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Subject: Volume 10, no 7: RQ rules for Tekumel monsters (1 of 3)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

	Part 1: Underworld Creatures

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.



AQAA (The Worm of the Catacombs)
     These huge accordion-shaped worms range from 6m to 18m long.
They are covered with ragged brown bristles and swallow prey whole.
     A victim swallowed by an aqaa can try to cut his way out if he
has a short edged weapon in hand. He must succeed in an attack roll
first, and then roll damage (the aqaa has no internal armor).
Damage rolled times 5% gives his chance of cutting a hole big
enough to crawl out. Friends can try to cut him out using the same
procedure; except that the aqaa's armor counts vs. their attacks.
If the aqaa is killed, all subsequent attacks automatically hit.

characteristic           average
STR  2d6+6 per 3m length 26-78     Move 5/3m
CON  2d6+6 per 3m length 26-78     Armor 2+1 per d6 damage bonus
SIZ  2d6+12 per 3m length 38-114   Hit Pts 32-96
POW  4d6                 14
DEX  1d6                 3-4

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Engulf    8    90        3d6 to 11d6 (equal to damage bonus)
Tail Lash 8    90        3d3 to 11d3 (equal to 1/2 damage bonus)
     COMBAT NOTES: Engulf does no actual damage. Instead, if the
"damage" exceeds the target's SIZ, he is swallowed, and takes 4 pts
acid damage ignoring armor, and do so each round thereafter.
     The aqaa can use both engulf & tail lash on each combat round,
if the tunnel is wide enough to permit it.
BIRIDLU (The Mantle)
     Ancient treasure guardians are cape-like, black, flying
creatures which cling to ceilings and drop down upon their prey.
They then suffocate their gibbering victim in their
powerfully-muscled folds. They are immune to chlen-hide and
crushing weapons (like maces).
     A trapped victim can cut himself loose in the same way as with
the aqaa (see above). However, the biridlu's armor counts against
any such attempt. A victim's friends cannot free him except by
killing the biridlu. 
     Biridlus fight maniacally until slain. Their bodies must be
burned or dissolved in acid to prevent them returning to life, as
they regenerate 3 pts per combat round.

characteristic average
STR  8d6       28        Move 20/35 flying
CON  3d6+6     16-17     Armor 6 pts
SIZ  4d6+6     20        Hit Pts 19
POW  4d6       14
DEX  4d6       14

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Strangle  7    70        1d6 per round
     COMBAT NOTES: the strangle attack ignores all armor
protection. Biridlu are immune to chlen-hide weapons, and
regenerate 3 HP per round. 

CHNELH (The Ape Mutant)
     These were created from some ancient Earth ape stock millenia
ago. They have long sharp jaws and teeth and large jewel-like eyes
beneath beetling brows. They'll attack groups they outnumber, but
flee if outnumbered. They use crude clubs and spears, but cannot be
tamed. They travel in large bands, sometimes numbering in the

characteristic average
STR  2d6       7         Move 40
CON  2d6       7         Armor 1 pt hide
SIZ  3d6       10-11     Hit Pts 9
INT  2d6       7
POW  1d6+6     9-10
DEX  4d6       14

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage    Parr%     Pts
Club      9    55        1d8       55        6
Spear     8    55        1d6+1     55        6

DLAQO (The Carrion Beetle)
     Great armored creatures with iridescent green carapaces, six
legs, and powerful scissors-like mandibles. They attack only if
they can surprise a group, or if the party is a small one (1-12).
Otherwise they scuttle away. They are carrion-feeders, and may be
found in any area containing a recently-slain being. They range in
size from 2m to 6m long.

characteristic           average
STR  4d6 per 2m length   14-42     Move 20
CON  3d6 per 2m length   10-32     Armor 8 pts
SIZ  3d6+6 per 2m length 16-50     Hit Pts 13-41
POW  3d6                 10-11
DEX  1d6                 3-4

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Bite      7    80        1d10 + 1d4 to 5d6

HLI'IR (The Beast With the Unendurable Face)
     These mad creatures are so hideous to look upon that anyone
who does so may go insane. When in combat, anyone fighting a hli'ir
must roll INTx5 each round or look at the face; which entails a POW
x 3 roll to keep from going mad. A mad victim generally attacks his
friends, but effects vary.
     A hli'ir often (1/3 of the time) simply rushes through a
party, without stopping to fight. They are immune to chlen-hide,
but a mace, flail, or other crushing weapon may stun the hli'ir if
it penetrates the hli'ir's armor (chances of success are equal to
10% times the damage done to the hli'ir). 

