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Subject: RuneQuest Digest Volume 8, no 1
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    - by MOB.
    - by Michael O'Brien & Troy Bankert
 4. Nick's Off
 5. Greg Stafford Down Under
 6. RuneQuest Character Generator
 7. Cold Wind Over Sartar
 8. About the SUN COUNTY Artists
 9. TALES OF THE REACHING MOON - Issue #8 (The Chaos Feature) *Out Now!*

[With thanks to Tim Leask, our MOB relay:]
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Reply-To: (MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

As you would know if you've read of my previous "How to Get Your
manuscript Published By Avalon Hill" articles, I submitted a complete
RQ-Glorantha manuscript to Nick Atlas at Avalon Hill nearly two years
ago.  Well, after several years of trial and struggle (and a new editor
at AH), my book SUN COUNTY is out, and, having finally gotten a look at
it (I had to actually *buy* copy as my author copies from AH haven't
arrived yet!), I'm pleased to say that it was well worth the wait!  IUm
absolutely knocked out about the way it's finally come out!

As the author, I was always had confidence in the written quality of
SUN COUNTY, but when you think what the finished product could've
*looked* like if Nick Atlas had still been at the helm... the crappy
art, the dull non-layout, the lack of editing... it could've looked
pretty awful.  I shudder when I think about it!  Would you believe that
Nick was seriously considering using Dave Dobyski for the art, not just
the maps (which he has done a creditable job of in SUN COUNTY)?  He was
also going to publish the manuscript I sent him without any
playtesting, and the only editing he wanted ME to do was to rewrite
"room descriptions" so they were "more like a D&D module"!*

In contrast, Ken got his cronies to exhaustively playtest SUN COUNTY,
and together we fine-tuned the manuscript (in the process we added
about an extra 30 pages!)   More than anything, RuneQuesters have been
disappointed with the poor quality of the artwork in the Avalon Hill
releases from TROLL GODS onwards.   Because graphics and visual
presentation of information was one of the key features of Chaosium RQ,
Ken now hopes to match or even better this in Avalon Hill RQ by using
professional-standard freelance artists, and giving them plenty of
direction.  He asked me to write an art design guide for the SUN COUNTY
artists to ensure the details of clothing, structures and setting
fitted the text and accurately captured the atmosphere.  My guide
eventually ran to dozens of pages, including pencilled sketches,
computer-generated graphics, written descriptions and xeroxed reference
photos from art and history books.

Such an approach has obviously paid off, because the artwork in SUN
COUNTY is a beautiful thing.  The cover art especially, is wonderful.
Roger Raupp took my pathetic pencilled sketches and long-winded written
description and turned it into something quite beautiful.  Merle
Insigna's picture of the nasty vampire (p.116) is a knockout, and truly
warrants a full page, unlike the pathetic full-page art in everything
else released since TROLL GODS.  My fave pic of Merle's though, is the
Sun Dome Templar on p.46, attacking a giant scorpion.  Even Dave
Dobyski, whose come in for some hard knocks in his time at AH (some of
them from me), has really shown us what he can do, as the graphics and
mapwork in SUN COUNTY are fine.  I especially like his Map of the Town
of Garhound on the inside back cover.

So, as you can see if you go and buy SUN COUNTY, under Ken's masterful
direction, RQ off the ropes and is on the way back to a brighter

* To give Nick his due, when at AH he was an unenergetic 22 year old D&D
player plucked out of a gaming shop and, with no editing experience,
given a job editing a game system he'd never played... no wonder things
got so bad.  So really, the blame is not really Nick's, but the people
who made the mistake of hiring him in the first place.  Hell, I
would've taken on a job like if they offered it to me!   Fortunately,
the powers-that-be at AH substantially made up for their error by
replacing Nick with Ken Rolston (although not until RQ had almost
died).  Although I had a *VERY* trying time dealing with Nick and AH
from mid 1990 to late 1991, this will be my last tirade on the topic.
I feel that RQ has now turned the corner under Ken's direction, and it's
time to look to a promising future rather than dwell on the troublesome


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

Having just sung SUN COUNTY's praises, I guess I'd better pick out some
of its faults.  Having read through it carefully, I've come up with an
Unofficial errata list.  Actually, I was surprised at how few glitches
there were.  Anyway, I hope that this list clears them up!


*The opinions expressed are those of the author, but not necessarily
those of the Avalon Hill Game Company, publishers of RuneQuest and SUN

SUN COUNTY LEADERS (p.8, 12 - 15)

The ransom figures for these characters should be expressed in Wheels,
not Lunars.  For example, Count Solanthos's ransom is 1500W (30,000L),
not 1500L.


