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Subject:  The RQ Digest,  Volume 6,  Number 7


First Distribution: June 27, 1991

This issue:
	A Visitor's Guide to Glorantha          Mark Holsworth,  Peter Loft,
                                                and Michael O'Brien


From: Mark Holsworth,  Peter Loft, and Michael O'Brien

Subject: A Visitor's Guide to Glorantha

Note: This material was compiled pre-ELDER SECRETS.  If you can
stomach the awful artwork, ELDER SECRETS also contains extremely
useful source material about Glorantha.

Aldryami (elves and their kind), and all those who wish to be accepted
by the forest, worship this goddess.  Her husband Shanasse brought
forth the Adryami as a gift to her.  Aldraya is associated with the
sun and earth pantheons, and her cult weaves the fabric of daily
existence for the majority of elves.  *see Cults of Prax, pp.95-103

ARACHNE SOLARA All you need to know about the earth goddess is that
her name is frequently invoked by printing the words, "May Arachne
Solara Bless and Protect this Article".  *see Gods of Glorantha p.5 or
RQII p.2

ARKAT Known as 'Chaos Killer' or 'Destroyer', or even 'Kingtroll',
this mighty hero lead a 75-year-long crusade against Nysalor/Gbaji.
Arkat seems to have embodied the principle that the ends justifys the
means: in the process of destroying Gbaji, Arkat was quick to change
cults if it meant he would gain greater allies, and even became a
troll!  Arkat is still worshipped in Ralios today, but the cult is
split up into many rival sects.  *see Nysalor/Gbaji, Illuminates,
Dorastor, Cults of Terror pp.17-19

BAGOG Queen Mother of Scorpions.  Entered the world alongside the
Devil (what has this bit of Christian mythology got to do with
Glorantha?) and scuttled across the surface, eating those who opposed
her.  Eventually, she stopped to lay her eggs, and her offspring were
foul scorpion-like blasphemies of those she had consumed.  The cult is
generally only interested in benefiting the scorpion race, generally
to the detriment of all others.  *see Chaos, Scorpion Men, Cults of
Terror pp.34-38.

CHALANA ARROY During the Godswar, Chalana Arroy and her son Arroin
helped heal all they met, always remaining neutral.  When they found a
dead god, beyond her skill to heal, she abandoned her passive stance
in order to aid the cosmos.  She followed Fleshman and became a
Lightbringer.  Her cult teaches pacificism, and fights only death and
suffering.  *see Lightbringer, Cults of Prax pp.64-70.

CHAOS Chaos to most people are the bad guys.  Not the only bad guys,
but the central guys who want to take over Glorantha.  Greg Stafford
does not hold such a clear-cut view and comments that "perhaps
'chaotic' really means 'that which we do not understand'..." (Cults of
Terror, p.47).  There are creatures that are inimically chaotic -
scorpion men, gorps, walktapi etc.  Other creatures merely tend to be
chaotic, such as broos, werewolves and cave trolls.  However, chaos is
an insidious force and everything from men to inanimate objects can be
chaotic.  *see Bagog, Broos, Malia, Ragnaglar, Scorpion Men, etc.

CRIMSON BAT The Crimson Bat in the Dragon Pass boardgame is defeatable
only by armies in its RQII stats, which appear on p.77 of Cults of
Terror.  It is the steed of the Red Goddess and the only place it
won't be found is the Lunar Heartlands.  It can eat whole villages.
If you see it run away otherwise you are, as they say, batshit.  It is
worshipped by a cult of people who don't want to be batshit.
Naturally this beast is chaotic.  *see Chaos, Cults of Terror pp.72-77

DANFIVE XARON A male member of the Seven Mothers and an outlaw.  His
cult focuses on the punishment of crimes and runs the Lunar punishment
legions.  However, the Lunars being pragmatic people also use thieving
and spying skills of the cult.  *see Seven Mothers

DEEZOLA Another one of the Seven Mothers associated with the earth.
She has her own cult which is probably very much like Arachne Solara's
cult (whatever that's like).  *see Seven Mothers, Arachne Solara

DORASTOR Early in Gloranthan history (the Dawn Age) Dorastor was
settled by the Second Council due to its geographical position and the
magic ruins found there.  The god Nysalor/Gbaji was born there.
Dorastor was destroyed in the titanic war between Nysalor and the hero
Arkat Chaos-Killer.  From that time on it has become a chaos-infested
wasteland.  *see Nysalor/Gbaji, Cults of Terror 'The Reminiscences of
Paulis' p.22

