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Subject:  That's not a Bug,  It's a Chaos Feature!,  Volume 6,  Number 3


First Distribution: March 27,  1991

This issue:
	Old Wind Temple				John Castellucci
	Spell Spirit Strengths			Eric Jablow
	Delecti and the Upland Marsh Revisited	David Gadbois


From: (John Castellucci)

Subject:  Old Wind Temple

                    RUNEQUEST:  OLD WIND TEMPLE
                     (C)1991 J. H. Castellucci
            RUNEQUEST and GLORANTHA are owned by Chaosium
                 May be distributed without profit

   This is my version of OLD WIND.  I am sure it is quite different
than Greg Stafford's origin version.  I have taken some license with
Glorantha to create my own myths and legends.  This version of the temple
is intended as a base of operations for characters who have outgrown 
Apple Lane.  It is based loosely on what direction I think that the Sartar
campaign was going.  There is still a lot of malleability in this writeup,
and I have purposely not included any writeup of statistics.  Feel free 
to give the residents of the area stats that will fit into your campaign.
Stats are also omitted to keep potentials players at unawares!
I also play RQ II 1/2 (RQ II + some RQ3 and house rules), so how I've
worked things wont exactly fit into other worlds mechanically.  OLD
WIND is intended as a jump off point for the published scenario packs as
well as other original material.  Everyone who uses it should add their
own Heros, Legends and Personalities.  


Before Time:
   The many confrontations between Orlanth and Yelm before time began 
have become the stuff that HeroQuests are made of.  OLD WIND is twice 
blessed in the eyes of our lord Orlanth Thunderous.  For there he was 
able to (with the aid of Eurmal) to humble Yelm not once, but twice.
   Orlanth in his youthful boasting, claimed that he could beat Yelm 
not only in any contest of arms, but any contest of intellect as well.
Yelm, deciding to put the upstart in his place once and for all agreed 
to match wits against Orlanth.  Yelm wagered his Golden Chess Set 
against Orlanth's Sky Cape that Orlanth could not beat him in a game of 
chess.  Orlanth in his youthful confidence easily agreed to this 
challenge despite Yelm's reknown at the game, never having lost a match.
   On the appointed day, Orlanth rode the winds to Yelm's golden halls 
upon the Spike but refused to enter.  Yelm strode forth with the chess 
board in his arms to meet the challenge.  As soon as he set the board 
down, Orlanth seized it and hurled it off the Spike and into the winds.
'Let the free wind spirits declare the place where we shall contest,
not vainglorious Yelm in his golden halls!', spoke the Storm God.
These words were so haughty that they drew the attention of Ruath-nen 
the Grand, mighty dragon of Dragon Pass.  He then drew in his awesome 
breath and caused the golden gameboard to light down in the Storm Hills
in the place that was to become OLD WIND.  
   There the two met for the game, unknowing of the two spectators that 
they had attracted, Ruath-nen from his cave and Eurmal the Trickster, 
who secreted himself behind a rock.  Yelm then proceeded to easily take 
the upper hand in the chess game.  With every move he taunted Orlanth 
with his superiority, causing Orlanth to shake with anger and to play 
even worse.  Eurmal,  seeing an opportunity to have a little fun, 
wispered into the winds, knowing that all words so done will eventually 
fall upon the ears of Orlanth.  'Is this a contest to see who is the 
better chess player or a contest of wits?  Yelm has taken the upper hand 
by tricking you into his own game!  Can you not show him the inferior 
by playing him for the fool?  How can Yelm lose playing on the Golden 
Board that bears his Rune?  Use your own rune, show him who is smarter, 
or you truly are his inferior!'
   Orlanth heeding these words invoked the Subtle Wind and caused a 
cloud to momentarily block out Yelm's revealing light, and then 
commanded the Subtle Wind to rearrange the game pieces in Orlanth's 
favor.  Yelm was so proud and confident that he failed to notice the 
slight change in the Golden figurines.  When Orlanth drove Yelm's king
into checkmate, Yelm's disbelief was so strong that the sky actually 
dimmed for a moment.  Just as Orlanth was claiming the Golden Board as 
his own, Ruath-nen the Grand burst from his cave and with his mighty 
breath blew away the rock that was hiding the Trickster from view.
'This is the true winner of your petty contest', bellowed the dragon,
'and his prize shall be the honor of being my next meal!'  At this 
Eurmal quaked from the top of his head to his magic boots and fled into 
the Storm Hills.  Ruath-nen then spread his enormous wings and took to 
flight after the Trickster.  How Eurmal tricked the mighty dragon into 
not eating him is a legend for another time, because we must now return 
to Yelm and Orlanth.
   Yelm was so angry at being tricked that he started to radiate so
intensely that the very earth was scorched to bare rock.  'I admit you
winner by deceit, commander of the winds, and name you Orlanth 
Treacherous for your deeds today!  Take your prize, the Golden Board,
and enjoy in it, for none will play you, Orlanth Treacherous!' spoke
Yelm unto Orlanth.  The Sun God then withdrew to his golden halls to
mourn his lost while Orlanth stood staring at his prize upon the hill.
   Orlanth's rage at Yelm's words grew and grew until the winds raged and
howled in torment.  The gale then swept up Orlanth into the skies and 
bore him unto Yelm's Golden Halls.  The winds burst open Yelm's vaulted
doors and carried Orlanth before the the Golden Throne.  'Take back your
words, dim one, less the storms blanket the land and block out your light
forever!' stormed Orlanth.  'I am not afraid of you, Insignificant Wind!
Meet me on the morrow a the spot of your accursed treachery.  If you can
best me again, even with treachery, I will take back the name you have
been given.  If I best you, as I surely will, you will return unto me
that which you have taken unearned, and accept your name, Orlanth
Treacherous!' raged Yelm from his Golden Throne.  'So be it!' the winds
chorused as the Storm God departed for his own halls.
   When the two next met, they were alone upon that soon to be hallowed
hill.  Now a word was spoken at the two battled at chess.  Once again
Yelm took the upper hand.  Our Lord Orlanth realized that if he were to
best Yelm again, he would have to outwit the vain Sun God.  Once again
he prepared to invoke the Subtle Wind, but before he released it he 
noticed that Yelm bore with him the Tiniest Flame, a fire so small that
even the Subtle Wind would extinguish it and reveal to Yelm that he once
again had been duped.  Then Orlanth though his own deep thoughts and
searched himself for the power to win this battle of wits.  By the sheer
power of will, Lord Orlanth caused the pieces to rearrange themselves 
upon the Golden prize, and again mated Yelm's king.  Ever since, Orlanth's
faithful have been able to move by the sheer force of will.
   Yelm then stood high, his head blazing in the sky, and looked to the 
Tiniest Flame as to reveal the source of Orlanth's victory.  Yelm stood 
there, frought with disbelief at the Flame's still flickering form.
'I know you have cheated me again, Stormy One, but Yelm has pride and 
honor, and takes back the name he has branded you with as well as gifting
you with his precious Golden Board', Yelm calmly spoke to the victorious
Storm God, 'We shall meet again, Thunderer, we shall meet again...'
   And then Lord Orlanth hallowed the barren ground where the Golden 
Board still layed, and gave its keeping unto the Wind Children of the
Storms Hills.  'This is shallow victory, but a victory none the less', 
proclaimed Orlanth,  'Let a temple here be raised that it never be

