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The BIG Index of Gloranthan archives of mail digests, mailing lists and discussion groups

Read this to have at least a bit of explanation on what's going on here. ;-)

I provide the links to direct browsing, but I heavily advise you to use the search engine above instead!

Direct Link Short Description (as far as I know) Status of the original
GloranthaHispana Discussion group in Spanish. Este es un yahoo foro de discusión sobre Glorantha en español. Nota: Este archivo aún no se nota en el motor de búsqueda. 2000-2019 active
Glorantha VF Discussion group in French. Ceci est un forum de discussion Yahoo Glorantha en français. Remarque: cette archive n'est pas encore enregistrée par le moteur de recherche. 2000-2015 silent
BellDigest Andrew Bell's and Henk Langeveld's RuneQuest Digest. Mainly rules RQ and GURPS, a bit Glorantha 199?-1994 archived
HenkDaily A digest mailing list organized by Henk Langeveld with high volume of information by dedicated people considering this short lifespan Jan 1993 to Oct 1994 archived
RQ_Rules As the name implies, a mail group that was dedicated to discussing rules. Last activity Nov 2001, afaik archived
Glorantha­Digest A mailing list active from 1994 to 2005? This is at least what I have archived. Is there more? Ran by people from or powered by Chaosium. archived
Immoderate­Glorantha­Quest A yahoo discussion group for Gloranthaphiles that understands itself as the successor of the Glorantha Digest. Since 2001 closed
sartar_sauce A yahoo discussion group for Pen&Paper and War Gamers in Glorantha since 2005 silent
World­of­Glorantha A yahoo discussion group for Gloranthaphiles since 2007 very low activity
stormsteads The Heortling Stead Project: A yahoo discussion group dedicated to describing and detailing some typical Heortling steads. 2002-2004 closed
KoDP King of Dragon Pass, a yahoo discussion group: tech talk, tips and trick, FAQs and so on concerning the awesome computer game by A# since 2000. very low activity
Whitewall Whitewall, a yahoo discussion group. A Heroquest RPG group dedicated to describing the siege of the Orlanthi city of Whitewall by the Lunar Empire in the years 1619-1621 ST. There was even wiki with condensed data. As it has died a digital death you have to dig it up at the web archive or convince a certain Charles at runegate to revive it! very low activity
GloranthaBoard Gloranthan Boardgames like Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods archived
HeroQuest-Rules HeroWars and HeroQuest rules archived
HeroQuestRPG HeroWars, general Glorantha and rules archived

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