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Subject: Volume 10, no 6: Sandy Petersen's RQ rules for Tekumel (5 of 7)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

    Part 5: Cult and Temple spells:  Dlamelish, Dra, Durritlamish, 
	    Gruganu, Hnalla, Hrihayal, Hru'u

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.



Spell Name
Risibility (4)
Fulguration of Immanent Grandeur (see Hnalla)
Hymnal of the Lord of Light (6)
Metastasis (5) (see Hnalla)
Negation of Unstability (see Hnalla)

The target is suffused with deep and overwhelming ennui, with no
desire to move, fight, speak, or act. Commands, threats, pain, and
sensations are of no interest, and he is immune to Domination,
Semblances, or other forms of mental command. This spell can be
used to withdraw from unpleasant or boring conditions. Possible
targets vary with Intensity.
     1    Caster himself 
     4    Another intelligent being
     9    semi-intelligent or unintelligent being

HYMNAL OF THE LORD OF LIGHT (Dra) (6); self only
The caster's face is illumined with the beauty of the Perfect
Radiance of Hnalla. No servitor of Change can look upon his
countenance and must fight, launch missiles, or cast spells at the
caster as though blind. The light illuminates an area 2m in
diameter per Intensity, making it as bright as day. Undead suffer
1d3 damage per round they remain within. The spell cannot be cast
if a demon of Change or creature created by sorcery (whether Change
or Stability) is within the area, but once cast, they cannot enter
the light. Semi- and non-intelligent animals are driven off by the
light, but are not physically harmed by it.

RISIBILITY (Dra) (4); Range is in 1m increments
All intelligent beings within range perceive the ludicrousness of
life and, if they fail to resist become jocose and break out in
hysterical laughter. A victim must fail his INTx5 each round he is
affected to take any action other than laughing. Thus, more
intelligent targets are worse-afflicted. Disenchantment dispels the

Spell Name
Necrophobia (2)
Depuration (see Sarku)
Entombment (5)
Eradicator of Veracity (3) (see Sarku)
Putrefaction (8)
Summoning of the Spectral Hosts (see Sarku)

ENTOMBMENT (Durritlamish) (5); instant
A coffin-shaped sepulchre 3m wide, 1.5m high, and 5m long is
created in an area of unworked earth or natural stone. The spell
cannot be used if the surroundings are masonry, brick, wood, or
worked substances. The tomb appears 2m underground at a site within
Range and sight of the caster, and the target, if he fails to
resist, is transported to it magically. 
     The target can use magic, but take no other actions.
Etherealization (Belkhanu), Decorporealization (Hru'u), Discerner
of Enchantments (Thumis), or Guiding (also Thumis), or a 5
Intensity Ascertainment can find the victim easily. Disenchantment
is futile. 

NECROPHOBIA (Durritlamish) (2)
A victim (any intelligent non-undead), if he fails to resist, flees
in abject terror from the sight of any undead being, including the
Worms of the Night, and other special minions of Sarku,
Durritlamish, et al. The victim drops anything which he can easily
discard. He can be freed by Disenchantment, Intrepidity, Glorious
Call (Karakan), Devotion to the Flame (Vimuhla), or Valor of the
Divine Kingdom (Chegarra).
     Perception of the Energies or Discerner of Enchantments
(Thumis) identifies the spell's presence. 

PUTREFACTION (Durritlamish) (8); instant
The target's body begins to rot and slough away. He dies in CON
rounds unless Alleviation is cast. In any case, his HPs are halved
until Healing is applied -- even if he is Revivified.


Spell Name                         Type
Attainment of Enlightenment (5)
Web of Refulgent Command (see Ksarul)
Labyrinth of Elongated Shadows (5)
Azure Scarab (4) (see Ksarul)
Food of the Ssu (see Ksarul)
Invigorator of Blades

ATTAINMENT OF ENLIGHTENMENT (Gruganu) (5); self only
The caster is temporarily gifted with the knowledge of a selected
Universal spell which he does not already know. He can recall and
cast the spell until the Duration expires. Intensity 9 permits the
caster to know a selected Common spell from any temple.

One projectile point (like an arrowhead) is made to glow with
bluish luminescence, and does double damage. An Intensity of 7
permits the spell to be cast upon a melee weapon. However, if the
weapon leaves its wielder's hand, the spell terminates. This spell
has no effect on blunt weapons. 

If the target fails to resist, he is transported to Ksarul's horrid
Citadel of the Twelve Pylons of Ta'lar, a mighty fortress
established on the Forty-Fifth Plane, ruled by the Demon Lord Qu'u.
This is a place of utter darkness; no light can exists here. The
wretched victim wanders through this tenebrous edifice for the
Duration. Each minute spent here, he has a 10% chance of meeting
one of Qu'u's hideous insectoid servitors. These servitors often
won't harm a minion of Gruganu or Ksarul, but attack outsiders, as
simulated by a 1d100 roll. The target also rolls 1d100, adding his
Special Success chance in his highest weapon or sorcery skill. High
roll lives. A dead victim's corpse reappears on Tekumel naked and
wrapped in a silky cocoon.