                                        From an ancient scroll
                                        Translated by
                                        Betha Storm-Eyes
                                        S.T. 1609

During Time:
   After the Dragonkill war had destroyed the entire human population
of Dragon Pass in the year 1200, the legend of the Orlanth's Golden 
Chessboard was forgotten, and OLD WIND was left shrouded in legends 
guarded only by the Wind Children as so commanded them by Orlanth. 
Then a wandering Rune Lord of Orlanth Adventurous, Bobben Cliffclimber
felt a strange compulsion to climb to the top of the Storm Hills.  After
much hardship and effort, he collapsed before he reached the peak and
fell to the earth, landing on the giant chessboard.  He was then given 
refuge by the Wind Children of OLD WIND, who lifted him one under each
arm, and carried him on their wings to High Wind.   After five years of 
seclusion amongst the Wind Children Bobben emerged in the year 1409 a 
Rune Priest of Orlanth Thunderous.  He then returned to the hill peoples
among whom he was born and began to preach.  It was from these original 
converts that would build present day OLD WIND.  The visions that Bobben
received in his five year seclusion gave him the strength and foresight to
accomplish this task, and it is said that Orlanth still sometimes sends
visions to those who visit OLD WIND.
   In the year 1578, Dragonnewts used Dragon Magic to come upon OLD WIND
in stealth, and managed to steal from the temple treasury the legendary
Dragonarmor that the cult Hero Jaerod had won from Ruath-nen's cave 100
years earlier.  This has caused an enmity between the temple and the 
Dragonnewts of the area that still exists to this day.

