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Subject: RQ Digest, Volume 1, Number 4

This issue:
	Goofs and blunders
	RQ fatigue


From:  (Andrew Bell)

Subject:  Goofs and blunders

Due to an overcrowded mailer,  you may or may not have gotten Volume 1, Number
3 of this journal.  I have no idea.  If you didn't get it,  please let me

Goof 2: To the RQ II fan who returned the survey without grading various things
because the survey was vaguely RQ III based: I lost it.  I could have sworn I
saved it,  but it has disappeared.  Could you mail me it again,  or at least
let me know who you are?


From:  (Andrew Bell)

Subject: RQ fatigue

There seems to be a general consensus that the RuneQuest III fatigue system
just isn't worth the paper it's printed on.  Perhaps we can groupthink an
improved system,  and here are a few ideas to improve it...

1) Carrying weight around does not affect your fatigue points,  just your
   fatigue effect. I.e.,  if you are carrying something that puts your
   fatigue effect to more than -1 your fatigue,  you just have a hefty minus
   on all relevant actions.  The act of carrying a heavy weight around should
   affect your fatigue,  but picking up another human being does not instantly
   exhaust you.  However,  it is extremely difficult to melee while carrying
   another human being,  which is very reasonable.

   The amount of weight you can lift is dependent on your strength, and
   affected by any negative fatigue points.  Thus if a typical man (say
   24 fatigue) has been meleeing for 24 rounds,  he has a -3% to his
   chance to lift anything. This sounds a little small:  perhaps a better
   system would be the negative fatigue points as a percentage of the
   total fatigue points, i.e. -3 would
   be about -12.5% on his lifting effect.  It depends on how you want to work
   lifting; the idea of a resistance roll has always seemed silly to me for
   this sort of thing as lifting ability tends to be fairly constant. It is
   one area I would like to see a bell curve-type distribution.  But I digress:
   my suggestion is that the fatigue negative (as a percentage of fatigue
   points) is the reduction in effective strength of the character.

   You might want to use this as an actual strength value for the character,
   and thus affecting damage bonus and ability to wield various heavy weapons.

2) Fatigue should be broken down into two types, adrenal and basic.(better
   name, anyone?) Adrenal fatigue is short-term;  it is quickly recovered, like
   a quick sprint that has you gasping for breath but you are able to sprint
   again a short time later.  Basic fatigue is the more long term type,  that
   can only be recovered with long term rest,  which for simplicity we say is
   totally recovered by eight hours of rest.  You start taking basic fatigue
   at the rate of 10% of your fatigue total every hour after 10 that you've
   been awake,  or something like that.

   The concept of adrenal fatigue is useful,  since you could allow characters
   to use additional fatigue for more superhuman effort.  This in particular
   should be a talent of berserker-types.

As you may notice,  this article is a little less organized than the previous
ones.  This is intentional.  I'm trying to get feedback from you folks,  as we
try to work towards an "ideal" set of rules modifications that we can
ultimately organize and perhaps freely distribute.  In cases of severe
disagreement,  we can present several options.

Anyway,  any comments?  I think this is a step in the right direction,  towards
a reasonable set of fatigue rules.

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