DRAGONS RuneQuest has dragons, but they're not much like those of
folklore.  RQ dragons are near-godlike creatures, capable of devouring
whole armies.  However, the powerful minds of dragons are such that
they create "Dream Dragons", physical manefestations of the sleeping
dragon's subconscious thoughts.  As true dragons dream of blood and
gold, their dream dragons tend to seek these items out.  *see Dragon
Pass game, RQII p.77

DRAGONEWTS Dragonewts are reptilian creatures who live in fantastic
cities in Dargon Pass.  Completely alien in action and appearance,
dragonewts behave in ways totally incomprehensible (even meaningless)
to others.  Humans and others usually wisely leave them alone, and
even the Lunar Empire gave them a wide berth when they invaded Sartar.
Dragonewts are so ancient as to have their own rune, and are immortal.
If a dragonewt dies, its soul is reborn again.  Dragonewts progress
through several stages and are said to eventually evolve into dragons.
*see Dragons, RQII pp78-79, RQIII Book 5

DRAGON PASS Perhaps the most geographically strategic place in
Glorantha, Dragon Pass is the ancestral home of the dragonewts. Ducks,
trolls, beast men and humans (in the kingdoms of Tarsh and Sartar)
also live there.  Dragon Pass was conquered by the Lunars, but
rebellion smoulders in the Orlanthi tribes of Sartar.  One feels that
Chaosium has quite a bit of material on this area but has published
very little.  *see Dragonewts, Sartar, Ducks, Lunar Empire, Apple
Lane, Dragon Pass game

DUCKS Yes, there are short things that look like Donald Duck of Disney
fame in RuneQuest.  Why Stafford originally included ducks is unknown
(but see the debate on this subject in TALES OF THE REACHING MOON #1),
but ever since then he has been trying to suppress them by restricting
them geographically to an area in Dragon Pass known as Duckpoint.
Ducks are, however, a very popular wacky element in the otherwise
serious world of Glorantha and this has spread them far and wide.
*see Dragon Pass, Sartar

DWARVES Dwarves are the sentient tool created by the Octagomy of
Ancient Minerals who in turn had been created by the World Machine
Mostal.  Through the ages a number of heresies have divided the
dwarven world but dwarfkind has remained united in their attempts to
rebuild Mostal.  The vast majority of dwarves will be totally alien to
the average adventurer due to the mechanical society they are shaped
by; however there are renegade dwarves who are rejected by dwarven
society and live in the multispecies of dwarven society.  Dwarves use
sorcery.  *see Gods of Glorantha pp.57-59 & 'The Foreman's Words',
Gloranthan Bestiary (for creatures associated with dwarves).

ELVES Protectors of the woods, the elves are the greatest guerrilla
fighters in the world.  Nearly all are armed with magical bows and are
masters of woodcraft, making the forests deadly places for the
unwanted.  Throughout the ages bitter fighting with both the trolls
and the dwarves has weakened the race, but they are still powerful in
their forests.  Proper elf culture is so closely linked to plants that
it is incomprehensible to humans, much in the same way dwarf society
is.  Also like dwarves, "Renegade" and "rootless" elves exist.  Elves
are, by the way, vegetables and have wooden bones.  *see Aldrya

ETYRIES Lunar goddess of trade.  What Issaries is to Prax and Dragon
Pass, Etyries is to the Lunars.  *see Issaries, Seven Mothers

FRONELA A land to the far west of the Dragon Pass, comprised of
numerous city states.  The people there practise sorcerous magic.
*see Glorantha

GIMPY'S A famous tavern in New Pavis, run by three one-legged
ex-adventurers.  Gimpy's is a favoured hangout for adventurers,
mercenaries and treasure-seekers, and the starting point for many an
adventure.  *see Pavis, Pavis, RQII p.22

GLORANTHA The world where RQ and the Dragon Pass boardgames are set.
Greg Stafford has written volumes on it but only a tiny percentage has
been published.  Greg started work on it in 1966.  Glorantha has two
major continents called Genertela and Pamaltela.  Most of the
published information is on central Genertela where Prax, Dragon Pass,
Sartar, Pent, Ralios, Dorastor and the Lunar Empire can be found.
Although very little is known about Pamatela, the recent supplement
"Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars" provides a wealth of
information about the northern continent.  *see Everything else, RQIII
Book 5 'Glorantha Book', WoG Genertela: Crucible of the Hero Wars

