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Subject:  Yet Another Silly Title,  Volume 6,  Number 9


First Distribution:  July 6, 1991

This issue:
	Escape from Quackford				John H. Castellucci


A RuneQuest II Scenario
(C) 1991  John H. Castellucci (


   This scenario is set in the Gloranthan Kindom of Sartar sometime after the
Lunar Invasion and sack of Boldhome, but before the Crimson Bat arrives in
Prax.  It is designed for experienced Initiate characters accompanied by one
or two low level Rune Level characters.  This adventure is set up to allow
characters from several different temples to team up together for a mission
that is another small blow against the Lunar conquest of Sartar. The referee
is assumed to have access to the Apple Lane Scenario Pack as it provides the
setting as well as essential background for a great deal of this adventure. 

   The Judges Guild scenarios Duck Pond and Legendary Duck Tower can also be
worked in as part of an existing campaign revolving around this portion of
Sartar and continuing the vein of Duck adventures.  As ever, FOES is also
very useful for modifying and adding encounters on the fly.

   Referees should feel free to modify the encounters to suit their own
campaigns.  I used this as an early part of my Sartar Campaign.  The referee
should give life to the personalities herein to fit their campaigns.  I had
Flatulus as a fat slob who could change his mind on a whim, Ugla Khan is
frustrated at everything, Gar is cunning and crafty - he'd sell his own
mother for a sack of bolgs, and Bolgor is the school bully type who'd steal
your lunch money!


   I.  The Mission
  II.  Bear Hunt at the Dew Drop Inn
 III.  Apple Lane, Flatulus Maximus the tax collector and Quackjohn
  IV.  Broos at Black Altar.
   V.  Dinosaurs at the Creek
  VI.  Refugees at Quackford
 VII.  Tuskers  Eat Ducks, Don't They?
VIII.  Delecti Detour
  IX.  Lunch at Larnaste's Table
   X.  Return to Apple Lane


   Word has reached your temple of a small band of Ducks that have holed up 
at the abandoned village of Quackford on the Creek in central Sartar.  Fear 
abounds that the Lunars will hear of them and try to carry out the death 
sentence that has been pronounced on all Ducks in Dragon Pass by Lunar 
Governor General Fazzur Wideread.  A band of adventurers is being formed by a 
coalition of temples to escort the Ducks from Quackford to Apple Lane, 
thereby thwarting the Empire in its attempt to tighten its grip on the hill 
people.  From Apple Lane the Ducks will be smuggled into Holy Country.  The 
characters are to proceed to Apple Lane at once and meet up with the Orlanthi 
Duck warrior Quackjohn, who will be their guide over the Elder Hills to 
Quackford.  From Quackford the party is to return to Apple Lane with the 
refugee Ducks, which will complete their part of the adventure. 
   There is no set time table, but some haste is necessary as the Lunar 
government could get wind of the Ducks at any time.    In reward for their 
efforts, the characters will be granted free training at any temple that is 
involved with this mission.  It is up to the Referee to decide how much 
training is appropriate for the characters as well as any other bonus that 
their temples will bestow upon them.  The characters will also gain a more 
favorable reaction from Ducks that they encounter in the future (treat 
as +2 Charisma) as the word of their deeds spread.


   The Dew Drop Inn (located 25 kilometers east of Apple Lane along the trade 
road) is the start-off point for this adventure.  This is where all the 
characters will gather and plan out their tactics.  Role playing and 
character interaction is encouraged.
   On the day of their departure the keeper of the inn, Volmar Featherbed,
will burst into the common room and hurriedly ask the characters to come 
outside.  Once in the street they will see a crowd of people gathered around 
a young villager who is trying to calm an ox which has been horribly mauled.  
She pleads with the party to heal it.  After a quick examination, a village 
elder will declare this to be the work of a feared chaos horror, a 
Jack-O-Bear!  Volmar will then frantically offer the party a week's worth of 
food if they will track down this creature and slay it.  This is a good 
opportunity for the party to see how well they work together.  The two 
Jack-O-Bears have come down from the hills in search of food.  They have yet 
to settle in a lair.  They will be encountered in a dry creekbed in a small 
sheltered valley.  They are are a mated pair, and will not abandon each 
other.  Their favorite tactic is to have the female harmonize a victim while 
the male rips it to shreds!

