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Subject:  Broohaha,  Volume 3,  Number 4

First distribution:  March 25,  1989

This issue:
	Semi-completed Heroquest:  The Hero Plane	(Steve Maurer)


HEROQUEST rules for Variant RQ....
Author: Steve Maurer
Copyright(C) 1989 Steve Maurer (permission to copy for personal
    non-profit use is hereby granted, as long as this copyright
    notice is included in the text.   All other rights reserved.)


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	The God Time is a very weird place, even for a Gloranthan.   It
    is both the history of Glorantha, and yet also runs somewhat concurrently
    with time within Time.   You can think of Heroquesting as a very magical,
    and very weird form of time-travel.

	In this text, Hero plane, God Plane, and  God-time and the are used
    interchangeably.   However there is a subtle distinction between them.
    The Hero Plane is everywhere beyond Time.    The God-Plane is the place
    in the Hero Plane where the various gods reside (their respective domains);
    these are called the Heavens (or Hells -- for gods you don't like).   The
    God-Time is the furthest 'back' the Hero plane goes, the mythical time
    before wars or Chaos invaded; to enter the God-Time, a Hero must fight
    through both the Lesser and Greater Darkness, and the Chaos wars.

    The Child Time

	Time is the god(dess) who now orders the universe.   The power of
    time is such that even the gods cannot individually oppose him/her.
    Time is also called Compromise, or "The Compromise".

	Time's function is fourfold:  First (and foremost) Time prevents
    Gods from fighting.   Gods, even eternal enemies, may only act in
    accordance to the rules set forth when s/he was born.   The rules are
    set in God-tongue, and thus not understandable by mortals, but they
    can be roughly translated to:
	o No direct fighting.
	o No cursing or harming those who do not worship you (but you
	    may send a minor curse on those who spurn you).
	o No claiming the souls of spirits that are not yours.
	o No helping worshipers unless called upon.  The more you are
	    called upon, the more you can help.   But even when you can
	    help, you may only help your worshiper, not harm another.

	This is the basis of RuneSpells.   It is perfectly all right for a
    god to "help his/her worshiper" by giving the worshiper a part of
    the god's abilities -- even if these abilities are used to hurt others.
    In fact, this practice was common even before the child Time came into

	Time's second function is to order the universe, to make sure that
    events happen in sequential fashion.   To allow only cause and effect,
    and outlaw effect-and-cause.    Thus all augury magic is useless in
    Glorantha, except for the occasional glimpses that Arachne Solara
    (Time's mother) may give.

	Time's third function is to insure that the powers and curses which
    were in effect at Time's birth are still in effect, and to give each of
    the great powers places in Glorantha all their own.  In simpler terms,
    this means that Time is responsible for all "natural processes": the
    seasons, the process of birth, growth, and death, that weakness and
    death results if mortals do not eat (even if they do not exert themselves),
    that creatures descended from the gods conquered by the air gods must
    breathe air or die, that those descended from gods who were killed must
    always meet inevitable death.   All these "processes" Time enforces.
	Note that "natural processes", are sanctioned by Time.   They are
    not, under the rules of The Compromise, a direct interference.   If a
    creature foolishly challenges one of Valind's blizzards during the time
    allotted to that god, then Valind is not responsible for any harm which
    comes to the creature.   Note also, that even these "natural processes"
    may be opposed, by those strong enough to oppose them.   Time, like all
    gods, is not immune to change.

	Time's final function is to provide a direct communication between
    the gods and the world within time.   With a few exceptions, a worshiper
    may ask for divine aid, no matter where he is.

    The Absence of Time

    The reason why it is important to know the rules of Time is that Time
    does not exist on the Hero Plane.    NONE of the Laws of Time work on
    the Hero Plane automatically.   Each must be specifically invoked.

    This means:

	o If you personally meet a god, and the god doesn't like you, the
	  god can smunch you into tiny little bits.  (Or do other things
	  that are much worse).

	o "Natural Processes" do not occur, unless someone specifically
	  wills it.   You can be smunched into tiny little bits, but you
	  will not die unless Death is specifically applied to you (or you
	  will Death upon yourself).  By passing beyond Time, you pass
	  before Death (Death knows this, and often tries to block the
	  paths of which he is aware).  Your need to breathe, eat, and sleep
	  is diminished to almost nothing.   Fire does not burn (unless it
	  wants to), ice does not freeze you (unless it wants to).   All
	  natural powers/events still may occur (and many of them do),
	  but only because someone (or thing) invokes them against you.
	  Many deserts, for instance, are a part of the realm of the god
	  of Thirst -- so in them thirst will incapacitate you.

	o You cannot ask for Divine Intervention, unless you are actually
	  at the feet of your "present" god (who knows you).   On the other
	  hand, your God isn't restricted from giving you all the help you

	o You do not regain Temporary POW ("Magic Points") naturally.  This
	  is another "natural process", Time is responsible for.   Luckily,
	  it is relatively easy to regain Temporary POW for some cultists.

	o All magic you have in effect before you go onto the Hero Plane
	  usually disappears in the ritual which sneaks by Time.   If it
	  doesn't, then it only lasts only for it's subjective time.

