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Subject: Volume 10, no 7: RQ rules for Tekumel monsters (3 of 3)
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	Rules and conversions for running a Tekumel campaign
	with the RuneQuest rule system.  By Sandy Petersen.

	Part 3: Intelligent Races of Tekumel

    Tekumel and related materials are copyright M.A.R Barker 
    and used with permission 1-1-1994.   

    These rules and conversions are Copyright 1994 Sandy Petersen.
    All rights reserved.

    RuneQuest is the Avalon Hill Game Company's Trademark for its
    fantasy role-playing game.



AHOGGYA (The Knobbed Ones)
     Knobbly, brownish, bristly creatures 4-5 feet high, but
tremendously broad and strong. Their upper body is surmounted by
four powerful arms, and their eyes and eating apparatus lie beneath
these under a horny protective carapace. They have four thickly
muscled legs.
     Their gruffness, rude ways, and rank smell make them
unappealing to humans. They are generally fearless. The Shen detest
the Ahoggya. 

characteristic average
STR  4d6+12    26        Move 40
CON  3d6+6     16-17     HP 22
SIZ  4d6+12    26
INT  2d6+2     9         Armor: hide 4 + half-plate 4 = 8 pts
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  2d6       7
APP  1d6       3-4
MAG  3d6-17    max 1

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Bastard Sword  6    25        1d10+1+2d6     25        12
Morningstar    5    25        1d10+1+2d6     25        8
Shield         8   05        1d6+2d6        20        16
     COMBAT NOTES: their peculiar form allows them to attack twice
per round against a foe on any one side (if carrying enough
weapons). If surrounded, they can strike on all sides (i.e., 4
blows/round). They can only parry once per round unless surrounded,
in which case they can parry twice.
     WEAPONS: huge swords, spears, halberds, flails, and
maces (all at 25). No missile weapons except occasional slings
(10/0). Use large shields (5/20). 
     MAGIC: 1 in 10 is a Magic Dampener. 
     ARMOR: sometimes nail convex plates of chlen hide or steel
over their carapaces. Vambraces & greaves of chlen-hide are common.
This adds up to the equivalent of half-plate

HLAKA (The Furred Flyers)
     Flying beings with leathery wings and greyish fur. They have
flattened heads, and three eyes with nictitating membranes, set in
a bony crest. A furred ruff conceals their hearing organs. Two arms
& two legs and supplemented by a powerful tail fitted with a
poisoned rapier-like blade.   They are skittish and nervous,
usually flying away from battles. They cannot use armor, are weak
on the ground, hate walking, and abhor sea voyages. Their curiosity
and constant chatter make them annoying companions, and downright
dangerous when silence is needed. 

characteristic average
STR  2d6       7         Move 20 walking, 130 flying
CON  1d6+6     9-10      HP 10
SIZ  3d6       10-11
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: None. Occasionally wear a
POW  3d6       10-11     chlen-hide skullcap for 1 pt.
DEX  3d6+6     16-17     DODGE: 35
APP  2d6       7
MAG  3d6-15    max 3

Weapon    SR   	Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Dart      2/7 	25        1d6            20        6
Rapier    7   	20        1d6+1          20        8
Sting     10    25        1d6 + poison   --        --
     COMBAT NOTES: can attack with their sting at 1/2 their DEX.
The sting can impale, and injects a poison with a POT equal to the
Hlaka's CON. Successful resistance means 1d6 damage.
Normally attack first with melee weapon, followed 3 SRs later by the

     WEAPONS: darts or javelins (25), Spears (20), rapiers or
smallswords (20), occasionally light crossbows (15/5), plus their sting
(25). May drop rocks or incendiaries from the air. No two-handed
weapons or bows. Sometimes use small round leather bucklers (5/15).
     SKILLS: if their Fatigue limit is surpassed, they cannot fly.

PACHI LEI (The Forest Dwellers)
     Doughy eight-limbed creatures with four arms and four legs
(with prehensile toes). Their huge, platter-like eyes give them
nocturnal vision. They have a natural "sixth sense" that gives them
a chance to detect ambushes, secret doors, etc. within 3m if they
are searching. They are sociable and interested in human affairs.
Despite their four arms, they can only attack once per round,
though they can hold alternate weapons in their other limbs.

characteristic average
STR  3d6       10-11     Move 30
CON  1d6+2     5-6       HP 11
SIZ  3d6+6     16-17
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: none natural. Use half-armor
POW  4d6       14        for 4 pts.
DEX  3d6       10-11
APP  1d6+6     9-10
MAG  3d6-15    max 3

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage    Parr%     Pts
Greatsword     5    25        2d8+1d4   25        12
Mdm Crossbow   3    35        2d4+2     20        8
Buckler        7    05        1d4+1d4   20        8
     WEAPONS: long 1H swords (20), 2H swords (25), plus long spears
and polearms (15). They are expert with the crossbow (35). Use
wicker or wood bucklers (5/20).
     SKILLS: excellent climbers; base Climb = DEX x 5. Possess
Sixth Sense skill starting at 30%. This allows them to detect
things normally undetectable, like ambushes & secret doors.
     ARMOR: they do not armor their lower bodies or legs, which
would make it hard for them to move.