 JACK-O-BEARS (female/male)                 R Leg (01-04) 3/5 3/6    
 HP: 13, 15                                 L Leg (05-08) 3/5 3/6    
 Move: 10                                   Abdom (09-11) 3/6 3/7    
 Pow: 12, 11                                Chest (12)    3/6 3/7    
 Def:   0%                                  R Arm (13-15) 3/4 3/5    
 Claw x 2 (d6+d6) 55% SR 8                  L Arm (16-18) 3/4 3/5    
 CHAOTIC FEATURE: Harmonize SR 3            Head  (19-20) 0/5 3/6    
 Treasure:  None                                                     

   Things are rather subdued in Apple Lane at the moment due to the presence 
of Flatulus Maximus, a Lunar tax collector.  He and his three guards are 
shaking down the local populace.  He is a classic example of the abuse of 
power.  Because of his presence, Quackjohn is in hiding in the cellars of 
Gringle's Pawn Shop.  If Flatulus finds him, he will order his soldiers to 
execute him on the spot.  Flatulus is a balding, pot bellied son of a minor 
noble who thinks he's more important than he really is.  He is accompanied by 
three Peltasts, who are experienced enough to handle themselves in a fight if 
one arises.  The Lunars are planning on staying in town for at least another 
week.  Flatulus has gotten wind of something, and is determined to find out 
what going on in this little hamlet.  The characters have three main options 
after entering the hamlet due to the pressing needs of their mission.

   1:  Murder the Lunars.  Flatulus is not that important, but a squad of 
Lunars will be sent out to investigate his disappearance if he doesn't report 
in at the end of the month.  The investigators will track him down to Apple 
Lane and there is a good chance that they will find out what happened and 
cause the players to become labeled enemies of the Empire, with all the 
troubles of that status!

   2:  Run Flatulus out of town.  The Lunars are smart enough to turn
tail and run if greatly outnumbered.  Flatulus will return in three weeks 
with a force from Furthest strong enough to capture the party, but if the 
players have left the Apple Lane area they will not be pursued or labeled 
outlaws.  The Lunars will then return to the north. 

   3:  Sneak Quackjohn out of town:  The players should,  through discreet
hints and clues,  be able to make contact with their guide and devise 
a plan to sneak him out of town.  

   In any case, the players should interact with Flatulus and some of the 
more notable residents of Apple Lane.  If the Lunars are out of the picture, 
the Gringle's Pawn Shop adventure can be run with the characters at this

 FLATULUS MAXIMUS                           R Leg (01-04) 1/3           
 HP:   9                                    L Leg (05-08) 1/3           
 Move: 10                                   Abdom (09-11) 1/3           
 POW:  13                                   Chest (12)    1/4           
 Def:   0%                                  R Arm (13-15) 0/2           
 Dagger (1d4) SR 10 30% (8AP)               L Arm (16-18) 0/2           
              Parry 15%                     Head  (19-20) 0/4           
 Spells: Detect Gems(2), Detect Silver, Invisibility(3),                
         Healing(2),  Disruption                                        
 Treasure:  2100L, Silver Belt Buckle(40L), Fancy Boots(30L) sz 11      

 NIOESTES, THEIUS & CATON - Lunar Peltasts  R Leg (01-04) 2/6 2/3 2/4   
 HP:   15, 10, 12                           L Leg (05-08) 2/6 2/3 2/4   
 Move:  8                                   Abdom (09-11) 3/6 3/3 3/4   
 POW:  11, 15, 11                           Chest (12)    3/7 3/4 3/5   
 Def:   0%, 15%, 0%                         R Arm (13-15) 3/5 2/2 2/3   
 1H Shortsd (d6+1) SR 7 35% 40% 40%  (20AP) L Arm (16-18) 3/5 2/2 2/3   
                  Parry 15% 30% 20%         Head  (19-20) 4/5 4/4 4/4   
 Self Bow (d6+1) SR 2/9 40% 20% 35%  (6AP)                              
 Small Shield Parry     50% 45% 70%  (6AP)                              
 Spells: NIOESTES - Healing(3), Mobility, Bladesharp(4)                 
         THEIUS - Countermagic(3), Bladesharp(4), Spirit Shield(3),      
                  Spirit Detection                                      
         CATON - Demoralize, Repair(2), Bladesharp(4)                  
 Treasure:  41L, 16CL                                                   


   Due to the trouble with Whiteye, the notorius Troll bandit, Quackjohn has 
chosen to take the trail to to east of Apple Lane and avoid the feared 
Rainbow Mounds.  The trail turns north at Redbird Fort and proceeds north 
through the Elder Hills and past Black Altar.  Unfortunately for the 
travellers, there are some dark deeds happening at that hellish locale.  