A = Acolyte.


The armour point value of shield used in conjunction with the 2-handed-
spear-and-shield technique is *not* halved.  Thus, a hoplite shield
affords 18 points of armour protection to the left arm, chest and
abdomen of a templar employing this combat style, rather than 9 points
as indicated.*

*Why MOB Thinks So:

RQ3 has a rule where slung shields only give half their AP in
protection to the hit locations underneath (see Delux RQ Players Book
p.68).  If the rule applies in this instance, there would be little
point using this technique.  Why would a Templar use the two-hand
spear-and-shield technique, if it only gives him one measly extra AP in
a few locations and he has to sacrifice all parries?  In RQ 2, the user
of this technique got the AP value in protection from his shield when
using this technique, and so too I think this interpretation should
apply here.  Otherwise, nobody (let alone the canny Templars) would
risk using such a limiting technique.  Note that this is my own
interpretation of the rules, and is not necessarily congruent with the
official RQ3 rules.  It is up to individual referees to decide whether
they go with my interpretation or an interpretation of their own.


The final sentence of the boxed section reads: "His recollections are
quoted here (with the notes of his biographer, the Grey Sage Floriat
Fedora, in italics.)"


All divine magic known by these characters is one-use except for
Delishi Koris (p.63), who knows a reusable Catseye spell gained as a
Yelmalio gift.

THE WRESTLING (p.73 - 74)

All spirit magic except Befuddle, Demoralize and Disrupt is permitted
in this event, but can only be cast after  the bout begins.  It is
considered unsporting to win this event using an overt magical
advantage, and some opponents may agree among themselves not to use
magic before their bout.


The final sentence of this section reads: "If she's really impressed
with their performance, they may even get a copy of her thesis."


Divine Magic: Replace "River Eyes" (which is actually a spirit magic
spell) with another use of "Drown".


Subject: ***SUN COUNTY***  Gamemaster notes on THE RIVER RITUAL OF THE SUN PEOPLE
Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: Michael O'Brien & Troy Bankert

The River Ritual of the Sun People appears on p.40 - 41 of SUN COUNTY.
This chapter describes an important ritual carried out annually by the
people of Sun County.  The ritual reenacts the alliance made by the
first Count with the daughter of Zola Fel, god of the River of
Cradles.  The quester fights and defeats a designated foe of the river,
and then enters into a ritual marriage with the nymph.  In return, the
Sun Dome lands are irrigated by the life-giving waters of the Zola
Fel.  Independent questers may also take part in such a quest, in order
to gain assistance from the river.

The five stages of the quest are as follows:

I. The quester seeks sanctuary in the River from his foes .

II. The  quester meets the naiad and is transported magically to the
enemy which is harming or polluting the river.

III. The quester fights and defeats the foe.

IV.  If successful, the quester strengthens the ties of the river with
the land, and receives the river's blessing.

V. The quester and the naiad consummate their union and the quester
returns with the river's gift.

These gamemaster notes expand on the River Ritual, providing more
information about independent quests, and describing the wonderous
naiad Kinope, daughter of Zola Fel.

The initiate chosen to take part in the River Ritual is ideally an
unmarried male, who then enters into a ritual marriage with the nymph.
Theoretically, a female could undertake the quest, seeking to marry
Zola Fel himself, but this would be unheard of in the patriarchal Sun
Dome society, even for one of their Yelornan cousins.

The ritual requirements and difficulties of independent questers vary
with their origin.  In Prax, three such alternate origins are probable:
Storm worshippers, Praxian nomads, and Lunars.

Storm Worshippers:  Storm worshippers have the best chance of success
of the independents, reenacting their own myths of alliance between
Storm and Sea.  The most common among Praxian storm cultists would be
the marriage of Rainbow Girl into the Storm pantheon; among Orlanthi,
the god's rescue and wooing of Huraya, a mist spirit.

Praxian Nomads:  The river forces are hostile to the nomads, due to
Waha's pollution of the Sounder's River when he forced her to wash away
the remains of the Devil.  However, the river is friendly to the Earth
powers, as represented by Eiretha, and so while the quest is difficult
for them, it is not impossible.  Usually, some force of the river must
be faced in Stage II.  If the nomad offers gifts or aid, and avoids
combat with it regardless of its actions, he can succeed.  If he fights
and wins, he is enacting Waha's subjugation of the Sounder's River.  He
can succeed in the main quest, but will be considered a foe of the
river and will be subject to the geas of Stage IV.  The benefits he
gains will be tailored towards conquest: a Command spell for a type of
river creature or undine, or perhaps a plundered River Eye spell.  If
the nomad fails to appease or defeat the river force, he may not
continue the quest.