HOLY COUNTRY This land of six provinces lies around a broad, shallow
bay to the south of Dragon Pass.  The land's magical ruler, the
Pharaoh, was recently dismembered by the Red Goddess; since then, the
Holy Country has been in anarchy and the Lunars have annexed
Heortland, one of the provinces.  Esrolia, another province, is one of
the most densely populated regions in Glorantha.  *see RuneQuest
Companion pp.16-25

HUMAKT Humakt is the god of war and death.  When death was misused by
Orlanth, Humakt (Orlanth's brother) disassociated himself from the
storm gods to retain his personal honour.  Those who follow this god
will normally put their honour before life.  Humakti look upon being
raised from the dead as an insult to their god.  *see Orlanth, Cults
of Prax pp.33-38

ILLUMINATES Illuminates are followers of Nysalor/Gbaji, who was slain
by Arkat after an epic struggle (the ultimate irony was that Arkat
himself was an illuminate).  Illuminates have reached a state of
consciousness that tells them that a limited use of chaos to make
oneself stronger is justified. Illuminates are also called riddlers,
for they can spread their "liberating" message through riddles.
Nysalor Riddles are bizarre questions about facets of everyday life,
with unusual answers capable of shocking a person to some very
unusual realizations about the world in which they live.  If you
listen to enough of these riddles, you might become illuminated
yourself.  Whilst the Lunars embrace illumination openly, to most
others illumination equals chaos.  *see Arkat, Nysalor/Gbaji.

INVISIBLE GOD This deity is the abstract ideal of sorcery
practitioners, yet he is never depicted nor does he offer tangible aid
or proof of his existence in the way other gods do.  Thus, a sorceror
cannot cast divination, nor can he call for divine intervention.
Worship of the Invisible God is typically called Malkionism, after a
great prophet in a bygone age.  *see Ralios, Seshnela, Fronela

IRRIPPI ONTOR A male member of the Seven Mothers, an ex-priest of
Lhankor Mhy.  He is the head of the Lunar knowledge cult and since the
Lunars are like the Romans (who pinched all the Greek gods and changed
their names), this cult is probably very much like Lhankor Mhy.  No
one knows for sure because so little has been published about on Lunar
religions.  *see Lhankor Mhy, Seven Mothers

ISSARIES A Lightbringer who is the father of trade and communications.
His sons and daughter (Etyries) have carried this cult throughout the
world as each specialize in a certain form of trade.  The cult
language is Tradetalk, probably the most widely-used language in
Glorantha.  *see Etyries, Lightbringers, 'Travels of Biturian Varosh'
in Cults of Prax

JACK-O-BEARS The chaos race of Jack-o-Bears has two outstanding
features: their heads look like pumpkins and they can harmonize their
opponents, leaving them helpless.  *see Chaos

JAKALEEL One of the Seven Mothers, a witch and an ex-priestess of
Zorak Zoran.  This has led people guess her cult is very much like
Zorak Zoran.  *see Seven Mothers, Zorak Zoran

KRALORELA The far eastern part of Genertela, this land is inhabited by
the Kralori race of humans, who (like the ancient Chinese that they
were based on) have yellow skin and slanty eyes.  *see Glorantha

KYGER LITOR The Mother of the trolls, who led her people up to the
surface world after the death of Yelm.  Kyger Litors closest
descendants are the mistress race trolls, highly magical beings who
reportedly live forever.  Unfortunately for trollkind, they are
exceptionally rare.  Most trolls are either dark trolls or trollkin;
and nearly all are worshippers of Kyger Litor.  *see Trolls, Trollkin,
TrollPak, Troll Realms, Cults of Prax pp.84-89

LHANKOR MHY *A knowledge god who took part in the Lightbringer quest.
It is said that all knowledge in the world is held in his temples but
unfortunately, due to poor cataloging systems, little of this
knowledge is accessible.  Followers of Lhankor Mhy - sages - are
identifiable by their beards which all must wear (even the women!).
see Lightbringers, Cults of Prax pp.71-76

