Bell Digest vol09-ix.txt

RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 1

    Shadows on the Borderlands A Cursory Review		(Mark Sabalauskas)
    Caution: Nick Brooke 				(David Cheng)
    Loads of stuff! 					(Nick Brooke)
    Seven Cults for Seven Mothers 			(Bryan J. Maloney)


	Some recent stuff.  Meant as a sample for those who don't
	receive the RuneQuest Daily.  Welcome to Nick Brooke!
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 2

	Arganth	 	-	Trickster stuff			[ed]
	Nick Brooke	-	Yaks and Books and Things That Go Bump
			-	Lunar Cults & Founders
	Sam Phillips 	-	General Rant. I Love RuneQuest..
	Lewis Jardine	-	God Learners, Mythology and Us!


	It's been silent for a while on the Digest.
	This is a selection of Gloranthan stuff [again].

	Current themes on the daily are: Glorantha, Sorcery,
	    God Learners.

	[ed] indicates that I changed the title
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 3

	Charles Gregory Fried - Blue Moon Cult (pre-GoG variation)

	This was too large for a Daily.
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 4

	Columbus Mercator 		- Round the world...
	Carpocrates the Orthodox,
		Sage of Truth		- Carry on, Columbus
	Clement Longhair, grey sage	- about light, and the
					  "Round Earth" folly

	More snippets from the Daily.  Enjoy...
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 5, a story

	Clay Luther	Mannimark and the Kingdom of Lead, Pt. 1
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 6

		Nick Brooke	- Columbus Mercator
		Loren Miller	- Avatars of the gods
		Nick Brooke	- The Masks of God
		Ken Rolston	- Faith in Glorantha


	Some typical Gloranthan discussion of late, with heresy, mythology,
	and a question from Ken Rolston.
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 7, special

	Clay Luther, SPOILERS on Gaumata's Vision...

	[The author himself at word. -HL]

    I thought the list might enjoy reading this.  It is a from a
    conversation Nick Brooke and I had about "Gaumata's Vision" in
    SotB.  It is basically a transcript of the scenario.

    It does, of course, contain MAJOR SPOILERS -- so if you don't want
    to know anything about any of the scenarios in Shadows on the
    Borderland, then you know what to do...

	[Which means, delete now, or regret forever... -HL]
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 8, SPOILERS!

	Nick Brooke's write-up of Mike Dawson's "Gaumata's Vision"



	Same rules as for Clay Luther's version:  Reading
	this will spoil any pleasure you may find in playing
	Gaumata's Vision.   
		Delete now, or repent forever...
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 9: X-RQ-ID 2141 (XXL)

	Miscellaneous comments from Nick Brooke
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 9: X-RQ-ID 2125

	Joerg Baumgartner - Aeolian Church ideas [amongst other things]
RuneQuest Digest Volume 9, no 10

	Shamanism-General Overview-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

	This is the unedited FAQ document as available on the
	Usenet newsgroup soc.religion.shamanism.  I will conclude
	volume 9 here, and will start volume 10 now.