Bell Digest vol07p03.txt

Subject:  Tails of the Reeking Moan,  Volume 7,  Number 3


First Distribution:  November 21,  1991

This issue:
	A Sun Dome Joke					MOB
	Speculations on Truestone			Robert J. McArthur
	Latest Developments Regarding RQ		MOB
	Blank Cult: Cult Format for RQIII		Troy Bankert
	What There Might Be In Prax Pack		Troy Bankert
	An Opinion on the White Moon and "She Who Waits"Troy Bankert
	Prosopaedia Expansion				Troy Bankert
	A Comment on MOB's Character Assassinations	Troy Bankert
	Finnish RuneQuest				MOB
	Making Vampires Frightening			Maurice Beyke
	RuneQuest Stuff for FTP				David Gadbois


This gag didn't make it into the final draft of SUN COUNTY.
Nevertheless, telling it is prohibited in Sun County, by express order
of Count Solanthos.

Q: Why are all Sun Domers blonde-haired and brown-eyed?

A: 'Cos those who ain't get "Total Celibacy".

Anyone else got some Sun Domer jokes, or any jokes of a Gloranthan


From: "Robert J. McArthur" 

Subject: Speculations on Truestone (wrt game mechanics)

Reading some of the backcopies of the digest, I came upon one that states that
a typical truestone can hold around 3 spells (points of spell?), a very good
one about 6 points, and a phenomenal one 9 points.  IMHO this doesn't gel with
the writeup of truestone in Elder Secrets (I think).  In there, it says that
blank truestones can be filled by (ritual ignored) at least one rune-spell
knowing person putting their hand(s) on the truestone and filling it. This
filling is typically every rune spell the person knows.  Now, it is possible
to have more than one person help fill the truestone.

OK, most blank truestone is going to be found at the base of the block by the
Storm Bull patrols who regularly check for truestone and chaos.  These will
be led by a lord, priest or very high level initiate (we are talking about
going close to the marsh and heavy chaos, not a job for a wimpy group led by
a simple initiate.  This job is likely to be a very important ritual post,
as are the members of the patrol.  My contention is that, in general, the
truestones found will be taken back to the temple and filled there - the
leader will characteristically be one of the "strong-willed" people who can
resist filling it one the spot.

Now, back in the temple, we have a *lot* of rune magic.  Priests (and lord's
and priest's allied spirits) vary enormously in the amount of rune magic
they have.  Given it takes (in game mechanics terms) 15 points of reusable
rune magic to become a high priest, we could assume in general a hypothetically
average rune priest will have 3-6 points, a lord's allied spirit 2-3.  From
this perspective, a 9 point truestone is not phenomenal, only taking perhaps
two priest's repertoire.  Of course, the size of the truestone is going to
limit the number of people who can fill it: even so, in the tales of Biturian
Varosh (sp?) he was talking about a "thumb-sized piece" - a *lot of people
can touch that, even using two hands.

Also in evidence, I would present Biturian's tale of his wanderings.  He
was a priest of Issaries and had access to shield, dismiss elemental, path
watch and every other spell of Issaries (and even perhaps of the associated
cults).  These are all mentioned in the text.  He put what he felt was useful
into the truestone of the Chalana Arroy priest(ess?).  Now, either the stone
was blank and he filled it; or Issaries spells were cast into it when it was
originally filled allowing him to cast them in again (normally only those
spells cast when filling the stone can be stored again - it is "set" for those
spells only); or some *powerful* ritual allowed him to put them in.  Forgetting
how for this second, there are still a lot of spells that he could have put
in the crystal to help the priest(ess).

Given all this, I would like to contribute the following:

small truestone (1-2cm sliver): 60%
15%	1-3 pt   : an initiate found it and filled it immediately
40%	2-8 pt   : a priest found it a filled it immediately
45%	6-12 pt  : taken to temple and filled by chief/high priest

medium truestone (finger sized shard): 30%
15%	1-3 pt	 : as before
35%	2-8 pt	 : as before
50%	8-20 pt  : taken to temple and filled by chief/high + 2-4 others

large truestone (fist sized rock and higher): 10%
15%	1-3 pt	 : as before
10%	2-8 pt	 : as before
35%	4-15 pt  : found and filled immediately by priest(s) and initiates
40%	20-70+ pt: taken to temple and filled by 9+ priests in huge ceremony

Naturally, the last is a temple treasure and should be treated as such.  Also,
most truestone will be found filled with generally available rune spells and
Storm Bull/associated cult special spells.  There are *very* few that have
special spells from any other cults.