LIGHTBRINGERS The Lightbringers are Orlanth, Chalana Arroy, Lhankor
Mhy, Issaries, Eurmal (Trickster), Flesh Man and Ginna Jar.  The Quest
of the Lightbringers took them to Hell where they rescued Yelm, the
Sun God, who had been slain by Orlanth.  By rescuing Yelm the
Lightbringers brought back light to Glorantha.  *see Chalana Arroy,
Orlanth, Issaries, Cults of Prax p.57

LUNAR EMPIRE A vast empire controlling Peloria, Dragon Pass and Prax.
The Lunars have hegemonic intentions and pragmatic methods.  Its
population is largely human and its major and offiical religion is the
Lunar pantheon.  Its policy towards chaos is ambivalent and pragmatic:
it is used when necessary, yet the Lunars also persecute it.  The
Lunar Empire's army is very similar to that of the early imperial
Romans, but its bureaucracy would rival that of a modern country.
*see Seven Mothers, Peloria, Chaos

MALIA Mistress of Disease, Concubine of Ragnaglar.  She is corruption
of the power of Humakt.  Her goals are to increase the forms and types
of disease in the world, while harming the lawful gods that oppose
her.  Broos have been given immunity to disease in return for their
aid in spreading it. Many creatures of chaos worship Malia to avoid
her embrace and to gain the powers she offers.  Non-chaotic creatures
may also worship her, the majority doing so out of fear.  *see Chaos,
Ragnaglar, Cults of Terror pp.26-33

NYSALOR/GBAJI Nysalor was created in an attempt to build the perfect
god, and destroyed by those who thought that such a being was
blasphemy.  The god's followers called him Nysalor, 'the Bright One',
but his enemies named him 'Gbaji', meaning 'the Deceiver'.  Leader of
these opponants was Arkat the Destroyer, who waged an incredible war
against Nysalor/Gbaji that laid waste the land of Dorastor.  In the
end Nysalor/Gbaji was destroyed, but devotees of his exist today known
as 'Illuminates'.  *see Arkat, Illuminates, Dorastor, Trollkin, Cults
of Terror pp.86-89

ORLANTH King of the air gods and leader of the lightbringers.  In his
youth he contested mightily with Yelm to prove his worth and
eventually slew him, causing the Lesser Darkness.  Accepting his
responsibilities he led the epic quest to bring Yelm back into the
world.  His barbarian followers range from farmers to adventurers to
kings and all love bad poetry.  Orlanth and the Red Goddess feud over
the "middle air", the region between the earth and the heavens.  *see
Lightbringers, Sartar, Dragon Pass, Cults of Prax pp.77-83, RQII

PAVIS There are a number of things called Pavis in Glorantha.  There
is the Praxian hero who founded a city and became a god.  There is the
city he founded and which was then destroyed (also known as 'Pavis
Rubble').  There is the city which grew up at the base of the great
walls of the old city, New Pavis, and there is the Pavis city cult.
New Pavis, the trade centre of Prax, has only recently been conquered
by the Lunars.  It is the staging post for many adventures beyond the
walls in the vast ruins of old Pavis.  Orlanthi are illegal under
Lunar law in Pavis.  *see Prax, Cults of Prax pp.47-50, Pavis, The Big

PELORIA Also known as the Lunar Heartlands, it is political center of
the Lunar Empire.  In the center of Peloria is the crater which was
formed when the moon broke away from the arth when the Red Goddess was
created.  *see Glorantha, Lunar Empire

PENT Northwest of the Lunar Empire is a flat cold land populated by
horse-riding nomads who occasionally get their act together and invade
the Lunar Empire.  Currently they are divided into numerous tribes
fighting minor wars.  *see Pent Pack, sooner or later to be published
by Avalon Hill

PRAX West of Dragon Pass and southwest of the Lunar Empire is a flat,
hot desert populated by nomads riding strange animals (such as bison,
rhinos and sables).  Prax was recently conquered by the Lunars, and
the tribes there are currently fighting minor wars about who sided
with them.  *see Prax Pack to be published even sooner by Chaosium

RAGNAGLAR Father of broos and one of the two instigators of Chaos.  A
prime baddy in all respects.  *see Bagog, Malia, Chaos

RALIOS The Malkioni knights and wizards (practitioners of sorcerous
magic) are the dominant force in the lowlands of Ralios.  Warring
kingdoms have continually risen and fallen within the land.  The
highlands have large populations of trolls and spirit-worshipping
primitives.  Ralios is east of Dragon Pass and south-east of the Lunar
Heartlands.  *see Glorantha, Invisible God