Heroes of OLD WIND:
   Alread Kingslayer truly attained his status while questing on the
Hero Plane.  There he encountered a minor aspect of Yelm and was able
to beat him in a chess game.  Orlanth was impressed by his ability at
the game that he bound his spirit to the Golden Board.  His spirit 
still remains and will play anyone who challenges him to a game on the
magic board.  Every chess game played against him add +5% to chess 
playing ability up to a max of INT x 5%.

  Jaerod Dragonarmor was awarded the title of Hero for finding the 
magical Dragonarmor in the cave of Ruath-nen.  Two parties did he lead
into those horrid caves in search of the fabled armor.  Both times was
he the only survivor of failed missions.   It was not until many years
later, on his third venture into the caves did he find what he sought.  
The old man had gone there to die, but instead returned with the magical
Dragonarmor.  None would he tell of what he had seen in Ruath-nen's
caverns.  Realizing that he was too old to wear the armor into battle,
he donated it to the temple and retired.  It was on his journey home to
the northern Sartar hills where he was born, the Jaerod Dragonarmor was
set upon by avenging dragonnewts.  They slew him mercilessly, but Orlanth
set aside a special task for his soul.  His spirit has since been seen
inside Ruath-nen's caves, but none know the purpose.

   The Stormwalkers are a mixed band of men and spirits who as a group
are considered a cult heroes.  The humans can discorporate and fly
through the air and the spirits can form human bodies.  The Stormwalkers
greatest power is their control over storms.  Working together as a 
group they can summon two types of storms.  The first is a one day
deluge of the local area that floods all streams and rivers.  This
storm is so fierce that all within it must seek shelter or risk bodily
damage.  The second storm is a three day steady downpour over the 
entire area of Dragon Pass.  This will cause streams and rivers to 
flood on the third day of the rain.  The Stormwalkers are somewhat 
mystical figures that come and go as they will among the inhabitants
of OLD WIND.  They are treated and respected as Rune Levels when they
associate with the men of the temple.  They are known to sometimes show
up at rituals, training, meals, and other common events.  The 
Stormwalkers are believed to reside in Orlanth's Storm Castle when they
are not among men.

   OLD WIND, being the oldest Orlanth temple in Dragon Pass, does have
its place in the politics of the area, but in a more ceremonial than
powerful way.  The OLD WIND High Priest (called by the title of 
Grand Wind) is only outranked in Dragon Pass by the High Priest of 
Orlanth Rex.  Even though The Grand Wind is revered wherever he visits
and is seated at the tables of kings and chieftains, he is almost totally
excluded from the actual day to day running of things.  In times of war
and strife he is called upon to bring the blessings of Orlanth, but not
to confer on plans.  He is also sought out to quell fearsome storms
and blistering droughts.
   The specific aspect of Orlanth Thunderous has never strong in Sartar
politics.  Until the Lunar invasion, OLD WIND was in fact a way to get 
rid of Rune Levels that did not agree with the current political machine
as well as a place to send aging Rune Levels to make way for younger 
blood.  OLD WIND was very quiet and contemplative.  Those who did not 
like this bland retirement picked up the mantle of Orlanth Adventurous 
and left Dragon Pass in search of adventure.
   This all changed after the Lunar invasion of Sartar.  OLD WIND's 
reclusive location as well as the abundance of Lunar hating Orlanthi made
it the perfect location for Rebellion headquarters.  There have been
some squabbles between the existing priesthood at OLD WIND and those 
exiles who have sought refuge in the temple, but so far they are all 
together in the goal of freeing Sartar from Lunar hands.
   There is also a temple to Orlanth's wife, Ernalda at OLD WIND.

Personalities of OLD WIND:
   Acting High Priest Lathan Haldress:  Lathan is a man torn between two
ideals.  He is very dedicated to Orlanth and knows full well that the 
temple's first purpose is to preserve the memory of Orlanth's victory 
over Yelm.  He has also seen the deterioration of the Storm aspect of 
Orlanth decrease in political power over the years and would like to 
see it regained. He fears that if the Lunars completely conquer Sartar 
that they will plunder OLD WIND and take the Golden Board as a present 
for the Red Emperor.  Lathan has been acting High Priest for the last
three years.  He has not taken the title of Grand Wind, because the
whereabouts of previous High Priest is still unknown.  The Grand Wind
disappeared after trying to summon the Storm Castle.  It is not know
whether he survived the summoning, entered the Castle, or met some other
fate.  If the situation at OLD WIND becomes desperate enough, he himself
will try to summon Orlanth's Storm Castle.

   Wind Lord Stethan Coldbreeze:  Stethan is the brother of Lathan
and trusts him implicitly.  The Wind Children also place great
trust in him.  He will be the one who will make the final decision
as to whether OLD WIND will just remain the base for rebellion or
if OLD WIND will marshall all of its forces and march against the Lunars.
He is the ranking Rune Lord at the temple and commands the defense
of the area.