The percentage figures are for around the block, other areas would have vastly
different percentages corresponding to the relative chance that truestone is
found at all and that the stone found is un-set, as well as who found it and
whether they are "strong-willed".  I would suggest that the chance of a large
un-set stone anywhere but the block or other large concentration of truestone
would be 1% or less.

Note that all this leads to the conclusion that the storage size is determined
at the time of setting, not by the intrinsic size/nature of the stone.  The
larger the stone, though, the higher the force on the finder to fill it
immediately.  Again, around the block initiates with rune spells are not
selected to search for the stones, only to fill them if necessary.  Thus,
found stones act on their finder to fill them but usually fail as they don't
have rune spells.  The finder reports the find to the leader (priest &/or lord)
who must then resist.  If they fail, they and any others around knowing rune
magic will fill the stone and set it (the number here is dependent on the size
of the stone).  However, even at the block, some stones are found by members
other than those on patrol.  And some, gasp, by non-Storm Bull scum.

What spells are in them?
Typically as I said above, they will be standard rune spells for the most
part, or some stormbull or associated cult specials.  Note that it is not
rare to end up with a piece consisting of, for example:
	6 points Shield, 1 point Spell Teaching, 1 Summon small sylph
The larger pieces may have 20+ points of Shield!
I would put the chance of another cult's special magic being in a randomly
selected stone at 5% or less - and this I feel is optimistic!  There are
other places for truestone in Glorantha but none quite as easy to get pieces
from on a continuous basis.

Who gets all of these pieces?
Well, obviously Storm Bull, Eiretha (sp?), Waha, Zorak Zoran and Chalana
Arroy do.  Chalana Arroy would, I feel, get more than the others simply for
the services that must continually be performed!  A number are traded, as
suggested in the Biturian text, to Issaries and Llankhor Mhy, both of whom
visit the Block in great numbers in the sacred time (I think the prices
mentioned in the text for truestone at the block may be a bit low though,
even for Issaries merchants vs dumb (in a market sense) nomads).

Most of the pieces are kept as temple items and lent, or sometimes given, to
cult members for services performed, or to be performed.  A dim view is taken
by authorities when such pieces are lost.

The finding and filling of a large truestone has marked the beginning of more
than one temple in S.T.  and has often formed the principle physical
preparation for a hero quest.  The problem with the latter is that the hero
often forgets to give it back... :-)

Storm Khan (initiate since 1984, only 2.9 years of game-time, newly made Khan!)




The good news for all is that Nick Atlas is no longer working on RQ
and in fact no longer even works for AH.  Shortly after Gen-Con he
asked his boss to match an offer from another game company, and found
himself out on his ear WITHIN FIVE MINUTES.  He was not even given an
opportunity to clear his desk.  Nick is soon to take a position at GDW
in Illinois.  Given the damage he did to RuneQuest in the eighteen
months he was at AH, I can only say that I am glad I don't play any
GDW games!  Despite this, I don't like to see anyone sacked, and so
I'm glad he's got another position to go to (who plays MEGA-TRAVELLER
now anyway?)

Now that he's no longer in their employ, Nick was prepared to come
clean about a few things.  At several stages, he promised me, David
Hall and other RQers review copies of various RQ releases, which we
could then profile in TALES OF THE REACHING MOON etc.  They never
arrived, despite frequent prompting.  Despite Nick's assurances that
they had indeed been sent, he now says that they never were: the AH
management could not see the point of giving anyone free copies of
anything, and so forbade him to give anything away.  (I don't know if
this also applied to authors of recent RQ releases, but the writers of
DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS still haven't received their copies of it!)

Even better news than the demise of Atlas is that, according to my
"close to CHAOSIUM sources", Ken Rolston will be taking up the
position of RQ Editor at AH as of the 1st of January, 1992.  I guess
between now and then little is likely to happen, but then, who's going
to notice a difference?

Even better news would be that AH are finally going to get some
professional artists, but we'll have to wait and see....

RQ under Nick Atlas had taken a back seat at AH over recent months,
because Nick had been working on a new RPG Avalon Hill.  AH, famous
for such disasters as POWERS AND PERILS, are bringing out a "zany,
whacky" sci-fi RPG called TALES OF THE FLOATING VAGABOND.  Here's what
a friend of mine who attended Gen-Con had to say about this game and
its editor:

"I saw Nick Atlas on the first day for five minutes.  He was dressed
in black, with a ponytail and sunglasses, and proffered one great damp
paw for me to shake.  While I was gingerly gripping this slimy bloated
appendage, he told me that they had a great new game, great game, I
should come over and play it, great game.  He also told me SUN COUNTY
was being edited [by Ken Rolston].  Then he and his lackey sailed off
in search of the AH booth...