Lunars:  Because this ritual has certain similarities to river rituals
in their own lands, the Lunar priestesses are researching its secrets
in the hope that one day they can make a similar pact with Zola Fel to
help the many Lunar farmers who are settling in the valley.  The Lunars
will try to draw on their ties to the Oslir River to complete the
quest.  But in their conquest of Peloria they exterminated the
intelligent life of the Oslir, and so they are distrusted.  The Lunars
have been making friendly overtures to the Zola Fel cult, and even plan
to marry the river god into their pantheon.  They are also staunch
allies of the Sun Dome temple, so perhaps the quest is possible.  The
procedure is similar to that of the Praxian nomads, but the penalty for
failure at any stage is more severe.

Kinope the Nymph: Daughter of Zola Fel

This naiad is a gentle soul, whose days are spent in blissful frolic
with all number of river creatures.  Farmers, travellers, nomads and
boatmen count themselves lucky if they are fortunate enough to spot her
plunging through the currents, for Kinope is a remarkable beauty, in a
fragile, waiflike way.  She often indulges wayfarers in playful banter
and sports with them a while.  But it is known that her usually
ebullient mood can abruptly sour if she is blundered into when she is
at rest in still water, and Kinope is not above swamping boats and
driving off intruders with huge undines.  The nymph can be seen the
length of the river, but always returns to the Sun County area for her
ritual obligations in sea season.  She takes this task quite seriously,
for the pact she made in distant times with Count Arinsor brings
benefits to her father and his river folk.  Kinope drinks only
ambrosia, the nectar of the gods which bubbles forth from secret
springs near the Zola Fel's headwaters.

Note that Kinope's abilities exceed those of a normal naiad, for she is
the daughter of a god.

STR 10  19-20   Head       20   0/5

CON 17  16-18   L.A.    18-19   0/4

SIZ  08 13-15   R.A.    16-17   0/4

INT  15     12  Chest   11-15   0/6

POW 28  09-11   Abdm    07-10   0/5

DEX 17  05-08   L.L     04-06   0/5

APP 23  01-04   R.L     01-03   0/5

Fatigue: 31 (uses no FP when in the River)

Dodge: 266%

Hit Points: 13

Move: 3/9 swimming

- No weapon skills -

Spirit Magic (140%): Shimmer-5; Heal-5 (effective on targets of any
species); Extinguish-1; Mobility-3; River Eye.  The naiad can also
automatically cast a Lantern spell of any intensity (up to current
magic points), gained from Count Skindilli Longlegs.

Divine Magic (140%): Breathe Air x4 ; Breathe Water x5; Extension x8;
Float x6; Mindlink; Purify Water x11; Sanctify x3; Soul Sight;
Spellteaching; Summon Undine x12; Summon/Ride River Horse x1

Skills: Ceremony 344%; Summon 299%; Hide in water 202%; Sneak in water
189%; Courtesan 117%; Sing 153%.

Languages: Riverspeech 75%; Various local tongues 40%.

Magic Items: When in the River, the naiad can draw upon an additional
14 magic points to power her spells and abilities.  This is gained
directly from her father.

Special Abilities: For every 10 meters she is away from the River, she
loses a magic point.  Magic points cannot be regained until she returns
to the river.  The naiad can transform herself into an undine: SIZ is
equal to 1 cubic meter for each magic point she expends.  She can also
command any number   of incomplete creatures living in the river for an
hour at a cost of one magic point per creature.


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
Subject: NICK'S OFF 
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

Nick Atlas, who left Avalon Hill for a similar job at GDW was
reportedly sacked from there after only 4 months in the job.  I guess
the powers-that-be at GDW finally saw Atlas's RQ disasters ELDARAD and
DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS... (or maybe they just read the back issues of RQ


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

Greg Stafford will be attending Necronomicon IV in Sydney, Australia on
2-5th October 1991 as Guest of Honour.  Greg will be presenting a
series of talks over the weekend, and hosting a prepublication
demonstration of *Glorantha: The Game*.  Necronomicon is one of the
most popular roleplaying conventions in Australia, and features a
number of unusual events at the leading edge of roleplaying, including
systemless freeforms and live-action trollball!  For more information
about NECRO contact:

John Hughes

10/28 Frencham Street,

Downer ACT 2602


To help contribute towards Greg's travel costs, there will be a special
RQ Auction at Arcanacon X convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia
on 16th-19th July.   Items to be flogged include rare and ancient RQ2
supplements and (gasp!) a copy of  *The Gloranthan Encyclopedia*!   For
an Arcanacon brochure write to:

Random Inc.