Spell Name
Globe of Distant Discernment (3)
Fulguration of Immanent Grandeur (shared by Dra)
Inimitable Defender (2)
Metastasis (5) (shared by Dra)
Negation of Instability (shared by Dra)
Peaceful Repose (5)
Power of Ultimate Perfection (3)
Ritual of the Purified Sphere

GLOBE OF DISTANT DISCERNMENT (Hnalla) (3); Range in 100m increments
The caster can send his power of vision away from himself. His
"eyes" can turn corners, go up or down staircases. At Intensity 3,
they cannot pass physical or magic barriers. Nor can they cross
obstacles the caster could not traverse (such as rivers or chasms).
The caster's body is blind while this spell is in effect. At
Intensity 7, the eyes can pass physical barriers up to 1m thick,
but not magic barriers or metal of any type. At Intensity 9, the
eyes can fly at a height of 2m. 

A beam of scintillating white light hits the target, accompanied by
a high ringing sound, like a hammer striking an anvil. A target
that fails to resist takes 1d4 damage per Intensity. This spell
affects living beings only, not undead, androids, automatons,
demons, or creatures created by sorcery. Walls, floors,
furnishings, etc., are not harmed. 

INIMITABLE DEFENDER (Hnalla) (2); self only
A 1m diameter dome of nacreous crystalline force surrounds the
caster. No spells can penetrate from without. Undead, demons, and
creatures created by sorcery cannot enter the sphere, though
androids can. The spell moves with the caster, and he can fight
from inside. Each Intensity either increases the dome's diameter by
1m, or increases its efficacy as given below: 
     2    those within cannot use sorcery, nor
          magico-technological devices
     6    those within can cast spells out through the dome
     9    as above, but only slow-moving substances can penetrate
          from without (such as gas, or lava). Blows, spells, and
          foes are all repelled. This form of the spell cannot
          move with the caster. 
     The Inimitable Defender is resistant to Disenchantment -- it
takes half-again the normal Intensity to dispel. 

METASTASIS (Hnalla & Dra) (5) 
Teleports the caster with as many additional targets as
Multispelled (all of whom must be within 2m) to the location of the
caster's choice, which must be within Range. He must have visited
the chosen site within the Duration. 

A special Disenchantment effective only against illusions.
Phantasms and phantasm-like effects which are immune to
Disenchantment are dispelled by this. Phantasms and their ilk which
can be dispelled by Disenchantment can be canceled by this spell at
1/2 normal Intensity. It destroys Transfusion (Hru'u), Emulation
(Dlamelish), and similar spells. Phantasmal or illusory effects
that are a natural ability rather than a spell are dispelled at an
Intensity equal to half the target's POW. This applies to the
illusory forms of Mihalli, Chashkeri, etc. 

PEACEFUL REPOSE (Hnalla) (5); touch; Duration in hours
For each hour the target sleeps while under the effect of this
spell, he regains 1 MP, in addition to whatever he would gain
normally. In addition, he is protected against the Nightmare of
Terror (Hru'u) for the Duration. 

Any minor demon devoted to Change is sent back to its own plane,
unless it resists. Greater Demons are not affected.

RITUAL OF THE PURIFIED SPHERE (Hnalla) Range in 1m increments
Hallows all the ground within Range, rendering it impassable to
undead and demons or creatures produced by sorcery who are
dedicated to Change. At Intensity 7, priests dedicated to gods of
Change cannot enter the circle. If a "blocked" being is within the
circle when it is cast, it can freely enter and leave that
particular circle thereafter. The circle has no effect on spells
and can be canceled by Disenchantment. 

Spell Name
Dance of the Emerald Goddess (4)
Imbition (shared with Dlamelish)
Obturation (5)
Polychrest of the Third Octant (shared with Dlamelish)
Potence (shared with Dlamelish)

This spell has three forms. Disenchantment releases victims of all
forms of the spell. 
     The Demoness Maraggu: the target is led off in a random
direction for the Duration. In the Underworld, they are lost in the
maze. Outdoors, they are lost in a forest. Those unaffected see
nothing. They may accompany victims, but no amount of pleading
dissuades a devotee from following the Demon Temptress.
     The Dancing Maiden of Temptation: the target becomes the
goddess' willing slave for the Duration in rounds. The caster may
command the victim to help her, fight, flee, or commit suicide. If
he is asked to do something contrary to his nature (like commit
suicide), he can attempt to resist the spell again, but if he
fails, he must obey. 
     The Demoness Ulela: this version is cast upon an area 6m in
diameter, and the effect remains for the Duration. Anyone that
enters the area sees the Maid of Despairing Delight. Should he fail
to resist the spell's Intensity, he becomes a devotee of the most
salacious Aspects of the Emerald Goddess. He must be restrained
from committing obscene acts upon anyone within reach, and nothing
can free him but Disenchantment. 

