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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (2 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

    Part 2: Universal spells: known by all temples

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.



UNIVERSAL SPELLS: known by all temples

Spell Name
Control of Self
Demonology (8)
Disenchantment (4)
Execration (9)
Favouring (6)
Inscription (10)
Invisibility (8)
Light and Darkness
Muniments of Excellence (10)
Nutrification (3)
Perception of the Energies (2)
Revivication (10)
Seal Upon the Powers (10)
Soporiferousness (5)
Sphere of Impermeable Quiescence (10)
Terrorization (9)
Transportation (9)
Vallation (8)
Zoic Domination (4)

ALLEVIATION instant; touch
Each Intensity neutralizes 1d6 POT of poison, alcohol, or drugs.
Most spells are considered to have POT equal to their Intensity.
Creature's natural effects that lack POT are considered to have POT
equal to their POW (or sometimes CON).

If the caster overcomes the target, he can read the target's
surface thoughts. The target is aware of what is happening.
Intensity boosts the effects: 
     2    understand surface thoughts
     4    determine basic hostility or friendliness
     6    determine numbers, direction, and distance of targets
          w/o needing to actually see them. Requires Multispell,
          and only targets up to the Multispell's level are
          reported, nearest targets first. 
     8    allows two-way communication
Intensities given are for humans. Detecting the thoughts of non-
and semi-intelligent animals takes 2 extra Intensity, and they
cannot participate in two-way communication. Nonhumans cost 7 extra
Intensity. This spell cannot detect the thoughts of wholly alien
entities, like robots, demons, undead, etc. 
     This spell is used to form networks of telepaths throughout
the Five Empires. 

The caster can see & hear through a wall or other obstructions, but
not through any type of metal. Intensity 5 permits him to see in
the dark. Each foot of intervening material costs one Range point
to penetrate. 
     This spell can be reversed, in which case it covers an area
with a diameter equal to Range. All Clairvoyance spells with lower
Intensity than the reversed spell automatically fail. The reversed
effect does not move with the caster. 

Except w/Intensity 6, the caster can not fight, but he can move
normally while maintaining the spell. He cannot cast spells.
Intensity varies the effect.
     1    cuts off pain, lets caster move while incapacitated          

     2    stops all bleeding wounds
     3    eliminates effects of fatigue
     4    allows holding breath for the spell's duration
     6    permits caster to fight while doing the above

DEMONOLOGY (8); Range, Duration, and Multispell not applicable
Summons a demon. This is actually not one spell, but a complex of
different spells. Most sorcerers only learn the most minor form of
Demonology, which summons a very minor demon. This demon appears 2m
in front of the caster, who has 1 minute to bargain for its
services. If the bargain cannot be struck, the demon returns to its
own plane in disgust. All payment must be made in advance -- demons
are by now thoroughly aware of human turpitude.

Dispels magic. If the Disenchantment Intensity exceeds the target
spell's Intensity, the latter is destroyed. 

DOMINATION (5); duration is in rounds, not minutes
Brings an intelligent target under the crude control of the caster,
who can do nothing but control it while the spell is in effect.
Multiple targets must all be given the same commands.

ELICITATION touch; instant
     Gives a vision of information, depending upon Intensity. 
     1    target: object. Shows dimly the last person to handle
          the target.
     2    target: intelligent being. Shows his psychic aura (his
          Magic Bonus, and total number of spells known)
     3    target: a homogenous substance in hand. Leads the
          caster to any more of the same material within Range.
     4    as per Intensity 2, but also identifies his highest
          combat skill and its level.
     5    as per Intensity 3, but no sample is needed. Just name
          the desired substance. 
     7    detects poison and drugs by looking at an object. If the
          target is a living creature, venom-carrying body parts
          are identified.
     8    detect the presence (but not name) of any spell within
          view (invisible spells become visible)

EXECRATION (9); touch; permanent
Lays a curse on an object. The category of beings who activate the
curse must be specified (i.e., all devotees of Avanthe, all who
follow Change, all Pe Choi, etc.). Once the curse is laid, if the
object is touched (even with a pole) by one of the named category,
it explodes, doing 5d6 damage to all within 3m. If it is moved by
someone else, the curse is dispelled.

FAVOURING (6); touch
Acts as "pre-healing", replacing 1d20 lost Body Points as lost
through physical wounds. 

HEALING touch; instant
Heals 1 pt of damage per Intensity. 

INSCRIPTION (10); touch; permanent
Costs the caster 1 POW, plus 10 MPs. It lets him write 1 level (of
Intensity, Duration, etc.) of a spell which he knows onto a book,
scroll, amulet, etc. The inscribed spell level may then be used by
anyone (at 100%). If a magician that knows the spell uses the
object, he can add the level onto his own pts of Intensity, etc.,
but must use his own skill percentage.

INVISIBILITY (8); touch; reversed form is self only
Makes target invisible. If he casts a spell or attacks, the spell's
effects end. The spell can be reversed, causing invisible beings or
objects to glow (to the caster's eyes) in a faint nimbus of
other-planar light -- visible even in darkness. The reversed spell
costs only 2 Intensity.
     8    target is invisible in dim light (not daylight)
     12   target is invisible in any light

Creates a floating ball which lights an area with a diameter equal
to Range. Intensity determines brightness. 
     1    dim candle
     3    torch
     5    fireplace
     7    broad daylight 
The spell can be reversed, creating darkness sufficient to squelch
the listed light sources. This costs 1 additional Intensity.