Arcanacon X,

PO Box 125,

Parkville VIC 3052


Arcanacon is hosting three single-session RQ tournaments; Necro is
likely to hold a major RQ tournament and an introductory RQ session set
in Sun County entitled MAD PRAX: BEYOND SUN DOME.


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

A Road-Test by MOB

Mac-based RQ fans may be interested in RUNEDESK, a public domain RQ3
character generator.  RuneDesk is a quick, simple way to roll up
human-type characters with stats ranging from 0-999, and it calculates
such things as skills modifiers, hit locations, strike ranks etc.
I've installed it on my own Macintosh and found it handy (though I
don't often have call to roll up characters with stats in the 999
range).  RuneDesk is free-ware, which means whilst the writer retains
copyright, it can be distributed for no cost.  You can obtain RuneDesk
and manual from:

Richard Todd

47 Mundy Street

Mentone VIC 3194


Please enclose $A5.00 ($A7.50 for overseas) to cover postage and the
price of a disk.


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB and John Hughes.

The scenario "Melisande's Hand" featured in TALES OF THE REACHING MOON
issue #4 and will feature (revised and expanded) in the forthcoming RQ
release SUN COUNTY.  This scenario contains a brief snippet of a song
called "Cold Wind Over Sartar", a banned rebel song which one of the
NPCs sings to irritate the Lunar governor.  Below is the full version
of the "Cold Wind Over Sartar", and the original folk song it was
adapted from.  My good friend John Hughes rewrote the lyrics.


Composed by Michael MacConnell (that's Mickie to you, lads!).

Recorded by Planxty and featured on the album A???

Copyr 1984, Polydor 815 229-1

When apples still grow in November

When blossoms still grow from each tree

When leaves are still green in December

It's then that our land will be free.

I wander her hills and her valleys

And still through my sorrow I see

A land that has never known freedom

And only her rivers run free.

I drink to the death of her manhood

Those men who would rather have died

Than to live in the cold chains of bondage

To bring back the rites we're denied.

Where are you know that we need you,

What burns where the flame used to be?

Have you gone like the snows of last winter

And will only our rivers run free.

How sweet is life but we're crying

How mellow the wine but we're dry

How fragrant the rose but it's dying

How gentle the wind but it's ice.

What good is a youth when it's aging

What joy is an eye that can't see

When there's sorrow in sunshine and flowers

And still only our rivers run free.



When Aldrya blooms in the darkness

Her blossoms swing light from each tree

When Dragon awakes and spreads fire*

It's then that our land will be free.

I wander her hills and her valleys

And still through my sorrow I see

A land that has never known freedom

And only her rivers run free.

I drink to her sons and her daughters

Those ones who would rather have died

Than to live in the cold chains of bondage

To bring back the rites we're denied.

Where are you know that we need you,

What thunders where storm used to be?

All gone, like the rains of last season

And only our rivers run free.

How sweet is life but we're crying

How mellow the mead but we're dry

How fragrant the grape but it's dying

How gentle the wind but it's ice.

What good is a youth when it's aging

What joy is an eye that can't see

When there's sorrow in stormwind and shower

And still only our rivers run free.

*Undoubtedly a Third Age Hero War prophecy.


Silverquill, Grey Sage of the Tower by the Pond at Aldachur, reports
that this ballad gained sudden popularity among Orlanthi loyalists
after it was sung before the Pavis Governor at a Praxian Harvest
Ritual. Her Ally, a particularly vexatious spirit named Aristophanes,
claims that the song originated as an Esrolian dirge from the Lesser
Darkness. It is a slow, maudlin ballad in a minor key, usually sung
late at night when the fire is low and the mead tankards empty. It
exhibits that typically Sartarite sentimentality so difficult for
outsiders to comprehend.