PE CHOI (The Listeners)
     The Pe Choi are graceful and agile. They stand approximately
seven feet tall, have six limbs, and are easily recognized by their
fan-like ear appendages and prognathous mandible-jaw. Males are
glossy black, females white. Their hearing is
     If wounded, their chitinous exoskeleton takes longer to heal.
Double all normal costs for healing spells and time needed to heal.
They have a double set of lungs, the lower pair of which is
situated in the abdomen with its breathing openings between the
overlapping segments of the upper tail. A Pe Choi can drown,
therefore, in about 1m of water, and can never swim. The Pe Choi do
not live as long as humans, normally living only 20-30 years. 
     They can strike twice a round. Their hearing is excellent.
They also possess a telepathic ability which manifests itself in
two ways; they can sense the presence of living beings within 2m of
themselves, and they know whenever another Pe Choi dies within 5
km. They are cultured and clever, and progress well in the
hierarchies of man's societies.

characteristic average
STR  2d6+6     13        Move 40
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 14
SIZ  3d6+6     16-17
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: none natural. May wear half-plate
POW  5d6       17-18     for 4, or plate + mail for 5.
DEX  4d6       14
APP  2d6+6     13
MAG  3d6-14    max 4

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Javelin        3/9  20        1d10+1d4       20        8
Rapier         6    25        1d6+1+1d4      25        8
Target Shield  7    05        1d6+1d4        20        12
     COMBAT NOTES: can attack twice per round in melee, using their
second set of limbs. If they do this, they do not get a damage
bonus on either attack. Use bucklers or targets.
     WEAPONS: javelins (20); a variety of swords, including rapiers
(25); and light crossbows (20). Use small rhomboid bucklers or
larger targets (20). 
     SKILLS: excellent hearing (always automatically successful
except against special and critical successes, when a roll must be
made). Cannot swim. 

     Little creatures only about a meter high. They are rather
rodent-like in appearance, with sharp little faces, large round
ears, and three-fingered hands. Their glittering black eyes see
easily in pitch blackness. They are great traders and travelers and
enthusiastic bargainers. Their hearing at close range is even
better than a Pe Choi (they can hear faint sounds through a stone
wall 30 cm thick). They are good burrowers, good climbers, and good
     They normally fight in large groups. They are not brave when
alone, but are fierce when accompanied by others of their own
species. They have a bad reputation, despite their friendship for
mankind; they are thought to be devious, sly, cruel, and greedy.
They care little for loyalty or friendship, by human standards.

characteristic average
STR  2d6       7         Move 20, 40 in narrow tunnels & caves
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 8
SIZ  1d4+2     4-5
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: none natural, can wear any
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  5d6       17-18
APP  2d6       7         DODGE: 20
MAG  3d6-15    max 3

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage    Parr%     Pts
Short Spear    7    20        1d6+1-1d4 20        10
Blowgun        2    20        1d3       20        4
     WEAPONS: pikes or long spears (20), hatchets and axes (20),
swords (15), bows (20), and blowguns (20). Sometimes use oval
shields vs. missiles (only) (5/5).
     SKILLS: Climb 75, Swim 75

SHEN (The Demon Warriors)
     Their gleaming black scales and dragon-like appearance makes
them look like huge demon-warriors in fantastic plate armor. They
have long beak-like snouts and a glittering crest of slender
spines, whch they can extend or keep flat along their crowns. They
are bipedal, as are men, but also boast a muscular tail with a
mace-like horny knob at the end. 
     The Shen are gruff and harsh, disdaining sorcery, knowledge,
and other refinements of their human neighbors. They are divided
into different mutually-hostile "egg-groups", and their ferocity
during the summer mating season makes them dangerous even to each

characteristic average
STR  4d6+12    26        Move 50 outside, 20 in confined quarters
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 19
SIZ  4d6+12    26
INT  2d6+4     11        Armor: hide 3 + half-plate 4 = 7
POW  3d6       10-11
DEX  2d6       7
APP  2d6       7
MAG  3d6-15    max 3      MP 6