   Sartar Priest Gortho the Large:  Gortho earned his name from his 
enormous girth, at a weight of just over 300 pounds.  Gortho is very
adamant about routing the Lunars from Sartar.  Deprived of almost all
rune magic because of the destruction of the Boldhome temple, he has 
taken to traing at arms.  Drake Mallard has proclaimed that he has never
seen anyone take to the sword so fast.  Unknown to anyone, Gortho
smuggled King Sartar's Magic Iron Sword out of Boldhome Temple and hid
it in the Storm Hills.  He is hoping to recover it someday and personally 
drive all Lunars from Boldhome.

   Londra of Londros: (see WF 11)

   Drake Mallard, Beak of Humakt:  Drake is the leader of a band of 
outlaw ducks from the Duck Point area.  His band originally came to OLD
WIND escorting a small band of refugees trying to escape Lunar 
persecution.  The ducks were accepted by the Priests of OLD WIND and have
settled on the banks of the stream that supplies OLD WIND with water.  
Drake leads his band of guerilla ducks on raids of former duck lands, 
and has nearly doubled the number of duck refugees at HIGH WIND since he
first arrived.  His band, known as the Wind on the Water Gang, has a 
bounty of 500L per beak, and Drake sports a 5000L bounty himself. 

   Illith Allia Goodwing, Wind Child High Priestess:  There as been a 
growing rift between Illith and Lathan over the Lunar Invasion.  Illith
sees the temples main job as to preserve this holy spot as it has done
since before time.  Lathan points out that Orlanth Thunderous is the
Storm God of Sartar, and that unless they do something about it soon,
there will be no Sartar.  She has not come down from High Wind in over
a year, and most of the Wind Children side with her.  Only at Roka
Swordwing's insistence did she use the THUNDEROUS COMB to stop Lunar
forces from reaching OLD WIND, but now regrets that action because of 
the repercussions from both Lunar and Storm Bull cultists.

   Roka Swordwing, Wind Child Wind Lord of Orlanth Thunderous:  Roka is
the only Wind Child to actively hate and pursue the Lunar Empire wherever
He finds them.  He barely escaped the sack of Boldhome while his wife 
(a human priestess of the City God Sartar) was slain at the High Temple.
Since then, he has been persecuting Lunars and encouraging others to
do the same.

       6 Priests of Orlanth Thunderous
       1 Rune Lord of Orlanth Thunderous
       1 Priest of Orlanth Rex
       4 Priests of Orlanth Adventurous
       8 Rune Lords of Orlanth Adventurous
       2 Priestess of Ernalda
       1 Priest of Sartar
       1 Priest of Lhankor Mhy
       1 Priest of Issaries
       2 Chalana Arroy Priestess
       9 Acolytes of Orlanth Thunderous (most aged)
      26 Acolytes of Orlanth Adventurous
       5 Acolytes of Ernalda
       5 Rebel Leaders (various Rune Levels/Initiates)
      54 Rebel Men at arms
     160 Refuges from Sartar  

   Wind Children: 
       1 High Priestess
       2 Rune Priestess
       1 Rune Lord
       4 Acolytes
       8 Pilgrims

       1 Beak of Humakt
       1 Lieutenant
      15 Outlaw Ducks at arms   
      22 Refugees from the Lunar decree 

     0-3 in temple area

   Several Sartarite tribes have claimed the lower valleys and live
in mixed populations.  There are numerous small hamlets within a day's
journey of OLD WIND.

   Reenactment of Orlanth's victory over Yelm:  Late every Dark Season,
a member of the temple (usually someone who has lost face and needs to
regain it or a new member trying to prove himself) sets out to kidnap a
member of a Sun Cult (Yelm/Yelmalio) and return him to blindfolded to
OLD WIND.  There the captive is made to reenact the famous chess games.
This ceremony traditionally takes place on Clayday and Windsday of 
Disorder week of Storm Season.  It is traditional for the Orlanthi to 
cheat in this game to insure victory.  After the ceremony, the Sun
worshiper is usually returned to the foot of the Storm Hills (minus
most of his valuables).  It has become tradition that every new Grand
Wind issue a challenge to the high priest of Sun Dome.  This replaces
the above ritual in the first year of the new High Wind Priest.  

   Required Verse:  OLD WIND templars are required to say the following
                    whenever the meet a Sun worshiper in battle.

     'Twice did Orlanth beat thee in battle.
         Twice was the Sun dimmed in shame.
      We are but pawns of our Masters.
         as it was as in Godtime so shall it be again.'