Silverquill marks it as especially significant because of it is a
*house ballad*, a traditional form normally employed only by
housemothers and teachers of the young - in effect a song for women who
had not chosen the warrior's path. It stands in stark contrast to the
long, winding boastful sagas more typical of the fighting castes. For
Orlanthi warriors to accept such a song as their own marked a seachange
in their view of the struggle and the role of the Sartarite
resistance.  In effect, the warriors simultaneously debased themselves
and uplifted the common people by their acceptance of the ballad. They
identified their resistance with the land itself, and saw Sartar as
belonging to all the people rather than just the warriors and chiefs.
The warriors of Orlanth present themselves as mothers of the old/new
kingdom yet unborn. It represents a universalisation of the struggle, a
call for all to share in Sartar's debasement and freedom.

The popularity of the song had profound effects on the hero plane,
where it laid ritual foundations for many of the female and child
heroquesters who lived and died for Sartar during the  Hero Wars.
Helena Truespear, who successfully heroquested to retrieve a part of
Sheng Seleris from the keeping of Gorgorma, reported her first
liberation after hearing the song sung from the depths of an Ironspike
jail compound.


Fighting men of Sartar's stock

would you have some Lunar Cock

Perched upon Orlanthi Rock?

Fly up and teach him manners !


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From:  MOB (Michael O'Brien)

Robin Jenkins, Managing Editor of Roleplaying Games at Avalon Hill, has
provided the following biographical details about the SUN COUNTY


Merle is a long-time science fiction and fantasy artist whose work has
seen print in a number of fan and professional publications.
Convention-goers will recognize her work from a number of Boskone
programs, Noreascon programs and "LA in `96 World SF Con" campaigns.
Merle has also done the illustrations for Planetary Magick by Melita
Denning and Osborne Phillips and The Best of James Schmitz, edited by
Mark L. Olon.  A gamer and RQ fan from way back, Merle lives with her
husband and two children in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Merle is
responsible for the interior illustrations in SUN COUNTY.


As the former Art Director for DRAGON(TM) magazine, Roger Raupp needs
little introduction.  His distinctive style has graced the covers of
many DRAGON issues, as well as the covers of Dungeon*   Adventures and
Amazing Stories and various AD&D(TM) game supplements.  Since leaving TSR
in 1988, Roger has worked as a freelance artist for a number of
companies, including Mayfair Games, TSR, and of course, Avalon Hill.
Roger lives in rural Dodgeville, Wisconsin, with his girlfriend and a
houseful of cats.  Roger is the cover artist for SUN COUNTY, and is
responsible for a few interior diagrams.

(MOB: And damn fine they are too!)


Reply-To: (Send to MOB via Tim Leask)
From: MOB (Michael O'Brien)

The semi-regular sales hype from MOB

Issue #8 of TALES is called "The Chaos Feature", and is once again
brought to you from Down Under.  Whilst David Hall was enjoying his
round-the world jaunt (including a stay on my study floor), I was been
busy putting this issue together.

**What the critics say:

"Boy, I love this `zine"  -  Greg Stafford

	      "Tales... is it!"  -  Oliver Dickinson

		   "Lovely nutty flavour"  -  Zorg, Dark Troll

This bumper (52 page) issue features:


What the Broo Priest says, so shut up and listen!

GODS OF TERROR     [Chaosium]

The Deities of Chaos


What makes those crazy Sons of Bulls tick

MEN OF STORM BULL     [Mark Robins]

A song to sing while your killin' chaos

RED EMPEROR      [Greg Stafford]

The immortal ruler of the Lunars

COVEN OF FIVE  Part One      [Jon Quaife]

A chaos-coterie of Daemons

BROO SOCIETY      [Mark Holsworth]

Broo Society


...from the Pavis Brotherhood of Beggars

THE CULT OF THE CRIMSON BAT      [Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen]

Steed of the Red Goddess


A whiff of malignant essence on the Spirt Plane.


The Ulforg cult scenario


Fun for everyone (except the Trollkin)


Author Notes and Nice Art.


The Official Chaosium RuneQuest 3  errata

RUMOURS      [Eds.]

The latest gossip and whisperings

ZINES SEEN      [Eds.]

Fanzines from around the globe


A hard day's work in the Orlanthi Landing Room


Torrid abuse from around the globe

FLORA CHAOTICA     [Paul Lee, Derek Prout]

A tossed salad of chaotic vegetation

DEVIL'S PLAY      [Oliver Dickinson]

Griselda and her gang meet their match

FORTHCOMING ISSUES:  Issue 10 - The Oceans; Issue 11 - Malkion

So how do you get your hands on this magnificent mag?   Contact your
local TALES Megacorp rep:


Subject: Tales of the Reaching Moon - SUBSCRIPTIONS
From: TALES Megacorp 


(Please note that subscriptions are now only available for three issues only).