"I saw him at the booth running games over the course of the weekend,
but never bothered to step up...Their booth was half-boring old AH
set-up and half stupid FLOATING VAGABOND display, with a fake cocktail
bar.  They would biff people over the head with a rubber bottle, and
one extremely tasteful activity planned was called "Roll the Drunk",
in which a dummy was to be tossed out into the aisle with prize
certificates in its pockets, for which people were supposed to fight
and grovel - luckily, they couldn't find a dummy.

"FLOATING VAGABOND is awful.  One long, unfunny joke, with boring
proto-RQ layout, cartoon art (to be fair, the art suits it, and is
better than the RQ stuff), and Way Too Many Rules for what it purports
to be.  It will be played by those gamers who enjoy quoting Monty
Python and Hitchhiker's Guide ad nauseum; in other words, those gamers
who rational people will cross eight-lane freeways in order to avoid."


From:  Troy Bankert [via MOB, via Tim Leask TSL@cs.MU.OZ.AU]

Subject:  BLANK CULT: Cult Format for RQIII

CHAOSIUM have not provided a Blank Cult format for RQIII, an important
example, since the content of Cult Ecology and The Cult in World are
not exactly clear.

MYTHOS AND HISTORY History of the cult before Time, including major
actions and conflicts.  Races and deities related are usually
mentioned.  History of the cult since Time began.  Life after death
promised to cultists.  Usually includes notes on funeral customs.
Runes associated with the cult.  Especially for larger cults, only the
major connections are listed.

CULT ECOLOGY Reason for the continued existence of the cult.  Role of
the cult within society.  Important likes and dislikes of the cult,
including ritual and historical foes and allies.  Cult holy days and

THE CULT IN THE WORLD Distribution of the cult: where the god is
worshipped, and by whom.  Temples and holy places of the cult,
including the spell or spells available at shrines.  Organization of
the cult, both within and between the temples.

INITIATE MEMBERSHIP Requirements for acceptance for members of the
race, culture, or religion.  Requirements for acceptance for
outsiders.  Requirements to remain initiated; will often specify
"standard requirements".  Benefits of initiation, including spirit
magic spells available, skills taught or available, gifts and geases
and other special abilities, and divine magic availability.

RUNE LORD MEMBERSHIP [Not all cults have this status] General
statement of purpose and place in the cult.  Requirements for
acceptance, including skill and time requirements.  Requirements to
retain status.  Includes ritual requirements as well as training
duties and tithes.  Benefits, including support, divine intervention
and divine spellavailability.

SHAMAN MEMBERSHIP [Most cults do not have this status; of those that
do, most do not have Acolyte or Priest membership separate from Shaman
membership.]  General statement of purpose and place in the cult.
Requirements for acceptance, both as a cult shaman and to become a
shaman (if different from the normal shamanhood procedures).  Duties
and restrictions, if any.  Benefits of membership, including divine
spell availability.

ACOLYTE MEMBERSHIP [Not all cults have this status.]  General
statement of purpose and place in the cult.  Requirements for
acceptance, if different from Priest requirements (see below).
Requirements to retain status.  Benefits (if any) and divine spell
availability (if different from Priest membership, see below).

PRIEST MEMBERSHIP [Some religions only have shaman-priests, regular
shamans who fulfill the duties of priests and have access to divine
magic spells.]  General statement of purpose and place in the cult,
including the amount of control they exercise.  Requirements for
acceptance, including time, skill, and spell requirements.
Requirements to retain status, including ritual and mundane duties and
restrictions.  Benefits of ordination, including support and divine
spell availability.

OTHER CULT LEVELS [Some cults have levels higher than priest, usually
only with additional duties and mundane privileges.  Format is as for
Priest Membership above.]


CULT SPECIAL DIVINE SPELLS [Most cults will have at least one, if not

SUBCULTS Cult Spirit of Reprisal, if one is possessed by the cult.  If
not, actions taken by the cult against apostate members is discussed.
Other subcults are listed individually, detailing special cult heroes
who are worshipped, special items worshipped as part of the cult, or
special spirits available to cult priests.  Information includes any
special skills or spells provided by the subcult, and any special
requirements, privileges, or restrictions.