   Ritual of Manhood:  It is still popular among rich/powerful Sartarites
to have their sons come of age at OLD WIND.  The youth makes a 
pilgrimage (usually with a Rune Level) to OLD WIND, where he is 
blessed by the high priest, initiated into the Orlanth cult, taught in
the ways of tradition, and is allowed to sacrifice for Rune Magic
(1 pt. non-reusable).  This usually costs the parents 1000L.

   Rune Sacrifice:  Due to the holiness of this temple and the dire
needs of Sartar,  Orlanth has allowed for all of his worshipers to
sacrifice for Orlanth Thunderous Rune Magic at OLD WIND.  The Orlanth
Thunderous Rune Spells are (from WF 13):
             Increase Wind
             Decrease Wind
             Increase Clouds
             Decrease Clouds
             Thunder (Bolt)

   Subcult of the Golden Board:  Orlanth's victory over Yelm gives his
followers access to a special Rune Spell.  This spell may only be
sacrificed for at OLD WIND.

   Teleport Object                        Cost 1 POW
   Range 160 m                            Duration Instantaneous
   Non-stackable                          Non-Reusable
     This spell allows the caster to teleport one small object
  (max. current POW in lbs) to another location within the spells
  range.  Parts of objects may not be teleported separately unless
  they are separate entities (i.e. you can't teleport a swordblade
  without its handle, but you could teleport a whole sword out of a
  scabbard).  Objects may not be teleported into space occupied by
  anything other than air (no teleporting swords through people's 

Physical Layout:
   OLD WIND is on the second highest peak in the Storm Hills, second
only to Storm Walk Mountain.  Though it was originally designed as a
mountain retreat, it has been fortified in the last few years.  The
original building surround the clearing where the Golden Board has 
remained in place since before time.  The temple is bounded on one side
by a stream which has since become home to the duck refugees.  The 
older buildings have the airs of a hunting lodge and hunting has 
traditionally been very good in the area, although the large number of
refugees is starting to deplete the forests and streams.  OLD WIND's 
main defense in the narrow gorge that the only trail follows.  A small
rockslide could easily wipe out an army trying to climb up to the 
temple.  A 10' stockade wall has also been raised about the original
complex.  There are cabins all over the valley, and most of the
Sartarites enjoy living in this location.  The temple still controls
all issues, as well as keeping the storehouse.  All surplus food and
supplies go to the temple for storage for time of need.  All the houses
are very sturdy to survive the storms that have been known to rage
in the area.
   The main temple is not ornate, but has a very appealing rustic 
quality to it, as well as numerous guardian spirits.  Wind Fists are
known first appear here before they go off to punish cultists who have
gone astray.  Shadow Cats and Vroc Hawks are native to the surrounding
   The upper part of the valley is named Sheep Valley because of the
magic sheep that live there tended by the priestess of Ernalda.  The
presence of Ernalda at OLD WIND is small but very strong.  Ernalda
rituals take place at an ancient earth mound in sheep valley.  She is
also worshiped side by side with Orlanth Thunderous in the main
   Heler's Rock is the name given to the prominent stone outcropping
that oversees the entrance to the valley that holds the temple. 
Seasonal rituals to the god of rain are performed on this rock, as well
as the sacrifice for the Rune Spells Increase and Decrease Clouds.
   Thagyar's Spring is a magical water source in an adjoining valley
that is guarded by a friendly tribe of mountain dwelling fresh water
   There is also a small tribe of demi-men called the Mrestlek's who
have been living in the upper valley of the storm hills since before time
began.  They physically differ from the Sartarites by being more squat
in form and covered with hair.  They have large heads with protruding
brows.  They are not counted among the tribes of Sartar and have their
own primitive forms of magic.  They are usually shy of outsiders and
dwell in secluded caves.

High Wind:
   The most inaccessible portion of OLD WIND is called High Wind Temple,
and that is the residence of Wind Children members of the Temple.  It
is atop a high crag, and is only reachable by flight, teleportation, or
Divine Aid.  No non-Orlanthi has ever been allowed into High Wind, and
that is where the chess pieces are stored when not in use.  A Rune Level
must always accompany the Golden Pieces when they leave High Wind.  High
Wind is guarded by an extremely old and power spirit of air called 
'Old Wind.'  This spirit is said to be part of the physical manifestation
of the Air Rune.  Treat it a sylph of the most enormous size with 
Rune Level wind based spells available to it.  'Old Wind' is 
friendly toward Wind Children and will tolerate Rune Levels of Orlanth
because of their mastery of the Air Rune.  This spirit is still very
unpredictable and its true purpose for residing in OLD WIND in unknown
even to the Wind Children.

   see WF #11

      A large (8' x 8') chessboard inlayed with intricate gold scrolling 
   and 32 unique chess pieces (one set gold, the other white gold) 
   each representing a different God or Goddess from Godtime, of which 
   only a few are still known by name (The Gold King is Yelm, a gold pawn
   is Orlanth, all four Rooks are unknown dragons, etc...)