GBP 2.00 per issue, plus 40p postage.  GBP 6.00 gets you a three issue
sub.  including postage.  Available from David Hall.  Please make
cheques or postal orders "David Hall"  NO CASH.  Address: 21 Stephenson
Court, Osborne Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1TN.


Germany: Contact Dr. Lutz Reimers Rawcliffe.  Address:
Theodor-Heuss-Ring 1, D-5000 Koln 1.

Norway: Contact Lars-Roger Moe.  Address: Hans Hagerupsgt. 1, 7012,

Sweden: Contact Jussi Hyvonen.  Address: Hendriksdalsringen 65, S-131
32, Nacka.

Finland: Contact Lauri Tudeer.  Address: Fantasiapelit Tudeer Oy,
Laulurastaantie 1, 01450 Vantaa.

Rest of Europe: GBP 2.50 per issue, including postage, available from
David Hall.  Please make money orders or Girobank Postal Orders payable
to "David Hall".  Write for details about direct bank transfers.


$4.50 per issue, plus $1.50 postage.  $16.00 gets you a three issue
sub. including postage. Available from Michael O'Brien.  Please make
cheques payable to "Michael O'Brien".  Address: 2/33 Carween Ave.
Mitcham 3132, Victoria.

New Zealand

Contact: N.F. Sanson for details.  Address: F2A 145 Ohiro Rd. Brooklyn,

USA & Canada

$3.00 per issue, including postage, available from David Gadbois.
Please make cheques payable to "David Gadbois".  Address: PO Box 49475,
Austin, Texas 78765, USA.

Mali, The Gambia and Sierra Leone

Details next issue (we also hope to have Our Man in Havana soon!)

The Lunar Empire & Provinces

5 silver imperials per issue, delivered to your door by Bat Post
(please tip delivery-thing generously).  Available from Ralzakeel the
Twisted Sister, address: Teelo Norri Orphanage & Borstal No.5, Blessed
Torang, Kostaddi.

Sun County

1 gold Wheel per issue, dropped at your gate by Lokarnos-Express mule
"when it absolutely, positively has to get there, overnight (or at
least in the coming season)".  Available from Hector the Wise, temple
librarian, Sun Dome, Prax.


Wanted: a new distributor in this challenging sales area (our last one
got eaten).

Rest of the World

GBP 5.00 per issue, including postage, available from David Hall.  Check
with David first to see if you're covered by European postal rates.
Please make money orders and Girobank Postal Orders payable to "David
Hall".  Write for details about direct bank transfers.


Advertising rates are available from David Hall.  When replying to
adverts please mention "Tales..."  even if you got the ad from another


Contributions are gratefully accepted, particularly artwork.
Contributions should be sent to David Hall and be double-spaced and
legible, preferably typed.  Contributions on floppy disk will receive
preferential treatment; either IBM 3.5" or 5.25" discs can be accepted
in ASCII and Wordperfect 5.0 format, and 3.5" disks in Word for Windows
format. 3.5S Macintosh disks using Write, Word, SGR or plain text
can also be sent to MOB. Please remember to give full credit to all the
sources of the article.  Don't send us originals of your artwork by
normal post, good photocopies are preferred.

As ever, the generous reward for publication is a FREE copy of the


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Subject:  RuneQuest Digest Volume 8, no 1, Epilogue
Reply-To: RuneQuest-Request@Glorantha.Holland.Sun.COM 
Sender: Henk.Langeveld@Holland.Sun.COM

Still residing in Nochet: (coming soon)

 From: David Cheng 
Subject: RQ Digest submission: Alternate Rune Magic
Comments: Can someone in touch with David Cheng try to get get a
	correct mail address for me?   Both and bounce with `host unknown'

Subject: Dragonewt Table file 1 of 1
 From: Peter Maranci 

Subject: RQ Discussion - When can a player D.I. ?
 From: Tim Leask 

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of Arin (ah-Rin) the Smuggler

Published in RQ discussion 37:

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of Misarde - God of Nightmares

 From: steve@tfs.COM (Steve Maurer)
Subject: Cult of The Sky River Titan

 From: (Paul Reilly)
Subject: Re:  RQ discussion 

In volume 8, issue 0:

Subject: Tales Of The Reaching Moon [ISSUE 7 out now]
 From: Tim Leask 

 From: David Cheng 
Subject: Convulsion...

 From: "Roderick Robertson, SC1-5, x52936" 
Subject: Review of Sun County

 From: dogwood! (Warren E. Taylor)
Subject: A RuneQuestion

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