Re: Time for a revival?

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_UBOkMcHLEdxTdSwnZS22ThFwiWtl62tKb7nK2z4RCpFewCclKl1Rjfo5R53Zgc3ox0Kc>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 01:42:42 +1100

I was extremely busy in June/July, preparing for Convulsions and other projects, and admitedly a little frustrated by the efforts of (not) coordinating a moderately largish group that began with a particular practical end in mind.

I'm very happy, indeed possibly inspired, to resume our varied conversations, but I'll be taking a much more relaxed attitude to things, especially with regards to project coordination. If folk want to add material to the web site - and I certainly encourage this - simply post it here, we'll discuss it for a week and then put it up - with any expansions or redrafting solely in the hands of the poster.

For my part, I have generated a full list of Svenstead folk, with ages, bloodlines, names, and some basic relationships, as per the formulae we were working on when transmission ceased. I will try and put this up on the web in the next week or so.


John                              John Hughes

Hige sceal že heardra, heorte the cenre, mod sceal že mare, že ure męgen lytlaš.

[Our hearts must grow resolute, our courage more valiant,  our spirits must be greater, though our strength grows less.]

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