A totally impervious globe, 6m in diameter (or as large as will fit
in the area) appears around the caster. Nothing physical or magical
can enter and no magic can be used within it; not even a prayer for
Divine Intervention. No spell dispels it. It is immobile. No light
penetrates, and air supply can be a problem, especially if the user
has a torch. Those inside can step outside. The color of this shell
varies with the god: Avanthe, royal blue; Belkhanu, golden yellow;
Dlamelish, emerald green; Hnalla, dazzling white; Hru'u, rich
purple; Karakan, ruby red; Ksarul, deep indigo; Sarku, amber brown;
Thumis, pearl gray; Vimuhla, flame orange. The Muniments of the
Cohorts are the same colors as their Gods, but lighter in hue.

NUTRIFICATION (3); touch; instant
Fills the target's system w/nutrition equivalent to one full meal.
Beings larger than SIZ 20 require 1 extra Intensity to feed per 20
additional SIZ or fraction thereof.

PERCEPTION OF THE ENERGIES (2); self only; instant
Lets the caster see an object's enchantment. Duration & Range can
be used at Intensity 4, for the listed effect.
     2    tells if an object is magic or not
     3    tells if an object's magic is malign or beneficial
     4    tells if a spell has been cast within the spell's range
          during a period preceding the casting equal to Duration

PHANTASMS no Multispell
Creates an illusion with 1d6 SIZ per Intensity. If the illusion is
non-moving, it can have 3d6 SIZ per Intensity. Tinaliya and Hlutrgu
always see through illusions.

REVIVICATION (10); touch; instant
Returns a deceased creature back to life. The priesthood of Sarku
knows how to apply this spell to destroyed undead, but normally it
is only effective on (formerly) living beings. For each full day
the target has been dead before he is restored, his STR & CON are
lowered by 1. The spell is fatiguing, and costs 20 MPs, despite its
nominal Intensity of 10. 

Negates 50 kg of ENC for carrying purposes per Intensity.

SEAL UPON THE POWERS (10); no range
Forms a 10m diameter globe of glowing particles, within which no
spell can be cast, nor can any such spell penetrate. Beings
activated or created via magic can penetrate without trouble. The
sphere does not move with the caster. 

Puts a target to sleep for the Duration if its SIZ is overcome.
Undead, demons, automatons, Pygmy Folk, and Shunned Ones are immune
to this. Extra Intensity adds 5% to the chance of overcoming the

Similar to the Seal Upon the Powers, except that spells can be cast
inside the sphere, though they cannot penetrate it from either

Plunges the target into utter panic, unless he is immune to fear.

Permits the caster to move 1 SIZ point per Intensity by mental
force. The object moves at 10m per round per Intensity used. If the
user wishes to perform a difficult feat or hit a foe, a DEX x 3
roll is needed. The caster can move himself using this spell. 

TRANSPORTATION (9); touch; instant
Teleports 50 SIZ points or less of living beings exactly 100 meters
to the rear of the caster. An entire being must be teleported or
none of him is. The being must be willing.

VALLATION C 8; no range; instant
Creates a wall which moves away from the caster at 2m/sr until it
has traveled 60m (when it dissipates), or until it encounters a
major obstruction (a turn in a passage, a pit, staircase, etc.). A
wall does damage for one round, then passes on.
     A wall is usually 3m high, 1m thick, and 6m wide, but may be
made smaller. It automatically dispells creatures created by
sorcery. It blocks all physical blows and missiles, and acts as a
shield against: Doomkill, Hands of Kra the Mighty, Missile of
Metallja, Radiant gaze, Silver Halo of Soul-Stealing, Speculum of
Retribution, and Vapor of Death.
     If two opposing walls meet, a D6 is rolled for each; the one
with the highest score continues, while the loser is dissipated. A
tie halts both in place and further rolls are made each round till
one wins. Each wall normally defeats one other type of wall,
against which it has +2 added to its D6 roll. 

Deity     Vallation
AVANTHE   Water; [defeats Fire] Target takes drowning damage of
          1d6 each round a CONx5 roll fails; must keep trying
          until he rolls CONx1.
BELKHANU  Wind; [defeats Indigo Fog] Target must resist with his
          STR or take 4d6 buffeting damage (armor does not
          count), and be knocked sprawling. Turns back a Vapor of
          Death upon its caster.
DLAMELISH Writhing Serpents; [defeats Grey Mist] Target is
          poisoned if he fails to resist with his CON. Then, he 
          needs Alleviation within CON rounds or he dies.
HNALLA    Calm; [defeats Wind] All living beings are calmed, and
          must succeed in an INTx2 roll (once per round) before
          they can take any action. Animals are permanently
          calmed, unless they take damage, in which case they
          instantly return to normal.
HRU'U     Ice; [defeats Water] Target takes 1d6 damage and is
          frozen (all skills halved until he rolls CONx1).
KARAKAN   Clashing swords; [defeats Serpents] Target takes 5d6
          damage which can be parried, but not dodged. Armor is        

KSARUL    Indigo fog; [defeats Calm] Target takes 1d8 damage and
          1d8 more each round a CONx5 fails; must keep trying
          till he succeeds. 
SARKU     Grave Earth; [defeats Swords]  This rolling avalanche
          of dirt, cerements, bits of bone, and wriggling worms
          does 3d6 damage ignoring armor.
THUMIS    Grey mist; [defeats Grave Earth] Target loses 3d6 MPs. 
VIMUHLA   Fire; [defeats Ice]  Target is engulfed in 3d6 fire,
          and all flammable objects touched are set alight. Armor
          helps vs. damage, but target may remain aflame after
          the wall passes, doing 1d6 damage per round ignoring
          armor till the fire is extinguished.

Gives the target armor equal to Intensity. Those affected by the
spell can cast spells, but may not make physical attacks for the
duration, or the spell will dissipate.

Acts as Domination, but on non-intelligent creatures, who resist
with their SIZ. Each extra Intensity adds 5% to the chance of
overcoming. Multiple controlled animals must all be given the same