   The Broo gang leader Ugla Khan is meeting with the Ogre trader Gar Slough 
at the altar to discuss the trading of a Power Crystal for the granting of a 
Chaos Feature.  Ugla's one weak spot is his lack of a powerful chaos ability, 
and this is a source of ridicule of him from the Broo community.  The two 
will be alone at the altar clearing and haggling somewhat over the deal when 
encountered.  Ugla will warn the adventures that he is the leader of a 
powerful gang of Broos that are just outside the clearing (they are!).  He 
will demand 10L tribute per party member not to call them to battle.  Gar 
remains quiet and unobtrusive (remember - he looks human!) and claims to be a 
poor Issaries trader being robbed by this horrible creature.  If attacked, it 
will take the Broo gang two rounds to come to the aid of their leader.  Gar 
will try to flee from the battle.  He should be allowed to escape because he 
will reappear in a later encounter.  The Broos are not the best tacticians, 
and rely mainly on the brute force of Broozilla to win battles.  One or two 
of the Broos should escape and join Gar's band at the end of the adventure.

 GAR SLOUGH - Tough Ogre Trader             R Leg (01-04) 2/6          
 HP:   17                                   L Leg (05-08) 2/6          
 Move:  8                                   Abdom (09-11) 2/6          
 POW:  16                                   Chest (12)    2/7          
 Def:  10%                                  R Arm (13-15) 3/5          
 Fist (d6+d4) SR 8 90%                      L Arm (16-18) 3/5          
 Sling (d8)   SR 2 30%                      Head  (19-20) 4/6          
 1h Broadsword (d8+d6+1) SR 6 75% Parry 60% (20AP)                     
 Med Shield Parry 60% (12AP)                                           
 Disguise 70%, Pick Pockets 80%                                        
 Spells: Glamour(2), Ironhand(4), Disruption, Detect Life, Mobility    
 Rune: Grant Chaos Feature (2 uses),                                   
 Chaos Feature:  Undetectable by means of magic                        
 Treasure:  5Wheels, 240L, 70Clacks, Gold Earring(15L),                
            5 Silver Rings(3L each), Fur Cape(20L), Gold Tooth (5L),   
            Scroll (+10 to Disguise - in Sartar),                      
            Letter that will get 500L blackmail from businessman in    

 UGLA KHAN - Broo Leader                    R Leg (01-04) 3/6              
 HP:   16                                   L Leg (05-08) 3/6              
 Move:  9                                   Abdom (09-11) 3/6              
 POW:  17                                   Chest (12)    3/7              
 Def:  10%                                  R Arm (13-15) 3/5              
 Butt (d6+d2) SR 8 55%                      L Arm (16-18) 3/5              
 Sling (d8)   SR 2 30%                      Head  (19-20) 3/6              
 Heavy Mace (d8+d2+2) SR 7 45% Parry 50% (20AP)                            
 Large Shield Parry 45% (16AP)                                             
 Set Trap 55%                                                              
 Spells: Spirit Shield(2), Bludgeon(1), Spirit Binding, Farsee,            
         Counter Magic(3), Harmonize(2), Healing(1)                        
 Bound Spirit in Mace:  Pow 8, knows Disruption                            
 Treasure: Power Crystal (Holds 4 Pow), 51L                                

 FOOB, GOO-AGH, SPLITEYE & NOSTRIL - Broos  R Leg (01-04) 0/6  2/5 2/7 0/5 
 HP:   16, 14, 18, 14                       L Leg (05-08) 0/6  2/5 2/7 0/5 
 Move:  9                                   Abdom (09-11) 0/6  0/5 2/7 3/5 
 POW:  11, 12, 10, 11                       Chest (12)    1/7  0/6 2/8 3/6 
 Def:   0%, 0%, 5%, 0%                      R Arm (13-15) 6/20 0/4 0/6 3/4 
 Butt (d6+d2) SR 9 35% 40% 45% 70%          L Arm (16-18) 0/5  0/4 0/6 3/4 
 Rocks (d4)   SR 3 20% 25% 40% 60%          Head  (19-20) 0/6  1/5 2/7 4/5 
 FOOB:  Claw (1d8) SR 9 60% Parry 20% (20AP)                               
        Right hand is giant crab claw                                      
        Carries the Shakes                                                 
 GOO-AGH:  Club (1d6) SR 7 45% Parry 40% (8AP)                             
 SPLITEYE: Small Shield Parry 40% (6AP), Detect Detection,                 
           Capable of Leaping 10m                                          
 NOSTRIL: 1h Short Spear (d6+d4+1) SR 5 45% Parry 45% (15AP)               
          Reflects 1 and 2 point spells back at caster                     
 Treasure: 88Clacks                                                        