characteristic average
STR  6d6       21        Move 40
CON  4d6+12    26        Armor 6 pts
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts 20
POW  2d6+12    19        DODGE: 85
DEX  4d6       14

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Slash     8    80        2d8+1d6

HRA (The Bloodsucker)
     These great, gray undead monsters fight as men do, with swords
or lances. They cannot stand daylight. Their victims are drained of
all blood and body fluids and nothing is left but a husk. They can
only be slain by touching them with an Amulet of the Great God
after they are reduced to 0 HP. Otherwise, they keep regenerating. 

characteristic average
STR  3d6 x 3   30-33     Move 40
CON  3d6 x 3   30-33     Armor 4 
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts 23
INT  2d6+6     13
POW  1d6+12    15-16
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Bastard Sword  7    75        1d10+1+2d6     75        12
Long Spear     6    75        1d8+1+2d6      75        10
Bite           9    75        2d6 + 1d6 STR drain      --
     COMBAT NOTES: Can attack with melee weapon followed by a bite 3  
SRs later.  If the bite hits home, the hra drains 1d6 of the target's
STR (recoverable by an hour or two of rest per pt.). They
regenerate at the rate of 2 pts per round.

HURU'U The Howler
     Spectral undead which wander howling. They can be heard up to
60m away, but their howl has the virtue that they automatically
perceive any beings that can hear them. Anyone within 3m of a
huru'u is completely deafened by the howling. This distraction
lowers all skill chances by 10, in addition to its more obvious
effects. Anyone killed by a Huru'u and then revivified loses 1/2
his or her CON, in addition to other penalties of revivication.
     Huru'u can be driven off by protective spells, and are
vulnerable to fire.

characteristic average
STR  3d6       10-11     Move 30   
CON  3d6 x 2   20-22     Armor 2 pts
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts 17
INT  2d6+6     13        
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Claw      8    65        1d10
     COMBAT NOTES: chlen-hide weapons do only 1/2 damage.
This is done BEFORE subtracting for the Huru'u's armor. 

KAYI (The Eye)
     An odd creature consisting of a large gas bag and a huge,
single, bulging eye. They prefer to hang high in the air in dark
corners or forest canopies and drop their thin, fibrous tentacle
nets down upon passersby. 
     The web can be pulled off or cut away with a successful DEX x
3 roll. If this is done, the kayi can continue to fight, using
other tentacles, but it cannot recreate its deadly net without
several hours of time. 
     They normally fight just out of reach of weapons with SRs less
than 4. A flaming arrow will ignite their gas bag and bring them to
the ground on any hit penetrating armor.

characteristic average
STR  2d6       7         Move 50
CON  3d6+6     16-17     Armor 2 pts
SIZ  3d6+6     16-17     Hit Pts 17
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  2d6+12    19

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage
Tentacle Net   1   95        2d6
Tentacle       2   70        1d10
     COMBAT NOTES: anyone hit by the Tentacle Net loses 1d4 STR
(permanently) each round after the first. Their Tentacle Net is for
all intents and purposes a ranged weapon, and their regular
tentacle attack has such a long reach it has a base SR of 0.

KURGHA (Eaters of Carrion)
     Scuttling six-limbed furry beasts around 4' long and 3" tall.
They have sharp, horny beaks and three eyes. They live on refuse
and carrion, and only attack if they outnumber a party. Their
repulsive stench warns a party of their presence at a distance of

characteristic average        Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
STR  2d6       7              Bite     9    50        1d8
CON  3d6       10-11     Move 40
SIZ  1d6+6     9-10      Armor 2 pt hide
POW  2d6       7         Hit Pts 10
DEX  2d6+6     13

MARASHYALU (The Whimperer)
     Supernatural masters of illusion, appearing as children,
women, wounded friends, etc., and they weep, imploring help. If the
marashyalu succeeds in carrying off a victim, it sucks all the soft
organs out of his body by inserting a long proboscis into the mouth
or other opening. Magical defenses can hold them off.

characteristic average
STR  3d6       10-11     Move 40   
CON  2d6+12    19        Armor 6 pts
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts 16
INT  2d6+6     13        Magic Pts 19
POW  2d6+12    19
DEX  2d6+6     13        DODGE: 50

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Spur      5    70        1d8            70        10
Hypnotize 1    Auto      hypnotize      --        --
     COMBAT NOTES: Fights using a long bony spur (base SR 1). The  
spur may look like whatever type of weapon the Marashyalu desires, but does
damage as the spur.
     MAGIC: the hypnosis attack has a range of 10 meters, and costs
the Marashyalu 1 MP to use. Anyone failing to resist is overcome,
and can be commanded to fight against his own party. 