ASSOCIATE CULTS Associate cults are listed individually.  Each
includes a brief description of the relationship between the two
deities or cults, any special training available, and the spells which
are provided by the ally.

NOTES Includes specific notes on aspects of the cult not mentioned
elsewhere.  Often includes notes on cult dress, special creatures or
objects used by the cult (often to house cult spirits), the role of
certain skills or individuals in the cult, or rituals or ceremonies
observed by all members of the cult in general situations (eg. Humakti
Duel).  Notes on variations in the structure or practices of the cult
in different areas are also mentioned here.

Comments on this article are welcome.  Is everything in the right
place, and are all the important sections and topics covered?  I
intend to do an updated version, if neccessary.

Troy Bankert will be gaining net access very shortly; alternatively,
snail-mail address is:

PO Box 272914 Concord, CA 94527-2914 United States.


WHAT THERE MIGHT BE IN PRAX PACK: An addition to MOB's article in RQ
DIGEST Vol.6 No.12.

By Troy Bankert [via MOB, via Tim Leask TSL@csMU.OZ.AU.]

I am in favour of Prax Pack being split into at least two books, one
of which has the mundane material, and the other which includes the
cults, spirit cults, etc.

MOB's list in his article (Vol.6 No.12) was actually incomplete - the
Praxian spirit cults he missed include (at the least) the Great Rhino,
the Pure Horse Founder, Twin Stars, Redwood, the Grandmother of
Spiders, Helpwoman, Frog Woman, Oakfed, Cannibal Cult, and Mahome, all
of whom are mentioned either in PAVIS, NOMAD GODS or CULTS OF PRAX as
a spirit of Prax (the Great Rhino is most obscure, with one mention
under the Seventeen Foes of Waha in PAVIS).

The Cult Section should probably also include Thed and Malia, since
they are also major cults in Prax, even if only to the broos, and I
would include an Oakfed write-up.  And a couple of spirits which are
implied are Condor, the Skin of Basmol, and Ostrich.  Finally, in
NOMAD GODS there are *seven* Great Magics of Prax, not five as MOB
mentioned (although Greg Stafford never did answer my question as to
what the other two were; I am certain the Book of Dale is not one, and
doubt that the Lion Skin is either).  All would have spirit cult

Finally, there are the Pavis gods and spirits to consider, including
the oft-mentioned but never-seen Sun Dragon.  I guess they're planning
on putting them in the PAVIS revision, hunh?

*** Also, a brief comment on John Castellucci's article "Some Chaotic
Thoughts on the Block" (Vol.06 No.04).  I thought it was *great* and I
think it should go into PRAX PACK too.  This finally answered the
question as to why pieces of the supposedly indestructible Block can
fall off spontaneously.  Especially fascinating was the essentially
minor point about Truestone being the only way to take divine spells
on HQs - does not seem quite accurate, but worth further thought.
However, I feel the write-up of the Devil's Hand was not anywhere near
big, nasty, deadly or chaotic enough.

As a second thought, perhaps John should expand the whole thing and
sent it to AH as a scenario pack.  He could expand on some of the
scenario hooks, and perhaps Greg Stafford/CHAOSIUM could help fill in
the details.



By Troy Bankert [via MOB, via Tim Leask TSL@csMU.OZ.AU.]

A comment on the debate about over the White Moon and "She Who Waits".
I personally believe they are the same.  As evidence, I cite the fact
that the name of the Red Goddess while she was on earth was "She Who
Has Come".  This fits in with the notion of the Blue Moon as a broken
goddess who remains broken, and the Red Goddess as a deity who was
broken but has now been healed; the White Moon is a goddess who was
never harmed.  I would give much to learn what the Lunars call
Annilla, although I am sure it is something similar to "She Who Was".



By Troy Bankert [via MOB, via Tim Leask TSL@csMU.OZ.AU.]

I have been compiling an expansion of the Prosop>dia from GODS OF
GLORANTHA, a comprehensive listing of every important god, spirit, or
hero native to Glorantha.  I have dissected *every* published
Gloranthan source I know of except "Son of Sartar" #1 and #and the
enigmatic "Gloranthan Encyclopaedia".  The only beings not included
are heroes currently active on the Mundane Plane, such as Harrek and
Jar-eel.  So far I have compiled over 650 entries, over and above the
240 which CHAOSIUM included in the original.