 BROOZILLA - Broo/Chaos Horror              R Leg (01-04) 10/9             
 HP:   25                                   L Leg (05-08) 10/9             
 Move:  12                                  Abdom (09-11) 10/9             
 POW:  14                                   Chest (12)    10/10            
 Def:  -10%                                 R Arm (13-15) 10/8             
 Butt (d6+2d6) SR 8 35%                     L Arm (16-18) 10/8             
 Rocks (d8)   SR 4 35%                      Head  (19-20) 10/9             
 Fist (d4+d6) SR 7 55%                                                     
 Chaos Features:  Siz x 2 (28)                                             
                  Breathes Fire d6 times a day 3d10 at one target 3m range 
                  Looks very dangerous                                     
                  10 pt skin                                               
 Treasure:  None                                                           


   As the party comes down out of the Elder Hills and into the valley
of the Creek, they then turn east and proceed down the bank toward Quackford.  
Along the way they come across a couple of hostile dinosaurs just to ruin 
their day.  Remember that dinosaurs are not really dinosaurs, but Dragonewts 
who have mutated away from the Dragon Path (see White Bear Red Moon).  There 
is a possibility of encurring the emnity of local Dragonewts by being 
unnecessarily cruel or sacrilegious.  They different types should not be 
encountered at the same time and the referee should adjust the number of 
encounters and creatures to suit the party.  Single examples of each type are 
given.  Any others encountered are assumed to have the same stats.  The 
referee can also save one of the encounters for the trip back from Quackford, 
when the party has to protect the refugee Ducks.

 DEINONYCHUS - 2d4                          Tail   (01-02) 3/4          
 HP:   14                                   RH Leg (03-06) 3/5          
 Move: 12                                   LH Leg (07-10) 3/5          
 POW:  7                                    Abdom  (11-12) 3/6          
 Def:  5%                                   Chest  (13-14) 3/6          
 Bite (1d8+1d6) SR 6 35%                    R Claw (15-16) 3/4          
 Freclaw (1d6 - grabs victim) SR 6 70%      L Claw (17-18) 3/4          
 Hind Claw (2d6 - may slash) SR 6 80%       Head   (19-20) 3/5          
 Jump 75%, Spot Hidden 50%                                              
 Treasure: None                                                         

 TRICERATOPS - solitary                     Tail   (01-04) 14/12        
 HP:   45                                   RH Leg (05-08) 14/15        
 Move: 10                                   LH Leg (09-11) 14/15        
 POW:  11                                   Hind Q (07-08) 14/18        
 Def:  0%                                   Fore Q (09-10) 14/18        
 Ram (2d10+7d6) SR 7 60%                    RF Leg (11-12) 14/15        
 Trample (14d6) SR 8 80%                    LR Leg (13-14) 14/15        
 Listen 50%                                 Head   (15-20) 28/18        
 Roll 10+d10 for hit location unless attack by surprise or opponent     
      is Siz 30+                                                        
 Treasure: None                                                         

 ANKYLOSAURYS - solitary                    Tail   (01-03) 20/10        
 HP:   28                                   RH Leg (04-05) 16/10        
 Move: 6                                    LH Leg (06-07) 16/10        
 POW:  10                                   Hind Q (08-11) 20/12        
 Def:  0%                                   Fore Q (12-15) 20/12        
 Tail Club (1d10+4d6) SR 7 60%              RF Leg (16)    16/10        
 Trample (8d6) SR 7 60%                     LR Leg (17)    16/10        
 Treasure: None                             Head   (18-19) 16/10        


   Quackford itself is a shambles.  Sometime in the recent past, a Lunar force 
sacked the village and the damage has never been repaired.  About a quarter of 
the dwellings are burnt,  half knocked to the ground, and the rest severely 
damaged.  This damage was the result of the anger of the Lunar commander at 
finding the village abandoned at his arrival, the Ducks having fled the night 
before.  The refugees are currently hiding in a muddy cave on the banks of 
the Creek. 