      Associated:  Orlanth Thunderous, Yelm, Yelmalio

      Cult Secret; Famous, One of a Kind

      Yelm himself crafted this board for his own enjoyment in his golden
   halls.  It became one of his prize possessions and all the gods agreed
   that there was no other of its equal.

      Yelm could probably make another, but has never played the game
   since he lost his prize possession, and is unlikely to make anther.

      This Chessboard, other than being ostentatiously ornate, is also
   animate.  A player need only command a piece to move or attack and
   it does so of its own accord.  The pieces will go as far as to have
   their own mock battles on the chessboard.  Now with the powerful 
   cult spirit bound to the chessboard, it is very likely to fight all
   hostile forces.

      A major Yelm or Yelmalio temple would probable cough up 50,000L+
   for this artifact.  Melted down, it would probably bring 10,000L and
   the wrath of both Orlanth and Yelm.

Some Adventure Ideas:
   Ruath-nen's Cave:  Rumor has it that after the dragonnewts raided OLD
WIND for the Dragonarmor, that instead of taking it to the Dragon's Eye
they returned it to its original resting place in the caves.  Recovering
the armor for the cult would sure be a step toward Herodom, for no one
knows what dragon magics are left in the cave from godtime.  

   Yelmalio's Revenge:  Lunar General Fazzur Wideread has offered the
High Priest of Sun Dome a spear made of solid gold if his cult can
destroy the temple of Yelm's ancient foe.  Yelmalio cultists and Rune 
Levels are all eyeing this prize, and several bands have are trying to
organize raids on the temple.

   The Trouble with Stormbulls:  In the most recent Lunar exploratory
expedition against OLD WIND, the hight priest of the Wind Children used
the THUNDEROUS COMB to raise a great windstorm which swept an avalanche
of giant boulders down on the invaders and drove them out of the
Storm Hills.  Unfortunately, one of those rocks was a sacred Stormstone,
which Storm Bull had made sacred by urinating on it.  Stormstones are
known for their weather abilities.  If a Stormstone is wet, then it has
rained recently, if it is dry, then it hasn't rained recently.  Several
Stormbulls have sworn revenge upon the Wind Children and are organizing
a raid against OLD WIND.

   The Heir:  Word has reached the High Priest that another heir to the
Sartar throne has been located, this time in the City of Pavis.  It is 
essential to the rebellion that he/she be located and brought to the
safety of OLD WIND before Lunar assassins can strike.

   Storm Walk Mountain:  Orlanth is said to stop there at times, riding
the neverending winds.  Storm Bull is also said to roam this desolate
peak, as well as other fearsome spirits.

   The Castle:  It is said that on certain Holy Days that a storm rages
above the hills and in the center of that storm is a gateway to Orlanth's
Storm Castle.  Is the Grand Wind still alive and in the Castle, 
or is he riding Orlanth's eternal winds?

   The Mrestlek's Secret:  What have these demi-humans been worshiping
in their caves for the last 2000 years?  Is it a source of great magic
or unbelievable evil?

   The Golden Fleece:  Several outside forces have been trying to steal
Ernalda's magic sheep for years.  Broos want to mate with the sheep in
order to create a magical race of Broos.  The Trolls of Troll Woods want
to eat the sheep in the belief that it will cure the eater of the 
Trollkin Curse.  Storm Bulls believe the magic sheep to be incredibly
tasty.  Also a lamb with golden fur has been recently born, and the 
High Priest of Sun Dome has had a vision of this lamb, and claims it is
a sign from Yelmalio.