If there are any spirits, gods, heroes, or unique creatures (such as
Cwim or the Suckerbunny Tree) mentioned in sources anyone might have
inherited, and if you have time to list them with a brief description,
and tell me where you got them from, I'd love to add them to my list.
It is quite extensive already, but I know there is a lot missing.
When I finish it, I can publish it in the RQ DIGEST (with appropriate
credit to my sources).

Troy Bankert will be gaining net access very shortly; alternatively,
snail-mail address is:

PO Box 272914 Concord, CA 94527-2914 United States.


ASSASSINATIONS (as appeared in RQ DIGEST ??/??)

By Troy Bankert [via MOB via Tim Leask TSL@Cs.MU.OZ.AU]

One problem with the Paulis Longvale article, or at least a point that
is not addressed.  Biturion married whatshername in 1615, according to
CoP.  However, Paulis was a young man sometime after 1621, since the
Reminiscences from CoT have not yet taken place (remember, Ralzakark
is slain in them, and that *can't* occur for a least a few years).
Still, I suppose the scenario is possible, with a little creativity.
Biturion would have to be about 15-20 years older than Paulis though.

>MOB: Sounds cool to me.



Like the French, the Finns have embraced RQ in a big way.  Finnish RQ
appeared on the market in 1988, and some 5000 copies of the Basic
Rules have been sold in that language since.  To compare, an Avalon
Hill print-run is only 5,000 copies of a supplement, and that is for
English-language sales world-wide!  The Finnish supplements include
Apple Lane, Snakepipe Hollow, Troll Realms, Griffin Island, Gods of
Glorantha, Elder Races Book (from Elder Secrets), Munchrooms (from
Trollpak), Campaign Map (from Trollpak), RQ Cities, Glorantha:
Genertela and Riimumestarin Kirja (Advanced RQ rules).  A new "Deluxe"
version of the rules is to be published in 1992.

Eight RPGs have been translated into Finnish - RQ, D&D, MERP, 2300 AD,
Twilight 2000, Cyberpunk 2020, Battletech and Astra - but Lauri Tudeer
of Fantasiapelit (who publish RQ in Finland) tells me RuneQuest is the
most popular.  This is borne out in a recent gamers' survey in the
Finnish RPG magazine MAGUS, which has RQ out in front by a long shot.

Fantasiapelit would dearly like to translate the RQ2 supplements
Pavis, Big Rubble, etc. but are only permitted to release material
that has appeared in the RQ3 format.  Lauri has great hopes of Ken
Rolston, that he will re-release the RQ2 material that everyone has
been waiting so long for.

Other planned releases in Finnish include my own Sun County (featuring
the artwork of Tales of the Reaching Moon's very own Mark Baldwin) and
Troll Gods.  Fantasiapelit use their own layout and artists, except
for most of the covers which are the same as the Avalon Hill versions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MAGUS #9 March, 1991.  A4, monthly.  50pp.  25 mk. [Finnish] This is
the Finnish RPG pro-zine, produced by Fantasiapelit Oy, who also
publish the Finnish language version of RQ.  Magus is of a
professional standard, with glossy full-colour covers and some very
classy art.  The maps too, are a treat.

Magus takes in a variety of RPGs, including those not yet in
translation.  RQ gets a good coverage in the three issues I've seen
(#7, #8, #9), with issue #9 featuring an article set in Dorastor and a
lengthy scenario by Mark Morrison [in Finnish] which will soon appear
in Tales of the Reaching Moon [in English!].  My Read Finnish is even
worse than David Hall's 2% Read Swedish, so I can't tell you much

Contact: Magus/Jyrki Tudeer, Rauhankatu 1 c A 1, 20100, TURKU,

P.S. An article of mine recently appeared in an edition of MAGUS (#9).
At the end of the article, there was a small boxed section which
mentions my name, but I can't read it as I have no Finnish.  I am
curious to know what is says though.  If anyone can read Finnish,
could you please have a go at this and tell me what it says:

Toutteen Tekijosto Edello ollutta seikkailus ei ole aiemmin
julkaistu *missoon* julkaisussa.  Michael O'Brien on
pitkoon pelannut RQ: a ja tekee myos Avalon Hillille
toysimittaisia seikkailuja.  O'Brienin tekemio
RuneQuest-artikkeleita on myos seuraavissa Maguksissa.


From: Maurice "Boris" Beyke 

Subject:  Making Vampires Frightening

  I have recently run through a vampire scenario in my RuneQuest III
  campaign, and came to the conclusion that vampires aren't nearly
  scary enough.  A few simple changes, however, should make them as
  frightening as they need to be.