RED EMPEROR The Red Emperor is the ever-reincarnating son of the Red
Goddess and ruler of the Lunar Empire.  *see Lunar Empire, Red Goddess

RED GODDESS After her creation by the Seven Mothers, the Red Goddess
embarked on a quest to prove her divinity.  Once doing so, she
ascended to heaven, taking with her a great hunk of earth which became
the Red Moon.  There she sits today, surveying her mighty empire.  The
Red Moon goes through a cycle of weekly phases.  Lunar magic is
inextricably tied to these phases, thus when the moon is full it is at
its most powerful; yet on nights of the black moon Lunar magic is very
weak.  *see Lunar Empire, Peloria, Red Emperor, Seven Mothers.

SARTAR South of the Lunar Heartlands, Sartar was the first major
kingdom to be conquered by the Lunars.  Sartar is a mountainous,
wooded country that is populated by Orlanthi, with Ducks at Duckpoint
and a wide variety of other creatures.  *see Lunar Empire, Dragon
Pass, Glorantha, Apple Lane

SCORPION MEN A chaotic race, glorifying in sporting chaotic features
and devouring their enemies.  Scorpion Men are the children of Bagog
and are physically strong, yet easily defeated magically.  While
primarily worshippers of Bagog, they often worship other chaos gods.
Scorpion Men and broos are often found aiding each other due to the
persecution of both races.  *see Bagog, Broos

SESHNELA A large, Malkioni kingdom to the south-west of Dragon Pass.
Arkat was born here among the Brithini, a race of immortal, insular
humans.  *see Glorantha, Arkat, Invisible God

SEVEN MOTHERS The seven founding members of the Lunar religion, who
together created the Red Goddess.  They later became gods in their own
right.  They are Jalakeel, Teelo Norri, Deezola, Yanafarl Ta'arnils,
Irrippi Ontor, Danfive Xaron, and an enigmatic deity called "She Who
Waits".  *see Jalakeel, Teelo Norri, Deezola, Yanafarl Ta'arnils,
Irrippi Ontor, Danfive Xaron, Cults of Prax pp.37-46

STORM BULL Berserker God of the Prax nomads.  "Socially, they are
unacceptable.  They characteristically act with total disregard for
any tribal taboo or manners... normal people consider all worshippers
of this cult to be mindless brutes, barely human, certainly deranged
and absolutely dangerous" (Cults of Prax, pp.18-22).  Storm Bull and
his followers hate chaos with a passion and to these brutes some chaos
equals all chaos.  *see Cults of Prax pp.18-22, Hunter S. Thompson
Hell's Angels

SUN COUNTY An enclave of farmers in Prax, ruled by a religious
autocracy.  The people of Sun County worship Yelmalio at the Sun Dome
temple, and shun outsiders.  They are so insular, even their wagon
ruts are wider than those outside, necessitating a change of axles
when travelling through the area.  *see Yelmalio, Sun County to be
published very, very soon by Avalon Hill.

TEELO NORRI One of the Seven Mothers, Teelo Norri was a young waif
taken off the streets to participate in the ritual which created the
Red Goddess.  She is the Lunar goddess of youth and her cult is
similar in many ways to Chalana Arroy.  *see Seven Mothers

TESHNOS A sun-worshipping theocratic kingdom located to the south-east
of Dragon Pass.  The people there are of Kralori stock.  *see
Glorantha, Kralorela

THANATAR The cult of Thanatar, the Severed God, glorifies decapitation
and mind-stealing of intelligent beings to gain to access their
victim's abilities.  Of all the chaos cults the temples of Thanatar
are the best defended: labyrinthine underground complexes, often linked
to other chaotic communities and filled with skeletons, zombies and
the insane ghosts of the beheaded.  The cultists are protected from
the ghosts by special talismans or skin blemishes, shaped liked a
horned skull.  The temple is lit only with Darklight, a perversion of
the normal Light spell, which can only be seen by the cultists.
Lhankor Mhy is the lawful nemesis of Thanatar.  *see Chaos, Cults of
Terror pp.56-71

THED Wife of Ragnaglar, Goddess of Rape, Source of the Broos and
mother of the Devil.  During the Godtime Kyger Litor defeated and
skinned Thed, wounding her terribly.  Leadership of the cult is
decided by brute force and it is not unknown for temples to decimate
themselves in factional fights.  *see Chaos, Cults of Terror pp.40-47

TROLLS Living a heavenly existence in Hell, trolls were forced to the
surface world by the death of Yelm.  Great foes of chaos, they also
fought most other races they found there during the Greater Darkness
and Dawning.  While they should not be thought of as the enemies of
man, don't be surprised to see adventurers die under the blows of
maul-wielding trolls.  Trolls are able to eat almost anything from
rocks to elves, and can drink anyone under the table.  When dealing
with trolls always remember that beneath their brutish exterior there
lies a mind as intelligent (or more intelligent) than your own.  *see
Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran, Trollkin, TrollPak, Troll Realms, Troll
Gods, Yelm.