   All of the ducks are hungry, dirty, and in poor health.  There are 14 of 
them.  Their only desire is to flee this place and find a place to live in 
peace away from the Lunar Empire.  They will not be of much use in a fight 
because of their poor health and lack of battle training.  Their leader is 
Quackbeard, an older Duck who has kept them alive for the last few months in 
the Upland Marsh.  There are 2 other male ducks, 4 female ducks, and 7 
Ducklings.  It will take them about an hour to pack up the meager items that 
they have scavenged from Quackford and be ready to travel.

 Average Duck - non-combatant               R Leg  (01-05) 0/3     
 HP:   7                                    L Leg  (06-07) 0/3     
 Move: 5                                    Abdom  (08-11) 0/3     
 POW:  7                                    Chest  (12-15) 0/4     
 Def:  10%                                  R Wing (16)    0/2     
 Rock (1d3) SR 4 20%                        L Wing (17)    0/2     
 Club (1d4) SR 9 20%  (8AP)                 Head   (19-10) 0/3     
 Treasure: 5-10Clacks each                                         

   At the worst possible time for the adventurers, in the midst of all the 
confusion of trying to get the Ducks ready to travel, the toughest encounter 
of the scenario occurs.  Bolgor Badbreath the Tusk Lord and his band have 
ridden forth from Ivory Plinth in quest of Duck's Blood Ale.  They need to 
slaughter Ducks for their blood in order to make this foul (fowl!)  drink in 
time to return to Ivory Plinth for the next Holy Day.  They need at least six 
Ducks to make their brew.  They are a seasoned unit and know how to fight 
together, relying strongly and the abilities of their Tuskers as well as their 
own combat skill.  Bolgor is a foul tempered mean son of sow just spoiling for 
a fight.  The will accept a bribe of not less than 5000L to leave without a 
fight, but then will lie in ambush outside of Quackford and attack the 
travellers as they are leaving!

 BOLGOR BADBREATH - TUSK LORD               R Leg (01-04) 3/6             
 HP:   18                                   L Leg (05-08) 3/6             
 Move: 8                                    Abdom (05-09) 4/7             
 POW:  18                                   Chest (12)    4/7             
 Def:  10%                                  R Arm (13-15) 4/6             
 Bite (d6+d4) SR 8 90%                      L Arm (16-18) 4/6             
 Lance (1d10+d6) SR 5 90% Parry 90% (20AP)  Head  (19-20) 6/7             
 1h Long Spear (d8+d4) SR 6 70% Parry 30% (20AP)                          
 Med Shield Parry 57% (12AP)                                              
 Riding 99%, Tracking 90%, Camouflage 90%, Spot Traps 90%                 
 Spells: Irontusk(4), Detect Life, Healing(4), Xenohealing(2),            
         Farsee, Strength(2)                                              
 Rune: Shield 2, Divination 2                                             
 Bound Spirit in Armband: Int 14 Pow 12 Vigor(4), Disruption              
                          Binding, Protection(2), Befuddle                
 Treasure:  Ivory Horn (see plunder section), 187L, 43Clacks,             
            Scroll +10% Spot Traps(in Darktongue), Iron Lance,            
            Iron Armband(1000L)                                           

 ROOT, His Tusker and Allied Spirit         RH Leg (01-02) 4/7            
 HP:   23                                   LH Leg (03-04) 4/7            
 Move: 10                                   Abdom  (05-09) 4/7            
 POW:  20                                   Chest  (08-10) 4/9            
 Def:   0%                                  RH Leg (11-13) 4/8            
 Trample (2d6+2d6) SR 8 70%                 LH Leg (14-16) 4/8            
 Gore (4d6) SR 8 85%                        Head   (17-20) 4/7            
 Lance (1d10+d6) SR 5 90% Parry 90% (30AP)                                
 Spells: Invisibility(3), Disruption, Mobility, Silence, Shimmer(3),      
 Med Shield Parry 50% (12AP)                                              
 Rune: Reflection, Shield 2                                               
 Treasure: None                                                           