Weapon              SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Axe-Sword           6    25        2d6+2+2d6      25        10
Tail Club           8    4         1d6+2d6        --        --
Pistol-Crossbow     4    20        2d4+2          05        6
Shield              7    05        1d6+2d6        25        16
     COMBAT NOTES: can attack with the tail-club in any direction, 3 SRs
after another attack. If it uses the tail-club, this counts as one of
its two combat actions.
     WEAPONS: short heavy axe-swords (like greataxes, but 1H, SR 2,
and take enormous strength to use), maces, halberds (all at 25),
plus the tail-club (25) and pikes or long spears (20). Also a
unique weapon, the pistol-crossbow (20/5) (as mdm crossbow, but
with range of lt crossbow; cannot be cocked by a human). Cannot use
crossbows, bows, or slings. Use heavy, large shields (20).
     MAGIC: their MPs from POW are only 1/2 their POW.

     They detest chlen-hide, and will not use weapons made of it.
They are excellent sailors, but have no magic aptitude at all. They
do not particularly hate or fear magic, they just cannot use it.
Hence, human sorcerers are often hired by them.

characteristic average
STR  3d6       10-11     Move 20
CON  4d6       14        HP 14
SIZ  4d6       14
INT  2d6+6     13
POW  3d6       10-11     Armor: none natural. 
DEX  3d6       10-11
APP  3d6       10-11

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Light Mace     8    25        1d8+1d4        25        8
Cutlass        7    25        1d4+3+1d4      25        8
Sling          3/9  40        1d8            --        --
Buckler        8    05        1d4+1d4        20        8
     WEAPONS: Long spears (20); cutlasses and 1H maces (25). expert
slingers (40), but indifferent archers or crossbowmen (5). Use
small square bucklers (20). 
     MAGIC: no ability at all. 1 in 50 is a magic dampener.

TINALIYA (The Listeners)
     Tiny beings, and among the best magicians in Tekumel. They
have appallingly literal minds. 

characteristic average
STR  1d6+2     5-6       Move 25 normal, 50 in constricted areas
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 8
SIZ  1d6+2     5-6       Armor: none natural
INT  1d6+12    15-16
POW  5d6       17-18
DEX  4d6       14
APP  2d6+3     10        DODGE: 20
MAG  3d6-13    max 5

Weapon              SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr Pts
2H Spear            7    15        1d8+1-1d4      15   10
Pistol-Crossbow     3    15        1d6+2          05   4
Buckler             9    05        1d4            15   8
     WEAPONS: halberds, rapiers, and short spears (15). Have a
modified version of the Shen pistol-crossbow (15), doing damage as
a light crossbow, with 1/2 range. Use small oval shields (15).   
SKILLS: excellent hearing (always automatically successful except
against special and critical successes, when a roll must be made). 

HLUSS (Spawn of the Old Ones)
     Insectoid in appearance, with six limbs, chitinous armor, and
a row of razor-sharp mandibles beneath their probosces. Their tails
are equipped with paralyzing stings. They collect gems and have
them set into their body-armor permanently. Their reputation and
the horror of their appearance frightens off most would-be
     They can be detected at sea by their constant buzzing sound,
and they give off a acidic sweet odor which can be smelled easily
at up to 30-40 m. They tend to be unimaginative fighters, and do
not employ ruses or strategems often.

characteristic average
STR  2d6+12    19        Move 25
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 17
SIZ  3d6+12    22-23
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: hide 3 + sometimes helmet = 4    
POW  4d6       14
DEX  2d6+6     13        DODGE: 20
MAG  3d6-14    max 4     MP 14

Weapon         SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Broadsword     5    25        1d8+1+2d6      25        12
Claw           8    20/2      1d6+2d6        --        --
Sting          8    35        1d6+2d6        --        --
Heavy Crossbow 3    25        2d6+2          10        8
Shield         6    05        1d6+2d6        25        16
     COMBAT NOTES: can rear up and strike with a central claw (this
halves their attack chance with both claw and main weapon -- if they
only attack w/claw, the claw is not halved) 3 SRs after their main
attack. In addition, they can always attack with their sting 3 SRs after
their main attack at full chances, without reducing other attacks. Thus,
they can attack up to 3 times in a round; once w/ main weapon, then 3
SRs later with both claw and sting -- in doing this the main weapon &
claw are halved in attack %. 
 The sting injects a paralyzing poison with a POT equal to their CON.

     WEAPONS: long swords in lightning-bolt designs (25), spears &
polearms (20), claws (20), and the sting (35). Employ all crossbows
(25/10). Use kite shields, with horns and scallops (5/25).
     MAGIC: has automatic +2 Magic Skill Bonus.