MRUR (The Undead)
     Mindless animated corpses, usually dead warriors. They always
attack and never retreat. They regenerate from their wounds at 1
pt/round unless destroyed by fire, acid, or similar techniques.
Normally, their attack and parry are equal to their DEX x 5.

characteristic average
STR  3d6 x 1.5 15-17     Move 20
CON  3d6 x 1.5 15-17     Armor 2 pts
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts 15
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Broadsword     6    55        1d8+1+1d4      55        8
     COMBAT NOTES: can wield any type of weapon. Usually only have
old deteriorated arms (hence the lower armor points)

MU'AGH (The Jellyfish)
     Acid-secreting gelatinous creatures which range from 1' to 10'
in diameter. They hide in dark, damp places. Damage done by the
mu'agh is incurable -- the area destroyed is permanently out of
action. The acid cannot penetrate chlen-hide, but eats away steel,
cloth, leather, etc., with no problem. They can be slain by fire
and intense cold. The mu'agh automatically "hits" its prey, since
all it needs to do is make contact. The target can leap away by
succeeding in a DEX x 5 roll.

characteristic average
STR  n/a       n/a       Move 10
CON  3-12d6    10-42     Armor 0
SIZ  1-10d6    3-35      Hit Pts 7-39
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  1d6       3-4

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Touch     10    Auto      6 pt acid
     COMBAT NOTES: any weapons hitting the Mu'agh take 6 pt acid
damage per hit, except for chlen-hide weapons.

NGAYU (The Eater of Swords)
     Flattish crustaceans with powerful claws and six legs; an
artificial creature of long ago. Their main weapon is a secretion
which they can squirt up to 6m; this liquid affects only metal,
destroying it completely. The secretion has no effect upon organic
material, including chlen-hide.

characteristic average
STR  4d6  14   Move 40
CON  4d6  14   Armor 6 pts
SIZ  4d6  14   Hit Pts 14
POW  4d6  14
DEX  4d6  14

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Claw      8    70        2d4+1d4
Spray     2    70        Special
     COMBAT NOTES: If metal is present, there is a 50% chance it
will use the spray, rather than its claws. Anyone hit by the spray
must roll 1d6. 1 = 1/6 of his steel objects are gone; 2 = 2/6, and
so forth, up to 6 = all are gone.

NGORO (The Whelk)
     A huge (10m across) flattened entity whose upper side looks
much like rough stone, and whose underside is covered with millions
of cilia. It is intelligent and communicate via telepathy. It
sometimes lies flat upon the ground, waits until someone steps on
it, then rolls up, crushing the prey. It may also simply hump up
over its targets, enfolding and crushing them. Anyone trapped in
this way cannot escape until the NgUro is killed.
     They can hold miniature weapons in their cilia (including
Eyes), and may fight in this manner as well. 

characteristic average
STR  15d6      52-53     Move 20
CON  10d6      35        Armor 3 pts
SIZ  20d6      70        Hit Pts 53
INT  3d6+6     16-17
POW  6d6       21
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Crush     6    Auto.     7d3/round      --        --
Weapons   6    90        1d10 (impales) 90        8
     COMBAT NOTES: Crush does 1/2 the Ngoro's damage bonus. It can
make 1 attack with Weapons per d6 damage bonus. A typical Ngoro can
attack 7 times simultaneously. It has enough weapons that it will  
never run out.

NSHE The Flowing One
     Another product of ancient sorcery. These are composed
entirely of viscous, watery liquid, and can flow into any shape
they wish, pass under doors, through cracks, etc. It can rise up in
a rough form (humanoid, serpent, etc.). 
     In practice, the nshe is nearly impossible to destroy. Weapons
cannot slay it, nor can most spells, though damage can temporarily
disrupt its internal structure. Poison and disease are completely
     A standard defense against the nshe is fire. Each round in
which the nshe takes damage from fire gives a 10% chance that the
nshe will flee, since fire is one of the few things that can harm
the monster. Other techniques include the Amulet Against the
Iniquitous Nshe (which forces the nshe to retreat automatically),
and the spell of Calm (which forces the nshe to retreat if its
resistance is overcome). 