 NIK, GUT, YELLOWTUSK & BART - Tusk Riders  R Leg (01-04) 3/6 4/4 4/4 2/6 
 HP:   16, 12, 13, 16                       L Leg (05-08) 3/6 1/4 4/4 2/6 
 Move: 8                                    Abdom (05-09) 2/7 1/5 2/6 3/7 
 POW:  13,  8, 16, 9                        Chest (12)    2/7 3/5 2/6 3/7 
 Def:   0%, 0%, 0%, 0%                      R Arm (13-15) 2/2 2/3 0/3 3/5 
 Med Shield Parry 15% (12AP)                L Arm (16-18) 2/5 1/3 0/3 3/5 
 Lance (1d8+1) SR 6 25% Parry 15% (20AP)    Head  (19-20) 0/6 4/4 2/5 4/6 
 Riding 90%, Tracking 50%, Camouflage 40%, Spot Traps 50%                 
 NIK - Healing(4), Demoralize, Binding, Dispel Magic(3)                   
 GUT - Healing(2), Demoralize, Detect Gold                                
 YELLOWTUSK - Healing(2), Detect Spirit, Fanaticism(1)                    
 BART - Healing(2), Disruption, Counter Magic(2)                          
 Treasure: 22Wheels, 334L, 456Clacks                                      
 Their Tuskers                              RH Leg (01-02) 3/6 3/5 3/7 3/6 
 HP:   19, 16, 22, 20                       LH Leg (03-04) 3/6 3/5 3/7 3/6 
 Move:  10                                  Abdom  (05-09) 3/6 3/5 3/7 3/6 
 POW:  8, 9, 7, 8                           Chest  (08-10) 3/8 3/7 3/9 3/8 
 Def:   0%, 0%, 0%, 0%                      RH Leg (11-13) 3/7 3/6 3/8 3/7 
 Trample (2d6+2d6) SR 8 50%                 LH Leg (14-16) 3/7 3/6 3/8 3/7 
 Gore (4d6) SR 8 75%                        Head   (17-20) 3/6 3/5 3/6 3/6 
 Listen 70%, Scent 70%                                                     
 Treasure: None                                                            


   After the party finally is ready to set out from Quackford, Quackjohn leads 
them to the west towards the Upland Marsh and the shortest way back to Apple 
Lane.  After half a day's journey, the party is forced to turn back to 
Quackford by the seemingly inexhaustible presence of the undead. Keep having 
Ghouls, Skeletons, and Zombies block their progress until they turn back the 
way they came.  These creatures are ruled by Delecti the Necromancer from his 
ruined castle somewhere in the Upland Marsh.  He has ordered his Undead to 
seal off the marsh for some unknown reason!  His plans are the subject of a 
later adventure.

 Typical GHOUL                              R Leg (01-04) 0/3       
 HP:   10                                   L Leg (05-08) 0/3       
 Move:  8                                   Abdom (09-11) 0/4       
 POW:  13                                   Chest (12)    0/4       
 Def:  0%                                   R Arm (13-15) 0/2       
 Bite (1d6) SR 9 25% Roll vs Con 11 or para L Arm (16-18) 0/2       
 Claw (1d6) SR 9 25%                        Head  (19-20) 0/3       
 Howl as Demoralize spell                                           
 Treasure: None                                                     

 Typical SKELETON                           R Leg (01-04) 0/1       
 HP:                                        L Leg (05-08) 0/1       
 Move:  8                                   Abdom (09-11) 0/1       
 POW:  1                                    Chest (12)    0/1       
 Def:  0%                                   R Arm (13-15) 0/1       
 Bite (1d6) SR 9 45%                        L Arm (16-18) 0/1       
 Claw (1d4) SR 9 55%                        Head  (19-20) 0/1       
 Treasure: None                                                     

 Typical ZOMBIE                             R Leg (01-04) 0/5       
 HP: 16                                     L Leg (05-08) 0/5       
 Move:  6                                   Abdom (09-11) 0/6       
 POW:  1                                    Chest (12)    0/6       
 Def:  0%                                   R Arm (13-15) 0/4       
 Bite (1d6) SR 9 45%                        L Arm (16-18) 0/4       
 Maul (2d8+1d4) SR 7 35%                    Head  (19-20) 0/5       
 Treasure: None                                                     


   Heading back up into the Elder Hills, Quackjohn decides that rather than 
risk another encounter at Black Altar, the party should cut across the small 
rise that is called larnaste's Table.  Unfortunately for the adventures, Gar 
Slough the ogre has been following the party's progress ever since the left 
the Creek and climbed into the Elder Hills.  He will try to ambush them as 
they come down the south side of the rise.  With him will be any Broos still 
alive from the previous encounter as well as the creatures listed below.  Gar 
will try to take captives wherever possible and take them to be sacrificed at 
the Altar to Cacodaemon in Snakepipe Hollow.