HLUTRGU (The Swamp Frogs)
     This swamp species hates all other intelligent life and
attacks indiscriminately and ferociously. They are rubbery,
four-limbed creatures with skull-like heads and wide toothy mouths.
They carry darts for spearing or throwing, using all four limbs to
do so. They have a particularly ugly reputation for torture and
atrocities upon prisoners -- this upon Tekumel!
     They do not fight as disciplined soldiers, but as a howling
mob. They are led by asexual "bosses", distinguishable by their
grayish hide and yellow-mottled wattles. 

characteristic average
STR  2d6+6     13        Move 30
CON  2d6+6     13        HP 15
SIZ  1d6+12    15-16
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: none natural
POW  2d6+3     10
DEX  2d6+6     13        DODGE: 25
MAG  3d6-15    max 3     MP 10

Weapon    SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Javelin   3 	43        1d10+1+2d6     25        8
1H Spear  6     43        1d6+1+1d4      25        8
     WEAPONS: javelins and throwing darts (25 thrown or melee),
plus 1H maces and long spears (15). They use short bows and light
crossbows as well (10). Do not use shields. 
     ARMOR: leaders sometimes wear leather (often of human skin),
but this seems to be more in the nature of a uniform than armor. 

     Tall ragged-looking spectral beings, with long arms and legs.
They have a terrible and repellent stench which drives off almost
every other species known in Tekumel. Humans can smell them up to
60m away, even in a mild contrary breeze. They are excellent
sorcerers and knowledgable in the use of ancient technological
devices. Most humans will flee rather than face this alien and
merciless race.
     They cannot survive more than a week in Tekumel's present
atmosphere, and are thus limited to quick forays and expeditions.
They are only average fighters and thus depend on sorcery to defend
themselves. Each group is accompanied by a leader, somewhat taller
than the rest, who uses the most effective spells.

characteristic average
STR  4d6       14        Move 40
CON  3d6       10-11     HP 15 (doubled inside their cities)
SIZ  2d6+12    19
INT  2d6+6     13        Armor: 3 pt wrappings
POW  3d6+6     16-17
DEX  3d6       10-11
MAG  3d6-13    max 5     MP 17

Weapon              SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Long Spear          4    30        1d10+1+1d6     30        10
Battleaxe           5    30        1d8+2+1d6      30        8
Javelin w/atlatl    2    40        1d10+2d6+1d6   20        6
Shield              6    05        1d6+1d6        30        16
     WEAPONS: long hooked spears, greatswords, mauls, polearms,
shortswords, and axes (30). They use atlatls (40), and with their
long arms, atlatl bonuses are doubled. Use oblong metal shields,
cut horizontally in two spots to form an "S" shape (30).

SSU (The Enemies of Man)
     Tall, slender six-limbed beings wrapped in what look like
grayish shrouds (actually loose integument which keeps shredding
and pulling off). They smell like musty cinnamon and make a high,
sweet chiming sound. They can see well in the dark, but prefer a
dim, blue light. They are excellent sorcerers. They are good at
tunneling and never get lost underground.
     A Ssu can choose to hypnotise an opponent rather than attack.
The victim must resist or obey the Ssu's will. The Ahoggya, Swamp
Folk, and Tinaliya are immune to this power.
     They are poor swimmers, and become waterlogged and sink if
they must remain in water for more than 10 minutes. They are
hampered by a rigid command structure; male "leaders" must be
present to direct a party; otherwise the Ssu tend to retreat and
become demoralized.

Gray Ssu                      Black Ssu
characteristic average        characteristic average
STR  2d6+6     13             STR  3d6+18    28-29
CON  3d6       10-11          CON  4d6       14
SIZ  2d6+6     13             SIZ  3d6+18    28-29
INT  2d6+6     13             INT  2d6+6     13
POW  5d6       17-18          POW  2d6+3     10
DEX  3d6       10-11          DEX  2d6       7
MAG  3D6-12    max 6          MAG  3D6-16    max 2
Move 40 normal, 50 in rough tunnels
Hit Pts   12                  Hit Pts   22
Armor: half-plate 4 pts       Armor: full armor for 6 pts

Weapon 		   SR   Attk%     Damage         Parr%     Pts
Scimitar (U arm)    7    30        1d6+2+1d6      30        10
Dagger (L arm)      8    30        1d4+2+1d6      30        6
Mdm Crossbow        3    30        2d4+2          20        8
Large Shield        8    05        1d6+1d6        30        16
     COMBAT NOTES: can hold weapons in their central limbs. The
Grey Ssu must halve their attack and parry chances when using
weapons in both limbs simultaneously. This is not the case for the
Black Ssu, so they almost always do this.
     WEAPONS: long swords, short spears, and daggers. Typical
missile weapon is the mdm crossbow. Use shields in the form of
three ovals with a point at each end. (All weapons at 30.)