TROLLKIN Trolls were cursed with trollkin at the end of the Dawn Age
by Nysalor/Gbaji.  This catastrophe eroded much of their power.
Trollkin are the most numerous of the troll races and the larger
trolls use them for food, as the ball in the Trollball game, and in
numerous other menial roles.  *see Trolls, Kyger Litor, TrollPak,
Troll Realms

VIVAMORT The god of vampires ('viva' = Latin 'life'; 'mort' = 'death'.
Get it?).  Vivamort was a darkness spirit charged with keeping guard
over the secret of death.  Being curious about the secret he betrayed
this trust and death was unleashed.  Vivamort appeals to the few who
wish to maintain themselves forever.  Rune level members of this cult
are vampires.  *see Cults of Terror pp.48-56

WALKTAPUS These regenerating, tentacled, poison-gas-breathing
creatures of chaos, found throughout Glorantha in wilderness areas
that are not excessively dry.  Walktapi are almost unbeatable in
hand-to-tentacle combat, and to make matters worse they reproduce
rapidly.  *see Chaos

YANAFIL TARNILS Another male member of the Seven Mothers and an
ex-Humakti who defected to the Lunar cause and later actually managed
to defeat Humakt in battle. He is one of the wargods of the Lunar
pantheon and is mostly worshipped by Lunar legioneers.  *see Humakt,
Seven Mothers

YELM Yelm is the Sun god.  Every day he passes through the sky, but
must spend an equal period in the underworld.  Yelm was slain by
Orlanth, but rescued from Hell by the Lightbringers.  His son is
Yelmalio.  *see Lightbringers

ZORAK ZORAN Titled Lord Demon of the Legions of Death, Zorak Zoran is
the most brutish, savage, revengeful and hatefilled non-chaos cult in
Glorantha.  Primarily a troll deity, Zorak Zoran is worshipped by
anyone who would bring total devastation to their enemies.  Respected
by many for the cult's role in defending the world against chaos, it
is still hated or feared by all non-troll peoples.  *see Trolls, Kyger
Litor, Cults of Prax pp.90-94, TrollPak, Troll Realms

For a detailed look at many of the lands and regions described above,
get a hold of WoG Genertela (reviewed in TALES OF THE REACHING MOON #1
and THE RQ DIGEST Vol.2 No. 11).

POSTSCRIPT: When Greg Stafford saw this article, this was his
response. I quote from his letter, which I have permission to

"Finally, some points I wish to address from your article (which was

*Arachne Solara is not just an "earth goddess", but more like a
"cosmos goddess".  Her reality is so immense that most creatures are
simply incapable of understanding her.

* The Devil.  The "Christian" mythology was the first on Earth to
address the question of Evil, as a moral thing (what about
Zoroastrianism? MOB) Since its introduction into Consciousness it has
been too prevalent to igonore.  Devil is there to personify evil, as
differentiated from Bad.

*Ducks are the comic relief of Glorantha.  Their introduction into
Glorantha was an amusing accident, a not-unusual method of realization
in my world.

*Lunar religion.  Yes, the Lunar cults are to the Lightbringers as
Roman myth is to Greek.  That is, mostly similar but with some
(usually minor) differences.

*Sartar was by no means the first major kingdom conquered by the
Lunars.  Dara Happa is the first, Carmania next, and the other
provinces as preceded Sartar's conquest.  As the history in Glorantha:
Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars shows, Heortland is the latest.

*"quite a bit of material".  Yes, indeed!  I intend to work on the
Dragon Pass campaign as my next Gloranthan supplement.  Knowing the
way I work on this stuff, it may end up as the Sartar Pack.

*Hell's Angels.  Nice comparison.  One I often use myself.

*Yanafil Tarnils defeated Humakt by being resurrected, much to the
disgust and shock of the Humakti.

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