   If things look very bad for the party, they will be aided by a Spirit of 
Law sent by Larnaste, the Soul Arranger, to whom this area is Holy.  The
spirit will emit an eerie light that will modify all percentile die rolls 20%
in the favor of the players.  After the battle, the Spirit(if it was needed),
will tell the party what is and ask them to sacrifice one point of permanent
Pow each to Larnaste for his aid.  This is a test.  After all the characters 
have made a decision, those that have chosen to sacrifice will not loose Pow, 
but the Spirit will rip one point of permanent Pow from all who selfishly 

 HENRY & ROOLDU - Ogres                     R Leg (01-04) 3/6 2/5       
 HP:   16, 14                               L Leg (05-08) 3/6 0/5       
 Move:  8                                   Abdom (09-11) 2/6 3/5       
 POW:  12, 12                               Chest (12)    2/7 3/6       
 Def:  0%, 5%                               R Arm (13-15) 2/5 3/4       
 Fist (d6+d2) SR 9 40%                      L Arm (16-18) 2/5 3/4       
 Sling (d8)   SR 2 30%                      Head  (19-20) 3/6 1/5       
 1h Broadsword (d8+d2+1) SR 6 60% Parry 30% (20AP)                      
 Sm Shield Parry 50% (8AP)                                              
 Disguise 50%, Pick Pockets 40%                                         
 HENRY - Multimissile(4), Protection(4), Silence, Befuddle,             
         Regenerates 3pts per round, Owns 2 pt Pow enhancing crystal    
 ROOLDU - Bladesharp(4), Healing(6), Protection(2)                      
 Treasure:  340L, 118Clacks                                             

 SLIMETONGUE, Spirit Possessed Dragon Snail  Shell (01-08) 8/6           
 HP:   15     and Chaos Horror              Abdom (09-14) 4/6           
 Move:  12!                                 Head1 (15-17) 4/6           
 Pow:  25                                   Head2 (18-20) 4/6           
 Def:  0%                                                               
 Bite x 2 (d6+2d6) SR 7 60%                                             
 Spells:  Harmonize(2), Extinguish(2), Healing(1), Countermagic(4)      
 Chaos Features:  Explodes when killed 3d6 to all withing 10'           
                  Movement class 12
                  Stench overpowering - Con x 5 roll or pass out
                  Regenerates 1 pt per location per round
  After its body is destroyed, the Spirit of Slimetongue will engage its 
    slayer in combat!
  Treasure: None


   The adventure concludes at Apple Lane with the party delivering the Ducks 
into friendly hands.  From this point on it's Quackjohn's responsibility to 
see the surviving Ducks to sanctuary in Holy Country.  Loose ends can be 
wrapped up here.  Remember Flatulus the tax collector.  If things are well 
with the party this is also a good place to start the Rainbow Mounds 
adventure.  The characters are reguarded as minor local heroes and have the 
opportunity to enjoy the local hospitality before reporting back to their 
temples or embarking on new adventures.


  A hunting horn made of a giant ivory tusk.  They are usually not fancy in 
design, and are often  yellow with age.

   Associated - Bloody Tusk

   Automatic; Cult Secret; Few

   Early in the Dawn Ages, a great king arose among the first Half-Troll Tusk 
Riders, and he commanded that these horns be made for all his lieutenants. 
They have been passed down through the years and at least 10 are known to 
exist in the Dragon Pass area.  Tusk Riders value these greatly and will no 
allow a non-Tusk Rider to own one and live.

   The secret of making these items has been lost to the Tusk Riders for 
centuries and several unsuccessful Heroquesters have tried to regain this 

   An Ivory Horn may be blown once a week.  It has the effect of Fanaticism on 
all forces friendly to the blower, and that of Demoralize on enemies.  A Pow 
vs. Pow roll is still made, but against the horn's power of 18.  The user is 
not allowed a Pow gain roll.

   About 10,000L, but Tusk Riders would prefer to kill for it and drink their 
victims' blood!

Chaos in Beasts' Valley!
Orlanth's Storm Castle
The Trouble with Trollkin
City in a Dragon's Eye
Terror of the Upland Marsh


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