  One problem I found is that vampires cannot make very effective
  spellcasters.  They *cannot* cast spirit magic, not having POW.  They
  may have any divine spells they had while alive, but these would
  certainly become one-use (I find it hard to believe that any non-
  chaotic god would continue to allow a chaotic undead to renew divine
  magic).  All that's left is sorcery, and the Creatures Book says that
  vampires make potent sorcerers.  I'm sorry, but if you don't have POW
  to enchant foci, you're a pretty wimpy sorcerer.  You may have all the
  manipulation skills at 100%, and 200% skill with 4 dozen spells, but
  you can only have your INT in spells memorized at once, and if that's
  full, you can't manipulate jack.  So, somewhere between 1 and 18
  spells, with the reciprocal number of points of manipulation
  available.  Unless you steal foci from your victims (and how many
  sorcerers are going to wander your way?) you're a pretty pathetic

  And without magic, vampires are no match for a group with even a low
  level shaman or sorcerer.  With only their own magic points to defend
  against incoming spells, it's just a matter of time before they're
  befuddled or something, and then it's all she wrote.  Or the shaman
  can discorporate and engage them in spirit combat.  Once reduced to
  zero magic points, it's goodbye Charlie.

  This problem can be gotten around if one of the RQII rules for
  vampires is modified a bit.  It says in Cults of Terror, that if a
  vampire drains a victim down to 3 POW or less the vampire get's one
  use of the latest rune spell for which the victim sacrificed.  The
  victim looses the spell completely, and must resacrifice for it, not
  just renew it.  Let's change this just a bit.  Every time a vampire
  drains a victim to zero magic points (rendering them unconscious),
  both the latest spell for which the victim sacrificed and 1 point of
  POW is stolen.  This POW will vanish at the next sunrise, but until
  then the vampire may use it as if it were ordinary POW; in particular
  it can be used to enchant items.  It even generates magic points if
  the vampire's magic point level is below their POW level (not often,
  but it could happen).

  However, this transferral has other dangers (to the victim, that is).
  It is a shock to their nervous system; each time they must roll under
  CONx5 to survive.  Also, the vampire must roll under INTx5 to avoid
  going into a feeding frenzy at the sight of a helpless opponent that
  has just yeilded their last magic point to him.  If the roll is
  failed, the the vampire will be irresistibly drawn to the victims
  blood, and will feed until the victim dies unless stopped.  This is
  less likely to happen in combat, as there are other distractions
  around.  Each melee round in combat the vampire has another INTx5 roll
  to recover if undisturbed, and will notice anyone engaging him in
  melee (i.e. coming up behind him) if a Scan roll is made.  Otherwise,
  he is still overwhelmed by the sensuous thrill of feeding.

  Now we have a frightening creature.  Loosing magic points to another
  creature is no major scare to adventurers; they do that whenever they
  learn a spell.  Loosing POW, however, is a frightening occurrence.
  And so is loosing those divine spells you were counting on to get you
  through your assault on the vampire lair, even more so when you see
  them turned against you.  Plus, the Vampire Lord can now become a
  truly formidable mage, more able to enchant foci for his spells than
  a normal sorcerer.  The vampire sorcerer knows the POW will be lost
  come sunrise, so there is every reason in the world to perform more
  enchantments.  It's not an inexhaustible POW source; only a rare (and
  unlucky) victim will survive long enough to loose all POW to the
  vampire, but a given victim could supply 1 or 2, more if taken back
  to the vampire's lair to recover between drains.  And this also
  provides a mechanic whereby one vampire may make another one.  In the
  Create Vampire sorcery spell, the caster must sacrifice 8 POW in the
  enchantment (I think, I don't have my books here).  Well, now the POW
  can be stolen from victims.  Or, bypassing sorcery altogether, when a
  victim is drained to zero POW, then Vivamort places the twisted and
  withered spirit back into the body.  Something that's not well
  explained by a simple draining of magic points, fatigue, or STR.


From: David Gadbois 

Subject:  RQ material available for anonymous FTP

I have put a bunch of RuneQuest material up for anonymous FTP on [].  It is in the directory /pub/ops5/gadbois
in the file RQ-stuff-v1.tar.Z.  For reasons too inane to mention, the
ops5 directory does not allow for listings; connect directly with "cd
/pub/ops5/gadbois/" so as to avoid confusion.  I will update the version
number whenever new stuff appears.

Of particular interest are the new cult write descriptions scrounged up
by Oliver Jovanovic and scanned in by Mike Derry.  A complete listing of
the archive follows:


--David Gadbois

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