characteristic average
STR  2d6+12    19        Move 50
CON  4d6+24    38        Armor 0 (but see below)
SIZ  2d6+12    19        Hit Pts 28
INT  3d6       10-11
POW  3d6+6     16-17
DEX  3d6+12    22-23

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Strike    4    90        1d6+1d6
Engulf    4    Auto.     1d6/round
     COMBAT NOTES: The strike does normal combat damage. If the
Nshe chooses to engulf its target, it pools around him and forces
itself into his internal organs, doing 1d6 damage per round until
armor is overcome, then all extra damage is done right to hp.
     ARMOR: The Nshe has no armor, but all attacks by all weapon
types do only minimum possible damage (i.e., a hit by a broadsword
does 2 damage, 3 if the user has a damage bonus). Once its internal
structure has been completely disrupted (i.e., at 0 HP), it takes
it at least a minute to reorganize, during which time a party could
flee. Once it has reorganized, the Nshe is back to full HP. 
     Flame attacks also do only minimum damage, but the Nshe takes
time to heal, and cannot simply reorganize itself.

QOL (The Serpent-Headed Ones)
     Mutants from human stock created by the priests of Ksarul.
Their bodies are vaguely humanoid, with a slender reptilian neck
and a flat rattler-like skull. They see well in darkness, and fear
bright light. They fight with poison weapons, including arrows, and
their bite is also deadly. They are not courageous, and usually Qol
will not attack unless the Qol outnumber potential prey.

characteristic average
STR  1d6+6     9-10      Move 30
CON  3d6       10-11     Armor: 6 pt horny hide + robes
SIZ  1d6+6     9-10     Hit Pts: 11
INT  2d6+3     10
POW  2d6       7
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Scimitar       8    50        1d6+2+poison   50        10
Mdm Shield     9    05        1d6            50        10
Short Bow      3/9  50        1d6+1+poison   20        5
Bite           9    50        1d6+poison     --        --
     COMBAT NOTES: Each round, a qol can bite plus attack and parry
with weapons. The bite injects venom with a POT equal to the qol's
CON. All weapons are normally coated with the qol's own venom.

QUMQUM (The Thunderer)
     This spectral creature is invisible to humans, but not to Pe
Choi. It can be heard coming, however, at a distance of up to 150
meters, since it makes a terrible roaring noise as it goes. It
fights with a heavy polearm forged long ago by the Brethren of the
Scarlet Nail, a sect of the Priesthood of Sarku. 
     It can be driven off with an Eye of Detestation, or controlled
by the Incomparable Eye of Command. Fire may also drive it off (10%
chance per point of damage it takes)

characteristic average
STR  2d6+12    19        Move 40
CON  3d6+12    22-23     Armor: 2 pts
SIZ  3d6+12    22-23     Hit Pts: 23
INT  2d6+4     11
POW  4d6       14
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Halberd        4    85+20     3d6+2d6        85        12
     COMBAT NOTES: Because the qumqum is invisible, it normally
gets to add +20 to its attacks, since the target does not know
exactly where the attack is coming from.
     In addition, an enemy's chances of hitting the qumqum in melee
are halved. Missiles only have 1/4 normal chances of hitting.
     None of these penalties apply to Pe Choi, or to others capable
of seeing these creatures. 

RU'UN (The Demon of Bronze)
     Animated bronze automatons set to guard dimensional nexus
points by the ancients, as well as watch over other treasures.
There are many varieties of Ru'un, since they could be manufactured
in any form. Essentially, they are war robots. 
     Most Ru'un can see invisible planes and hear sounds inaudible
even to a Pe Choi. They obey only the Incomparable Eye of Command
the Amulet of Ruling the Ru'un (and even these are not infallible).
     One common type is covered with a fine network of wires
imparting a powerful electric shock to anyone touching it. This
type also carries an enchanted sword at the end of one arm, and a
steel-bolt thrower in the other. 

SAGUN (The Fungus)
     An animated fungus standing about eight feet tall. This pallid
convoluted, leafy-looking creature sways forward upon its mobile
stalk to strike with woody claws. It also emits devastating spores.

characteristic average
STR  3d6+6     16-17     Move 30
CON  3d6+12    22-23     Armor: 7 pts
SIZ  3d6+18    28-29     Hit Pts: 35
POW  4d6       14
DEX  2d6       7

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Claws     7    85+20     3d6+2d6
Spores    4    Auto      poison POT 
     COMBAT NOTES: each round the Sagun attacks with claws and also
breathes out spores. Everyone within 3m of the Sagun must hold
their breath each round or inhale the poison.