	o All magic with a Duration, that is actually cast on the Hero plane
	  remains in effect permanently (until you exit).

	o Any Rune Magic that you use on the Hero plane is gone permanently.
	  Time does counts the spell as being uncast, and your god (once you
	  get back onto the normal plane) is not allowed to replenish it.
	  (If you manage to meet your god on the Hero Plane, you can get
	  all your Rune Magic back).

	o Elementals can't be summoned unless you are in their primal plane.
	  However, Elementals stay around forever until they are "killed".
	  While in their primal plane, they must be spiritually killed, as
	  they can simply remanifest any body which has been destroyed.

	o The one exception to the loss of Rune Magic, is that magic which
	  is stored in Truestone while inside Time, may be regained inside
	  Time.   The spell may be cast on the Hero Plane.  This is one of
	  the many reasons why Truestone is so valuable (in addition to
	  it's holy significance to most cults).

	o You do not have to (nor can you, unless you concentrate on it)
	  strictly obey the laws of causality.   If a group of Heros on the
	  Hero Plane split up and then rejoin, it is expected that each
	  group will remember different subjective time than others (much
	  like relativity, actually).   Typical Heroquests take many years
	  of subjective time (sometimes hundreds).

	o Because causality doesn't always exist, you may run across "earlier
	  versions" of Gods, Heros, or other creatures.   The god that you
	  worship may not recognize you unless you go to his final resting
	  place ( basically where the god is "now" ).    In general, the
	  further back in God-Time it is, the harder it is to get there.

	o You may eat portions of the enemies you defeat, not only deriving
	  sustenance, but gaining a portion of their power.   The more you
	  try to eat however, the more difficult it is to "digest" the
	  power.   In addition, if you eat too much, you may become more like
	  what you just ate, than what you are yourself.   This can happen
	  even to the gods ( Lodril is a classic example ).   This form of
	  power acquisition is shunned by most (except for creatures of
	  Darkness and of Chaos).

	o Time actively works to prevent those who would contravene the
	  compromise from entering the world.   When attempting to exit
	  the Hero Plane, Time will extract a toll.   For every heroic
	  ability, you must spend temporary-POW points (ranging from
	  50-temp points for a small ability, on up into the thousands).
	  You need not supply these temp-POW points yourself.   Worshipers
	  may supply them for you.

	o The track that you take through the Hero Plane is never washed
	  away by time.   Paths not only travel between PLACES, but also
	  travel between particular EVENTS.   You may follow a path made
	  by another, and it will follow to all events that person found
	  (including ambushes, treasures, etc.)   However see the caveat
	  on this below....

    Rules Before Time

	Even before Time, the Universe enforced a few rules which not even
    the gods had the power to change.   The most important is that an event
    cannot happen more than once (can't be reversed).  What happens happens.
    This has several effects:

	o You can never meet yourself.

	o You can't change the history of the gods.  For example, you may
	  not go back and try to jump in front of Orlanth's killing blow
	  against Yelm.   What happens if you do, is that you find an echo
	  of the original event, and "become" one of the players in it.

	  This, Sorcerors call a "re-enactment", or a "shadow" of the
	  event.   If you in the course of the re-enactment, you DO manage
	  to change bad "history" then you do not suffer the curse associated
	  with the act; if you re-enact a triumph, then you get some echo
	  of what the originator of the path received.

	  Following the various gods this way is called "walking in a gods
	  footsteps", and is one of the most common forms of Heroquest.
	  Many cults make a big mystic thing out of this, saying you BECOME
	  your god.  But as any Sorceror or Shaman will tell you, that's
	  simply wrong.

	  The Universe doesn't prevent people who don't worship a god from
	  following the god's path, but as matter of practicality, only
	  the god's cultists do.  Not only are they the only ones who know
	  their god's paths and it's dangers, but often the rewards are
	  something that would be prized only by a cultist of that god.
	  It is VERY dangerous to walk an unknown path, for not only do
	  many lead to certain destruction, but many others lead to rewards
	  you do not want.   (The God Learners resolved to discover the
	  paths of various Gods and Heros, and abused them -- earning the
	  emnity of nearly everyone).

	o If you make your own path, you will not become part of any
	  re-enactment.   This is far far more dangerous than following
	  a known path, but can also lead to greater rewards.

	o If something bad happens to you on the Hero plane, you can't
	  later try to stop it from happening (not even a god can do that).
	  The BEST you can do, is try to repair what has been done, but
	  again this usually requires another Heroquest to find a cure.
	  It is usually beyond the scope of the gods.  ( Hero Plane curses
	  and blessings are usually permanent. )

	o Even in their present state, the Gods are not immune to change.
	  If you decide to go where the god is "now", and take him or her
	  on in one-on-one combat (and you win -ha-ha-) then you may injure
	  the god (and perhaps derive some benefit).    You may persuade
	  a god to do something, or may teach a god some new craft.
	  This is the way to become a "hero of the cult".   Gods, in general,
	  are far more tolerant of Heros than they are of any other cultist.
	  Simply meeting your god is often a way of freeing yourself of a
	  god's minor restrictions (not curses!).

	o If you are destroyed by some forms of Chaos on the Hero Plane,
	  even the memory of you may be removed from the world.

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