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Subject: Volume 10, no 5: Answers to Quiz
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	Paul Honigmann  -   Fire/Sky religious knowledge test answers


1.   Yelorna (sister); Splendid Yamsur (elder brother), Tholm Yelmson (patron
     deity of hawking). There are probably other half-siblings. (1 point each)
2.   Osentalka, then Nysalor; also called Gbaji by Arkat and his minions. (1
     point per name.)
3.   This seems to be a cult secret! But Ernalda was married to Yelm at about
     the right time, and is an acceptable answer, despite being married to
     Yelmalio at one time. (1)
4.   Dayzatar is Yelm's elder brother, Lodril his younger brother. His father
     was Aether, and he never had a sister. (4 points.)
5.   Lux is the primary spirit of light, "king of the Light spirits",
     probably subservient to Dayzatar. (1)
6.   The Sun Dragon is some Kralorelans' name for Yelm. (1 point.)
7.   Basko is the Black Sun, Yelm's shadow, an old but weak and foolish enemy.
     (3 points.)
8.   Dendara is Yelmalio's stepmother - Yelm married her at the Dawning. (1)
9.   MAHOME: the warm, kind home fire of the hearth and stove. GUSTBRAN: the
     work fire of smiths and artisans. OAKFED: the holy fire which purges,
     cleanses and transforms - but can change to Wildfire if unchecked, and
     this can burn even stone. (4)
10.  King Griffin (1)
11.  Hippogriff, known as Hippoi after losing wings etc (2)
12.  Monrogh, Yelmalio's son (2)
13.  Argan Argar (1)
14.  An ancient Yelmalion hero who taught the cult Map Making (1)
15.  In 175 ST, Yelm stopped in the sky for part of a day. Different cultures
     offer different explanations. (1)
16.  The cult opposed the Empire at its end, but was probably neutral to it
     up to that point. (2)
17.  Very friendly (1) 
18.  The third foe to oppose Yelm's ascension to Emperor of the Universe.
     A mutable chaos monstrosity, accompanied by lesser chaots, Yelm needed
     all his allies to help overcome it. (2)
19.  Zorak Zoran (1)
20.  Yelmalio, killing three enemies. (2) (He was a tad riled about some
     Storm gods pinching Ernalda off him.)
21.  Youth, Warrior, Teacher, Leader, Sage.(2)               
22.  Yelmalions should try to kill all Darkness worshippers whenever prudent,
     and sometimes even when it's not. Especially as 99.9% of XU worshippers
     are trolls. However, XU is about the only Darkness cult that *Yelm* gets
     on with - she helped him out in the Great Darkness. Yelm cultists should
     behave courteously towards XU's, but not trust them. (2 points)
23.  Respectful rivalry, usually friendly. (1)
24.  The harp (1)
25.  Diamonds (1)
26.  A golden glowing crystal formed from his blood (1)
27.  Humans, Elves, Beastmen, Dragonewts and Griffins. (5)
28.  Fireblade and Firearrow; Darkwall and Bludgeon. (4)
29.  There's no specific prohibition against it, but of course they wouldn't 
30.  The Wind Lord challenges the Light Son to a riddling contest, the stake
     being a wheel per riddle. This is about the only time you can tell a
     Nysalor Koan to an Orlanthi without being carved up. (1)
31.  Once he's stopped laughing, he hides until one side wipes out the other,
     perhaps lobbing in a judicious spell or arrow to make sure they're
     evenly matched and there are as few survivors as possible. If the dwarves
     win, there's no obligation to wipe them out though the cult wouldn't
     frown on some Mostali souls being recycled. If the trolls win, the
     Yelmalion is expected to cleanse them from the face of Glorantha if it
     looks feasible. (2)
32.  Assuming the JOB has actually managed to scramble inside the temple and
     is not attacking anyone in there, the Temple is obligated to protect them
     from pursuers. (1) NB: in the Middle Ages, the Church gave sanctuary only
     at certain larger churches, and the refugee had to sign over all their
     worldly wealth to the Church. The fugitive was normally then considered
     "escaped" by the authorities, and allowed to go into exile - he was
     given special clothing by the church to signify his protected status and
     sent to the nearest port / border.
33.  There's no commandment about bats, but obviously as creatures of Darkness
     they should be exterminated if they cause the slightest problem. It is
     accepted that their friends the Lunars are partial to Bat
     familiars and these are grudgingly tolerated. (1)
34.  Black flames, giving out heat but no visible light, are a manifestation
     of the Thanatar cult's abomination Darklight and should be instantly
     extinguished. (1 point)
35.  In the Underworld (it's the Yelm cult's term for the Halls of Light) (1)
36.  In the Underworld: it's where Yelm rests at night. (1)
37.  Gold - and Silver! They can use iron, too, of course. (2)
38.  O (a circle - ie, a Fire/Sky rune without the Fire, the dot in the
     middle) (1)
39.  The body is left for 7 days. If it hasn't risen, it is burnt at dusk with
     a smokeless fire. The mourners drink and sing victory paens and pray for 
     the soul to join Yelm. At dawn the sunrise is read for omens. (4)  
40.  The High Priest - overall boss;
     The Light Captain - mercenaries & military policy; (strictly speaking,
     doesn't need to be a Priest, could be a Light Son)
     The Light Guide - internal affairs, political relations to outsiders,
     represents / leads the mass of the people;
     The Light Keeper - Magic and Religion; leads major worship ceremonies.
     (4 points)
41.  It's the nearest town to the Hill of Gold (1)
42.  No fish, potatoes or raw eggs. Some also refuse to eat broccoli too, on 
     the grounds that they're big boys now and don't have to if they don't
     like it. (3)
43.  The priests sit first, the Lords are served first. (2)
44.  Once invested, the priest cannot marry. If already married that's OK,
     unless she's an Earth cultist whereupon she must be divorced 5 years
     after becoming a priest.(3)
45.  An angelic warrior of Dayzatar's, which lives in the Sky Realm. (1)
46.  Yelorna, the Starbringer, of course. (1.) They don't primarily worship
     the stars themselves, though some (like Pole Star) are closely
     associated with Yelorna and may form hero-cults or subcults.
47.  A son of Pole Star, the first entity to become a planet. (1)
48.  Aether is the primal Fire/Sky element, source of Light and Heat. (2)
49.  If the answer includes comments like "one benefit is you can avoid your
     cult spirit of retribution" or "you can take on an undetectable chaos
     taint", kill them now. 

     (Maximum points possible: 88)