SHEDRA (The Eater of the Dead)
     Flesh-eating undead, gray and shriveled almost beyond human
form. They wander ceaselessly seeking food. They fight with cursed
steel swords and a person killed by one of them will himself become
a Shedra unless Alleviation is cast upon the corpse.

characteristic average
STR  3D6 x 2   20-22     Move 30
CON  3d6 x 2   20-22     Armor: 2 pts
SIZ  2d6+6     13        Hit Pts: 18
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  3d6       10-11

Weapon    SR   Attk      Damage    Parr      Pts
Scimitar  7    50        1d6+2+1d6 50        12

SRO (The Dragon)
     These reptiles can walk, swim, and fly. Like so many of
Tekumel's fauna, they are six-legged with a pair of small arms just
beneath their long, dragon-like head. They are intelligent enough
to value treasure and use it in exchange for goods, and thus can be
bought off. Typically, they range from 4m to 20m in length.

characteristic           average
STR  2d6 per 2m length   14-70     Move 30 land/40 swim/70 fly
CON  2d6 per 2m length   14-70     Armor: 8
SIZ  3d6 per 2m length   21-105    HP: 18-88
INT  2d6                 7
POW  1d6+12              16-17
DEX  3d6                 10-11

Weapon    SR   Attk      Damage              Parr      Pts
Bite      6    80        1d6+1d6 to 10d6     --        --
Sword     5    80        2d6+1d6 to 10d6     50        12
     COMBAT: each round, the sro can attack with both swords and
its bite, plus it can parry with each sword.

THUNRU'U (The Eater of Eyes)
     Manlike, doughy and blubbery, with two saucer-like eyes, a
grayish beak, and rolls of skin which hang about it like a robe.
They like to kill the Kayi, but also attack men to eat the eyes,
relishing these over any other type of food. They can often be
repelled by the odor of the aphrodisiac Tsural buds.

characteristic average
STR  3d6+12    22-23     Move 40
CON  2d6+12    19        Armor: 4 pts
SIZ  3d6+12    22-23     Hit Pts: 21
INT  3d6       10-11
POW  3d6+6     16-17
DEX  2d6+6     13

Weapon    SR   Attk      Damage
Fist      5    70        1d3+2d6
Grapple   5    70        1d6+2d6
     COMBAT NOTES: fight as unarmed humans (usually get two fist
attacks per round or one grapple). A grappled human is held down
while another Thunru'u has his way with the victim.

TSU'URU (The Illusion-Master)
     Beings related to the Marashyalu. They appear as naything they
wish, using telepathy to determine what potential prey is likeliest
to believe. The illusion is maintained until they are slain,
whereupon they revert to their own forms -- a bundle of ropy, lump
tentacles with a central brain ganglion. They can appear as a
Ru'un, a friend, etc. 
     Tsu'uru are immune to all magic, including mind-reading.

characteristic average
STR  4d6       14        Move 40   
CON  3d6+12    22-23     Armor 6 pts
SIZ  3d6+6     16-17     Hit Pts 20
INT  3d6+6     16-17
POW  3d6+12    22-23
DEX  2d6+6     13        DODGE: 50
MAG  1d4+2     4-5

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage
Tentacle whip  5    90        1d6+1d4

     COMBAT NOTES: Can attack with four tentacles at once (base SR of  
1). Tentacles can entangle as with a flail weapon.

YELETH (The Angel of Doom)
     Androids looking like beautiful maidens or youths. They have
paper-white skin and hair like polished ebony. 

characteristic average
STR  3d6+12    22-23     Move 30   
CON  25        25        Armor 3 pts
SIZ  2d6+4     11        Hit Pts 18
INT  15        15
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  19   	19        DODGE: 90

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage
Rapier    5   90        1d6+1+1d6
Hypnotize 1    Auto.     POW vs. POW
     MAGIC: Each round, the Yeleth matches its POW vs. the POW of
everyone else it is battling (within 6m). Anyone who is overcome is
hypnotized, and can be ordered to fight against his own friends (in
which case he gets a chance to resist the hypnosis at the end of
each full round) or simply paralyzed forever (in which case he
stays frozen forever). Disenchantment cures the problem.