My Sartar Campaign Timeline (Some events)
   1602  Lunar sack of Boldhome
   1606  Lunars assassinate most members of royal house in exile
   1608 *Original Characters Adventure in Apple Lane Area
   1609 *Characters visit Boldhome
        *Character relocate to OLD WIND
   1610  Lunar's invade Prax and capture Pavis
        *Characters travel to BLOCK to negotiate with Stormbulls
        *Characters visit Barbarian Town and raid Monkey Ruins 
   1611  Lunar settlers arrive in River of Cradles
        *Characters explore cave of Ruath-nen
        *Characters fight off Yelmalio force
        *Characters journey to Duck Point and Find Legendary Duck Tower
        *Characters visit Beast Valley
   1612  Lunars and Sartarite woo trolls for support
        *Characters journey to Troll Woods/Chaos Woods
        *Characters climb Storm Walk Mountain
        *Characters visit northern Esrolia
   1613  Battle at Altar of Orlanth Victorious
         Starbrow's Rebellion
        *OLD WIND actively rebels/Characters sent to fight at altar
        *Characters journey into Snakepipe Hollow
   1614 *Adventures in Troll Lands
        *High Priest send Characters to Prax to search for Heir
        *Adventures in Prax (Prax/Pavis campaign combines w/ Sartar)
   ???? The Crimson Bat comes to Prax!  

   These events were played somewhat out of order and with different
players/characters.  There is also a *lot* of stuff ommited (small 
adventures/interestesting characters encountered/places of old magic).
At some point, the Sartar Campaign combines with the Pavis campaign
(Borderlands/Pavis/Big Rubble) and the Hero Wars begin.

About the Author:
   I work as a full time computer programmer at the world's 5th largest
IBM PC software developer.  I've been role-playing since the late 
1970's.  Among my favorite RPG games are RQ, Call of Cthulhu, Villains
& Vigilantes and Thieve's Guild.  I'm an avid SF/Fantasy reader, collect
comic books, play guitar, and will probably turn 30 in a few years.


From: (Eric Jablow)

Subject:  Spell Spirit Strengths

I remember a 'zine article from long ago, about the time that RQ3
was begun, that plans were first made to get away from the
"Variable Spell Limitation" rule in a very specific manner.
Originally, spells such as Bladesharp, Protection, and Shimmer
were limited to 4 points, while Healing, Glue, and Xenohealing
were limited to 6 points.  The suggestion I saw (perhaps in a
John Sapienza article in Alarums and Excursions, although I
forget) was that each cult would be limited in the size of the
spells it could teach.  Humakt might be able to teach Bladesharp
5, while Issaries might only be able to teach Bladesharp 3.  The
mechanism for spell earning has changed in RQ3, but it gives me
an idea.

A character can learn a Spirit Magic spell basically in one of
three ways: he can learn from a Shaman, he can learn from a
Priest, or he can find the Spell Spirit himself.  The major
questions are the following:

1.      How many points of magic will a Spell Spirit have?
2.      How POWerful will it be?
3.      What quantity and quality of Spell Spirits will the
        different sources have?

To give answers to these questions, we need to make some
assumptions.  First, let us assume that cults that have special
ties to a spell have access to more powerful spirits for that
spell than the norm.  When we compare a Humakti Bladesharp Spirit
to an ordinary Bladesharp Spirit, the Humakti spirit should
either provide a better spell for the same POW, or it should have
the same spell but lower POW, so that it can be Summoned more
easily.  These two statements are, of course, the same.  To
determine the POW of a Cult Spell Spirit, we should determine
whether the cult does have any special ties to the spell.  One
can check Runic or historical associations, or look at the price
tables from the cult descriptions in Cults of Prax and similar
supplements.  My suggestions are to use the following

POW             Cult Relationship

(1d4-1)/point   Cult is sole possessor of spell.
                        Food Song for Aldrya
                        Jumping for Kyger Litor

1D3/point       Cult is prime source for spell.
                        Bladesharp for Humakt
                        Healing for Chalana Arroy
                        Strong Net for Krarsht

1D4/point       Cult has major tie to spell.
                        Healing for Xiola Umbar
                        Glue for Issaries

(1D3+1)/point   Cult has simple possession of spell.
                        Bladesharp for Orlanth

1D6/point       Cult has difficult possession of spell.
                        Heat Metal for Kyger Litor

You may change these guidelines however you like.  They're just
suggestions.  To determine the strengths of Spell Spirits
summoned by Shamans or even by ordinary, independent characters,
use the suggestions from a Different Worlds article from a few
years ago.  Spirits are most easily summoned from certain rare
"Spirit Places".  Often the site of an ancient battle, these
places are where spirits collect.  The population reflects the
composition of the battle.  A Spirit Place connected with an
ancient Troll/Elf battle will have many elven spirits, including
those for Speedart and Multimissile, and it will have many troll
spirits, including those for Bludgeon, Darkwall, and Dullblade.
Determine the spirits' statistics based upon your idea of the
battle.  If many Rune-levels died, make the spirits more

Now, who has access to which spirits?

