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Subject: RQ Mailing list,  Volume 1, Number 1

From:  (Mark Abbott)

Subject: RQ Martial Arts

Here's a home grown system for running martial artists.  This assumes RQIII
but could easily be modified to work with RQII.  It's developed from my
experience studying the Korean art of Hapkido, with a bit of other stuff
thrown in for the fun of it.  For instance, we most definitely do not
practice parrying missiles but I really liked that on the old Kung Fu
TV shows so it's in here.

The belt progression shown is a nice easy one to compute.  It's not really
accurate compared to the real world but it's fine for game terms.  In
reality, 4th dan (4th degree black) is considered mastery but with this
belt system RQ-defined mastery comes right at 1st Kub or 1st dan black belt.

Using these skills, you can easily simulate a variety of arts.  Hapkido
emphasizes both throwing and striking techniques but many arts do not.  To
set up another art, just change the emphasis on the different sets of skills,
or drop some out entirely.

By the way, this does not use the RQIII martial arts skill which doubles
damage.  This replaces it.

The skills are mostly obvious but:  Kicking is just that, Strike/Block is
all hand strikes and parrying with the hands/arms.  Normal RQIII rules apply
as to which weapons will damage the parrying object.  Joint locks are the
joint breaking holds and twists which are characteristic of jujitsu and aikido.
Throws are what is normally associated with jujitsu and judo.  Falling is
exactly that, the ability to fall safely.  Dodge is the RQIII skill.  Missile
parry is the ability to parry missile weapons.

In our local games these skills are all used by specialized groups which
restricts their availability.  Also, these groups all frown on the use
of armor which further limits the power of these skills.  In practice,
the martial artist is a weaker but somewhat more versatile fighter than
the run of the mill.  His lack of armor keeps him from being really
tough.  However, if armor is uncommon then the martial artist
will really shine.


Kicking		3	15%	d8	Specials do automatic knockback, flying
					kicks do automatic knockback but use
					both actions for that round, ie you
					cannot dodge/block/do another attack.

Strike/Block	3	15%	d4	Specials do automatic knockback

Joint Locks	3	00%	2d4	Armor absorbs damage.  Assume arms to be
					the target under normal circumstances.
					Occasionally the target will be neck or
					Come-alongs fall in this category.  If
					the skill is successfully used and the
					damage rolled is enough to incapacitate
					the limb, the player may opt for a
					come-along with the damage inflicted
					if the opponent attempts to escape.
					Joint locks may be executed using a
					short stick or staff at the weapon
					percentage or the joint locking
					percentage, whichever is lower.

Throwing	3	00%	1/4 Size of target

					Successful use gives a resistance roll
					of STR+AGI+(Throwing skill/5) vs.
					SIZE+AGI.  Both the skill roll and
					resistance roll are necessary for a
					completed throw.  A succesful throw
					gives the thrower one extra attack that 					round at +20%.

Falling		-	15%	-	Negates 1/4 Size +d6 falling damage,
					+2d6 for specials and +3d6 for criticals

Missile Parry	-	00%	-	Allows the user to stop missile weapons.
					Success indicates that the missile was
					deflected, a special that it was caught,
					a critical that it may be thrown back.
					One use constitutes one of the PC's
					actions that round.  May be used twice
					in the same round.
					Shafted/hafted missiles may be parried
					with the hands.  Other missiles must
					be parried with a weapon or object.
					Arrows/javelins/hatchets are shafted/
					hafted, sling bullets are not.
					Ability to parry with a weapon is based
					missile parry or weapon parry, whichever
					is lower.

Dodge		-	05%	-	If used at 1/2 percentage the martial
					artist need not count Dodging as one of
					his two actions in a round.  This option
					may only be taken once per round.

A Martial Artist attacking the same opponent more than once in the same
round may not use the same attack skill more than once in that round.  In
other words, he may not kick the same opponent twice in the same round although
he could first throw and then kick.  This rule applies to all attacks
except Strikes-an opponent may be punched twice in the same round.

For Hapkido belt progression use this formula.  N=Average of all 8 skills
(Kick, Strike, Block, Throw, Joint Locks, Fall, Missile Parry, Dodge) or
lowest skill +20%, whichever is lower.
 Kub # = 10- (N/10).  Drop fractions.  Negative numbers are degrees of Black.

Kub #  	    10,9       8,7      6,5,4        3,2,1      0 and lower

Belt       White      Yellow     Blue        Brown       Black

   -Mark Abbott

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