so let's get the juiciness back into the project!



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