I will make a working assumption that Shamans and Priests do not
just Summon random spirits for spell teaching purposes.  After
all, they wouldn't want to Summon an overly powerful Spirit; it
would either be too dangerous or too frustrating to handle.  I
also doubt that one can summon a random "Bladesharp 4" Spirit.
One might be able to get a random "Bladesharp" Spirit, but I
can't imagine anything more specific.

Therefore, I must assume that Shamans and Priests usually Summon
spirits they know.  They occasionally Summon a random Spell
Spirit, and if it proves suitable, they Command/Control it to
divulge its True Name.  Eventually the summoner develops a catalog
of spirits he is familiar with.  Temples can store their
knowledge of spirits in the temple papers, or just pass this
knowledge verbally.

An additional consideration is that Spell Spirits cannot be used
constantly; they don't recover their spells for some time after
they are forced to divulge them.  I would guess that they can
only be used once a season.  Also, the effort (MP) required to
summon a spirit is proportional to its power; the best spirits
require a lot of preparation.  A poor Minor Temple might not be
able to Summon a POW 25 spirit without the use of Mindlink and
similar magics, and this they will rarely do.

I therefore suggest that part of the referee's writeup for each
temple or shaman should be a list of spell spirits it can summon.
Should this be impractical, just a list of the following type
would work:

Spell           Limit

Bladesharp      3       (occasionally 5)
Heal            2       (occasionally 4)

Major Temples should be able to teach more than Minor Temples,
and Great Temples more than Major Temples.  Experienced Shamans
should be able to teach more than novice shamans.  Independent
summoners get pot-luck.  Instead, one may postulate that Shrines
with Spellteaching rarely deal with Spirits of POW > 12, Minor
Temples rarely deal with Spirits of POW > 15, Major Temples
rarely deal with Spirits of POW > 18, and Great Temples rarely
deal with Spirits of POW > 21.  Any Spirit of excessive POW must
be summoned ad hoc, not by Name.


From: David Gadbois 

Subject: Delecti and the Upland Marsh Revisited

In volume 5 number 12 of the RuneQuest Digest I posted some questions
Ken McKinney and I had about Delecti the Necromancer.  I had sent these
questions off to Greg Stafford and got a reply today.  As usual, the
response generated more questions than it gave answers.  Here are some
of the salient points:

o Greg does not think Delecti is really a vampire.  The reputation of
him as such comes from his (its?) association with the Marsh, which is
well known as an undead hangout.  Delecti can, however, transfer his
spirit to new bodies as the old one rots away.

o Delecti does have the ability to create undead.  He can also stitch
pieces of creatures together and animate them.  By way of trivia, the
undead killer whale in the Marsh was created this way -- it has
tentacles from some other creature stuck on.

o Delecti was one of the leaders of (a faction of?) the Empire of the
Wyrms Friends.  This group was on their way to becoming demigods through
their draconic association.  Instead they broke the process for some
self-serving end and perverted their original intent.  (I supposed this
might have something to do with why the dragonkind became unhappy with
the Empire.)  Delecti managed to become a demigod anyway.

o Greg seemed to like the idea that Delecti can only animate and
maintain undead he has animated if he can see them directly or via a
chain of these creatures.  Ken and I had inferred this from the
mechanics of the Zombie Chain in the Dragon Pass game.  Thus is
Gloranthan history made.  Greg noted, though, that Delecti's attention
is limited, and so it may be possible for people to sneak around in the
Marsh without Delecti noticing.  (Actually, Delecti might not mind
people wandering around, since they are eventually a good source of
corpses to animate.)

o Delecti is one of the "in-betweeners" who occupy a strange place in
Gloranthan ecology.  He is neither alive nor dead.  Dragons cannot sense
such beings, which explains why he was not killed off by them at the end
of the Dragonkill War.  The True Golden Horde had it in for Delecti,
too, but I guess they never made it as far as the swamp.

o Oddly enough, ducks (and the Telmori) are also in-betweeners, though
in a different and less powerful way.  They are in between the Man and
Beast runes.  The affinity ducks have for Death rune cults is a
misinterpretation of their in-betweenness.  I guess animals have a
different connection with Life and Death than do humans.  It may have
something to do with the separation of Man and Beast described in the
Praxian mythology.

o The Marsh was indeed formed when the Earth recoiled in horror at
Delecti's deeds.  Only Water dared fill the gaps.  In this sense, the
whole Marsh is also an in-between place.  (I think Greg must have been
keen on oppositions of the Runes when he wrote his reply.)

o Duckpoint is "a painful combination of a duck's version of a gigantic
nest and a human town."

o There is a place called the Howling Tower near the eastern edge of the
Marsh that houses an imprisoned alchemist who "is either transforming
bone into bronze or coating skeletons with bronze."

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