DIMINUTION (Hrihayal) touch
The target loses 1 SIZ per Intensity. Can be cast upon inanimate
objects as well as living beings. A target reduced to SIZ 0 becomes
1mm tall. His possessions are reduced with him.

OBTURATION (Hrihayal) (5)
All the target's bodily orifices are sealed; he cannot hear, sweat,
excrete, or breathe. For the first minute, the target can still
fight, move, and cast spells. At the start of the second minute, he
falls to the ground and becomes moribund, dying CON rounds later.
This spell normally only works on beings SIZ 20 or less. For each
additional Intensity, add 10 to the SIZ affected. 

Spell Name                    Type
Amethyst Expurgation (3) (shared by Wuru)
Confusion (shared by Wuru)
Decorporealization (4)
Nightmare of Terror (2)
Transfusion (3)
Vindication of Instability (shared by Wuru)

Any minor demon devoted to Stability is sent back to its own plane,
unless it resists. Greater Demons are not affected.

CONFUSION (Hru'u & Wuru) 
The target's mind is befuddled and all his skill chances drop by 5
per Intensity. Disenchantment cancels the effect.

CONGELATION (Hru'u) instant
Freezes the area struck. Can be targeted at a living being or an
expanse of water or mud. If cast at water or mud, it transforms 1
cubic meter to ice per Intensity. For double Intensity, the ice can
be formed into a wall, standing above the ground.
     At least Intensity 5 is needed to affect a living being. The
target must resist with his SIZ or is frozen. If frozen, he must
resist his CON vs. Intensity or die. If he lives, he is numb and
useless, and cannot move until he rolls CONx1, when he recovers. 

The target's body becomes insubstantial and translucent. He can
move normally, plus levitate or descend through solid substances at
20m/round. If he is within a solid object when the spell ends, he
dies in an explosion (3d6 to all within 3m). The caster's clothing,
weapons, and possessions are not decorporealized with him, and he
cannot fight, cast spells, or speak while discorporeal.
Disenchantment removes this spell, plus the caster can drop it at
any time. 

NIGHTMARE OF TERROR (Hru'u) (2); Duration measured in hours
Must be cast upon a sleeping victim known personally to the caster,
who must be within Range but need not be visible. It projects the
nightmare of the caster's choice, and knowledge of the target's
fears and phobias is thus desirable. Such knowledge adds 25 to the
chance of overcoming the target's resistance. Intimate knowledge of
the target's fears adds 50.
     Each time the target sleeps during the Duration, he loses 1
CON from fear and pain. This loss is cumulative. Once the Duration
expires, he regains lost CON at the rate of 1/day. Disenchantment
dispels it, but the CON loss remains till restored. If the target's
CON is reduced to 0, his hair turns white, he goes into
convulsions, and he dies in his sleep. 

TRANSFUSION (Hru'u) (3); self only 
A phantasmal being (of any form -- Ahoggya, Kuruku, Sro, etc.) is
created and the caster's soul enters it. His body remains comatose
for the Duration, and he becomes in effect the creature, possessing
its STR, CON, SIZ, DEX, and APP, but retaining his own INT and POW.
He does not gain special talents (such as the Ssu's hypnosis), and
does not gain knowledge of the creature's language or customs.
While in the phantasmal body, he can only use Enchantments, not
Ceremonies or Summonings. The being appears sans weapons or armor,
and cannot be made to resemble a specific individual, but is an
idealized member of the species. 
     For each Intensity beyond the basic 3, the caster can
transform to a creature with an average SIZ up to 6 different from
his own. Thus, a SIZ 13 caster would need 2 extra Intensity to
change into a Black Ssu (average SIZ 26). 
     Disenchantment won't cancel this spell, but Negation of
Instability (Hnalla) dispels it and slays the caster. 

VINDICATION OF INSTABILITY (Hru'u & Wuru) Range in 1m increments
This hallows all the ground within Range, rendering the area
impassable to demons and creatures produced by sorcery dedicated to
Stability. At an Intensity of 7, priests dedicated to gods of
Stability cannot enter the circle either. If a "blocked" being is
within the circle when cast, it can freely enter and leave that
particular circle thereafter. The circle has no effect on spells
and can be canceled by Disenchantment.

Affects a circle 1m in diameter per Intensity, within which the
surface is changed into thick, gooey mud 1.5m deep for the
Duration. It works only on natural stone or earth. Masonry,
brickwork, wood, metal, etc. are immune. A being standing in the
mire when the spell ends or is canceled is forcibly extruded to the
surface at spell's end and is prone.
     With at least 8 Intensity, the spell can be cast at a being in
an attempt to turn his bones and flesh into a sticky mess. The body
congeals into a spongy mass when the spell expires. This is
effective against anything but demons. If two or more targets are
deliquesced together, and their bodies have run together, this
makes revivication difficult -- half normal chances for success,
and both individuals must be restored at once.